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Kelsey Grammer: Let's Go to Trial, Camille!

6/2/2011 3:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer has just filed legal docs that make it clear ... he's given up hope that he can settle his custody battle with Camille Grammer and he wants a judge to settle it once and for all.


In the documents, obtained by TMZ, Kelsey's lawyer, Lance Spiegel, notes that a child custody expert is evaluating Kelsey, Camille and their 2 kids, to determine how custody should be parceled out. 

Once the evaluation is in, Kelsey wants a trial ... so it looks like he doesn't hold out hope he can strike a deal with his ex.

According to the docs, a temporary arrangement is in place until July 2 -- one month from today -- so the clock is ticking.


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I'm team Kelsey on this one. Camille is not competent to raise those children. They need a parent not a manager.

1238 days ago


Whoa, .....wait Camille who got Kelsey to HIRE a surrogate mother to give birth to "her" children because she had some imaginary medical condition (urinary tract infection? thats is like a seasonal allergy lady) preventing her former soft core porn actress body to get stretchmarks?
The same Camille who went on Housewives bragging she has FOUR sets of nannies watching her TWO children?

Clearly mother of the year award. Revenge on the cash cow Kelsey for leaving her for an unpretentious normal girl.

1238 days ago

N. Hiltner    

Kelsey is mean!!! Little kids need their mom and he has a new life with a pregnant wife so he should move on and leave this mom and kids alone. He is a jerk!

1238 days ago


I thnk hes a right s***bag for wanting to split hs kids up!! what type of a monster is he, anyway with his work, WHEN THE HELLS HE GONA SEE THE CHLID!!!!!!! leave the kids together!!!

1238 days ago


for you idiots out there that can't read.... this is a CUSTODY trail.... not child support not alimony.... its already been determinded how much Camille Grammer GETS...... THEY ARE NOW FIGHTING over much as I dislike Camille.... she IS NOT DOING THIS FOR MONEY..... she already has almost HALF Kelseys money....HE DID CHEAT ON HER.... KNOCKED UP SOME WOMAN while STILL MARRIED.... she will win... unless Kelsey pays off the Judge.....

1237 days ago


Why would those children want to even live with Kelsey? It's not fair to the children. I guess they could refuse to go and have to be pulled out of their mom's house.

1237 days ago


I use to like Kelsey but I don't any more!!! I hope the judge kicks your arse!!! I can't believe your trying to take the kids away from their mother. That's the lowest!!!!! Is it that you don't want to pay child support?? I can't believe you care anything about your kids to take them away from their mother. That's horrible!!!!!!

1237 days ago


lol yes, PLEASE go to trial! looking forward to the custody evaluation bringing out his being a transvestite.

1237 days ago


Give it a rest already. Stay single you moron, it is quite obvious that YOU shouldn't be married. Let's see how long this one lasts, short time by your record, I would bet. Give us a break from the moronic news.

1237 days ago


who cares, they are both old

1237 days ago


Camille never should have given it and allowed him to marry the home-wrecker. She lost a major bargaining chip. Heck, by now, the gold digger is probably tired of old Kelsey anyway.

Whatever you say about Camille, she stayed with him through his drugs and heart attack--and had two kids with him... all to be kicked to the curb on national TV. She deserves 1/2 of everything, plus custody of the kids. Can't have been easy being married to Kelsey.

1237 days ago


I really used to like Kelsey Grammer. But after this crap, he is a loser..and s***! Sad they both can't think of the kids at this time only thinking of themselves..

1237 days ago


I think Camille has more class in her pinky toe than Kelsey ever will.

I wish her all the best!

I hope she gets full custody and finds a wonderful man who will treat her well.

I watched her on the HW and I I feel they really gave her a raw deal on that show.

She really knows how to dress without looking like a trampy whore like so many others on that show!

I think she's intelligent and a caring person and I do believe she loves her children and is a good mother.

I do believe that because "she has it all and is the total package" (even more so with out Kelsey)....a lot of people are terribly jealous!

While I don't hate Kelsey "hate is just a waste of emotion" I think he needs to "stop pretending"

Kelsey has a pattern and that of being very self absorbed and needing a new woman/younger to feed his ego!

He does Not want kids he needs to go make money acting...he's good at that...but that's ALL he's Good at!

This woman he is now with ...may make him Happy in a "Charlie Sheen kinda of Winning Way" LOL!

But in my opinion he gave up a 10+ for a 2 or 3 even if she is a twenty something!

Good Luck in everything you do Camille your a Class Act and you're confident enough that no matter how many "haters" go after you you will THRIVE and in the Long run be better off without KG!

1235 days ago


I can't wait to find out who is willing to lie for her on the stand! She has no real friends and her family only sticks around for the lifestyle she (with Kelsey's money of course) has provided for the last 14 years. She was never going to be able to do that on a Club MTV dancers salary. She just keeps feeding the media info to gain sympathy, but what she's really afraid of is hearing the truth. She truly has convinced herself that she was always such a good wife and mother. What you put out there is what you get in return Camille so be prepared to face what people have always thought of you!

1235 days ago

todd maxwell    

Please, put those little bastar ds in foster care. Is this the level of intelligence of the country, who gives a tiny tinny rats a$$ about these rich s*** bags.

1234 days ago
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