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Kelsey Grammer Wants to Separate Kids

6/3/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer is denying it, but TMZ has obtained black and white proof that he wants to split up his kids, taking his son to live with him in Chicago and leaving his 9-year-old daughter behind in California.


TMZ broke the story ... Camille Grammer wanted custody of the former couple's 2 kids because Kelsey wanted to split them up.  Kelsey's lawyer told us her story was "inaccurate."  But we've obtained a letter Kelsey's lawyer sent to Camille's attorney which says exactly what Camille claims.

The letter, dated April 29, 2011, says "Kelsey proposes ... Kelsey shall have primary physical custody of Jude and Camille shall have primary physical custody of Mason."  The letter says Kelsey wants to enroll 6-year-old Jude in a Chicago school.


The letter also outlines very specific terms of the custody agreement, including when each parent gets the kids on holidays.

Camille filed for primary physical custody yesterday ... and we've learned she wants custody so the kids aren't separated from each other.

As for Kelsey, his rep, Stan Rosenfield, tells TMZ, "Despite the fact that those connected with Camille Grammer seem to be hand delivering confidential documents to TMZ and other media outlets, we will continue not to make public statements about their private matters which can and apparently does beg for misinterpretation."

Rosenfield continues, "There is no valid reason to drag the Grammer children into any media spotlight."


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He's a pompous ass-pig. Why would anyone want to separate young siblings.

1236 days ago


he also dresses in womens clothing, maybe thats why he wants his son?

1236 days ago


It seems to me like Kelseys reps are trying to cover up his actions by blaming Camille for leaking the story to TMZ. I'm not saying Camille isn't a little crazy, but from real housewives of bh, it definitely showed she was an awesome mom who really cared about the well being of her children.......

1236 days ago


he is a werid dude and should not get either kid,just write a check every month and stay away

1236 days ago

bobby smith    

2 Words Kelsey.... YOU LIAR

1236 days ago


Who did you pay to get a copy of this Harvey?

1236 days ago


Father my a*s*s, he is a sperm donating, useless piece of skin, taking up space on earth!! What a P I G!

1236 days ago


disgusting/horrific and so damaging for both of the children!

it's all about his self gratification and massive ego!

don't know either of them but because of this, if I were the judge I'd give physical custody to Camille and order her to take the kids to a counsellor to help them best get through this rough time and minimize emotional damage to them


I'd order both Kelsey and Camille to seperately attend counselling for divorced parents on how to parent children under their new circimstances in order to teach both parents

*how to be on the same page when it comes to setting limitations for the kids when necessary
*how to discipline
*how to keep consistency so rules/rewards etc. in both homes are the same
*how not to use the kids as weapons
*how not to say negative things about the opposite parent
and so on

1236 days ago


Shame on you Kelsey Grammer! You are a fake phoney absent father and terrible husband to Camille. Onto marriage number three already?!

1236 days ago


He has got to be the Douche-of-the-Decade. First he humiliates his wife publicly on TV. Next he marries a child (compared to him.) And now he selfishly wants to separate his children from one another, from their mother who raised them, and take one across the country to live with his new child-bride-destined-to-leave-him. What a colossal idiot this man is. I can't even stand to watch this imbecile in re-runs now, and I can't be the only one.

1236 days ago

Dragon Tattoo    

men suck!!!terrible human beings, selfish and only motivated by sex

1236 days ago


Kelsey is a liar and a pig--He just destroyed his relationship with his daughter--she WILL find out one day that he doesn't want her.

1236 days ago


Jim in Cali, you must be Kelsey posing as someone else! SHUT YOUR TRAP!! Who cares about the dynamics of his relatioship with his should be more about the siblings..Kelsey thinks only about himself...SELFISH P---k

1236 days ago


You know, I don't know who Camille is doing there at TMZ, but it's funny how you guys always take her side. I didn't see anywhere in your article about how the boy has ASKED to stay with his dad, and how he has said his mother is never around and it's always the nannies. And that the daughter wanted to stay with mom for the time being because of her friends and school. No, none of that. Just make it sound like Kelsey's the jerk, and that crazy horses arse is always right. If she's going to leak her own dirty laundry, the media should at least be fair enough to get both sides.

1236 days ago


1st, Kelsey goes out and commits adultery, now he wants to split up the kids .....what a
sorry excuse of a "man"....Hey, Kelsey just leave Camille and the kids alone and go rot away with that skank that you married you looser

1236 days ago
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