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More 'Blake Lively' Nude Photos Leaked

6/2/2011 3:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The hacker who claims to have naked pictures of Blake Lively has just upped the ante, scoffing at claims the pics are photoshopped ... and he's posted more pictures to prove his case.


The hacker just posted 17 additional pics. Many of the pics show a nude woman whom the hacker insists is Blake.

Blake's people are adamant ... telling TMZ the person in the pics is not Blake.  The denial apparently incited the hacker, who posted the new pics, with this warning:  "Oh, yes, Blake's rep. These are totally fake.  We really, really believe you.  Want moar?  BTW, thanks for all the faps." (FYI: "faps" is a reference to pleasuring oneself)

Two of the pics show a woman clothed, holding an iPhone, and it sure looks like Blake.


Several of the nude pics show a woman's body with tattoos (no face).  Several TMZ users contacted us with an interesting point ... Blake's character in "The Town" had star tattoos on her upper-chest area.


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Octomom Goes Two-Pieces for Bikini Shoot

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Looks like the mother of 14 found a way to make that mortgage payment.

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No Avatar


Blake ,,,and Anthony Weiner should make a movie together ,one nude the other in underwear ,bet people will wacht it

1202 days ago


Whats the big deal ?? most women of the silver screen get naked for the camera anyway, some do it before,some do it during and some wait till their 15 minutes is about up, Snookie is next so get ready to be sick for that one

1202 days ago


OMG! Octomom's stomach looks gross. I know she had all of those babies in there. But, she supposedly had tummy tuck surgery? That looks like a wrinkled bit of nasty! Ugh!

1202 days ago


that more than likely is Blake, she took em and now upset they are all over the web...shulda known thats where they would end up.....I have one word for the octomoms picture.....GROSS!!!!!

1202 days ago


The dude is not a moron. The position of what side a picture can be show on is easy to flip. I do it all the time because I like my left side when I take pictures. Photographers and photo editors do it too. Besides it is her. Every head shot pic has her mole on her face showing. So the pics were hacked................can we move on with the world? There is way better things than Blake's naked ass on the internet!

1202 days ago


Don't be decieved by the stars being the wrong place- they only appear in one photo which could have been reversed from the original, or the "fraud" could be taken in a mirror which would put them in the right location. The "fraud" photos could have easily been taken in a personal moment or from rejected stills when the hannah star tats were applied.

The real evidence is the 2 freckles near the center right clavicle, and the triangular grouping of freckles just below her left center clavicle (see photo 17). If they were faked, someone did one heck of a decent job with the location while "shopping"

It's probable these photos were never meant for the public but taken for personal reasons, possibly even rejected stills. Either way, does not degrade her character.

Rule 1 about pictures: always assume someone is going to see them eventually.

1202 days ago

Jay Dee    

They are not as good as the nude photos of Queen Elizabeth doing it with two monkeys that were posted on-line yesterday.

1202 days ago


I'm sure she looks good in whatever she wears or not.

1202 days ago


Who is Blake Lively and what difference does it make how she ever posed?

1202 days ago


It's not photoshop. Look at the birthmarks on the left..right below the collar bone. Below right collar bone if you look close you will see 3 making a triangle shape. Now look at all the other compare them with any picture you can find of this girl. There in the EXACT same place try photo 1,5 especially 17. And no im not talking about the stars.

1202 days ago


who is blake lively i honestly don't know i hope it's fixed and doesn't scar her further so many sick people in this world why can't young women be more careful with their exacting image ugh i have no faith in women any more who know's what they think about any more bye

1202 days ago


And the proof is a Hollywood TATTOO. Aren't they produced in 10 by 10 sheets. 100 TATTOOS per sheet, often several are used each day.
All children love them.
I beleive that their is better proof that a room full of monkeys in a room full of typewriters will produce one of the worlds classic liturature pieces.

1201 days ago



1201 days ago
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