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Octomom Doctor

License to Be


6/1/2011 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The doctor who implanted TWELVE embryos inside Octomom -- before she conceived octuplets -- will have his license to practice medicine revoked next month ... TMZ has learned.

The Medical Board of California made the announcement today -- ruling Dr. Michael Kamrava "did not exercise sound judgment" when he implanted the large number of embryos inside Nadya Suleman back in 2008.

The attorney general’s office accused Dr. Kamrava of being grossly negligent in his treatment of Suleman.

The Medical Board released a statement -- claiming, “The board is not assured that oversight through probation is enough, and having weighed the above, has determined that revocation of respondent’s certificate is necessary to protect the public.”

The revocation takes effect July 1st.


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i have a question to anyone who may be in the know:

There's a fee for IVF - - is the patient charged for the "transfer" even if it doesn't result in a pregnancy or only when it does?

1209 days ago


Just finished perusing the Public Docs on the good Dr. K. Here's the bottom line:

2 unsuccessful AI treatments in 4/97 and 11/98.

Between 4/99 and 6/2008:
14 ovarian stimulation cycles
10 IVF embryo transfers

Resulting in 4 single births,1 twin birth,1 ectopic pregnancy which was terminated, and of course, the octuplets.

And there's still 29 frozen embryos somewhere.


1209 days ago


realist 34 minutes ago i have a question to anyone who may be in the know:

There's a fee for IVF - - is the patient charged for the "transfer" even if it doesn't result in a pregnancy or only when it does?

They are charged each time. There is a huge price tag to the medications, ultrasounds, blood work etc prior to each extraction, fertilization and transfer. Dh and I paid about $20K each cycle, and it wasn't covered by insurance. Thankfully, we got lucky with our second attempt.

1209 days ago


Bruno, Thanks, and congratulations on your success.

1209 days ago


Hey Team clueless,
Nutya herself admitted to receiving Social Security benefits for 3 of the 6 older kids in her interview with Ann Curry.

Dam clueless Bruno, that was like 2009. We're talking the mid/ending of 2009, through year 2010 and current 2011.

1209 days ago


realist 5 hours ago Team Nadya,

Impossible to prove without a statement from her or her social security number. Can you prove she isn't? Didn't think so.

Um... not impossible, they found out the first time she was receiving foodstamps and SSI and how much she was getting. Wouldn't be to hard to find out again. And I have prove it-- where's your proof Nadya lied and is receiving benefits? Can't prove it can you? :)

1209 days ago


ilovegossip 3 hours ago

OLD NEWS, ilovegossip! That's news dating back to beginning of 2009. Where's your proof she is still receiving benefits 2011?

1209 days ago


Team Nadya, Did you read what I just posted from the Public Do***ents? Did you read what Bruno and Ilovegossip posted about the Kaiser Bill?

I never called her a liar, I just said it would be difficult to prove either way, without a statement from her, if you'll read my previous post correctly. And so now you prove she wasn't/isn't and never did! You can't either, because "Food Stamps" is WELFARE!

Failing that, here's my real take on this, one of those two needs some serious psychotherapy, and it ain't the doctor.

1209 days ago


ilovegossip not saying she is; but even if Nadya was receiving benefits "Disability Checks" for her son Aiden, understand that he has a disability and it's called AUTISM! And if she is receiving it for Jonah, then that's all well and good too, after all he has a disability as well.

Again, not saying that she is receiving any benefits wse, because there's no founded proof far as I'm concern, that she is. But on the off chance that she is. SO FREAKING BLOODY WHAT! Half the freaking nation is receiving some kind of disability/social security benefits other why the crap wouldn't exist. If you want to blame somebody for the disability and social security acts. Blame your late ex-president FDR since he's the one that passed the law. :)

1209 days ago


I proved she's recieving's up to you to prove she's not. Show where she has once stated that she's stopped receiving it. The proofs on your end teamNadya! I've already proved my point.

1209 days ago


Team Nadya,

SSI is public assistance, just on the Federal level. If one of her kids is autistic, this didn't just go away. It's permanent, ergo still receiving SSI for that child, at least.

And since you are so intimately attuned to Octomon's finances, perhaps you can enlighten us as to her current source of income and why she can't pay her rent. Inquiring minds want to know.

1209 days ago


Ummm, team clueless-

Aiden is still autistic and therefore receiving SS.
Cayla is still "speech delayed" and receiving SS and speech therapy.

Not sure if Caleb is still receiving SS for his "little bit of autism", though I doubt she's be willing to give that $$ up.

As for why no one is looking to see if she's getting food stamps or any other current public assistance is simple. No one gives a **** about her. She's old news, yesterday's punch line.

You may want to take her at her word, but over and over again she's proven that what comes out of her mouth has no basis in reality. Take for example:

"Six embryos were transferred and 'miraculously' split into 8"...LOL- love that one. Her medical records show that she had 8 transferred in January '08 that didn't result in a pregnancy and then in June had 12 transferred that resulted in octuplets.

"I had to use the embryos because I was getting billed for keeping them frozen and I didn't want them destroyed". Double LOL. She never used a single frozen embryo. All 29 are still on ice.

"I've never had plastic surgery." Except the breast enlargement done and do***ented in her workers comp files.

Bottom line, the skank has zero credibility. If you want to believe the BS that flows from her mouth, then I've got some ocean front property in Arizona that I can sell you for real cheap.


1209 days ago


He should be held financially accountable for all of those kids as well.

1209 days ago


There you go realist and ilovegossip, there's more but here's three for now. YT the rest! :)


April 2009


1209 days ago


Nadya said she isn't receiving any BENEFITS of any kind. That's good enough for me-- unless anyone of you out there can prove she's lying, which obviously you can't other wise you would have done so by now. :)

1209 days ago
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