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Charlie and Brooke

Strike Joint Custody Deal

6/1/2011 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller have hashed out a joint custody agreement ... lawyers for the former couple told an L.A. judge today.


Sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... Brooke's lawyer, Lori Howe, and Charlie's attorney, Mark Gross, went into the chambers of Judge Hank Goldberg this afternoon and presented hizzoner with the agreement.  We're told Howe and Gross told Judge Goldberg the only thing left to be done is getting Brooke and Charlie's John Hancock.

Sources tell us ... the agreement calls for joint legal and physical custody of twins Bob and Max.  We're told Brooke will get substantially more face time with the kids than Charlie.

The signed agreement will not be filed with the court, in order to keep it completely confidential.  The case has been taken off the court's calendar.


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Any judge that puts these loons in charge is one really bad judge.
He never appointed counsel for the kids. Bad bad judge. Controlled by two attorneys representing the wants of two losers. Great. Details at

1205 days ago


Poor Babies!

1205 days ago

PRO US    


1205 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

My Ex-H, had a drinking problem and my concern was my daughter, who was 11 then, was riding in the car on his visitation weekends and it was so rare that he didn't drink, I asked that be a major consideration when re-evaluating his visitation. The Judge said that the father, who didn't have joint physical, still had the right to 20% time and his weekends would stay in place. I told the Judge if anything happens to her, you will have blood on your hands! And the Judge was a woman! So, it is not always a good thing to have the same gender judge. I also didn't pick her. Fortunately, my ex stopped drinking, not right away, but my daughter policed him and she would not get
in the car with him, but the sheen kids are too young to do this and should never have to. It's hard to say what goes on IN the courtroom. They might have some very serious orders in place or they could have gotten my Judge!

1205 days ago


Why, why, WHY do you refuse to have a "none of the above"
option? We could use it, in at least 75% of TMZ polls.

1205 days ago


Minxster- you are one screwed up puppy. Get a life.

1205 days ago


Glad that Charlie at least gets shared custody. Brooke is a mess and I feel sorry that she is allowed more time than Charlie with the boys. I realize (as does everyone) that Charlie went thtough a rough patch and had a very public breakdown, but things have seemed to settle for him, he is calmer and not doing any drugs or alchol, so for me he was the much better choice to have custody. Brooke is now the one who needs to get some help and I hope she does.

1205 days ago


few things are less attractive than a rich crackhead mother with two young kids

1205 days ago

It's that rapper lifestyle thing    

And the children then immediately filed for an Order Of Protection ...

1205 days ago

Jack DaCarup    

@ Denise

How do you know Brooke is a mess?
They are both addicts and will always be.

1205 days ago


Have you completely lost your mind, or were you dropped (hard) on the floor when you were very young?

Put that passion to good use, and stop trash-talking about people whom you have never met, nor are likely to meet. Ever!


5 hours ago She should not get anytime at all! Brooke won’t keep any deal in her skitsofrantic mind. Guess its ok to be a crack whore; CA should be DYFS free they are a waste of tax monies. Failed drug tests, prostitutes and masturbates in front of her children, class act. The Judge is an f up for allowing the mother anytime at all, and allowing the father to pay for her habits. She will never be clean, drugs are in her blood. Charlie can afford to be what he wants that freaks out Denise and Brooke, poor white trash. Passes his drug tests, bitches need to be in prison. This time when she fails who will the Judge blame? The Judge is one blow job that needs to be taken from the bench. Tomorrow will Denise be up TMZ’s rear end for rag time.

1205 days ago

i like you    

i love you charlie i know your away and ilove you I`m with lesley and I wish you take me out of calgary and i would bve in your coffin forever

1205 days ago

PRO US    

Zey boat have ze bad breths, speshally heem. Hee luke lyke creeture radiashun poyson ning.

1205 days ago


I feel sorry for the kids to have those parents....aww!!....losers

1205 days ago


Hope she get's her act together for the childrens sake. Paris Hilton used her beyond,thinking that by exploiting Brook's drug problems would be a sure rating boost. Not a half hour after airing the internet is racing with very bad reviews on how unlikable Paris is. No suprise there. She said it was about her real life, the only thing real is that paris is in love with herself! Paris is a terrible friend and girlfriend. Hope this show tanks.

1204 days ago
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