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Kelsey Grammer Wants to Separate Kids

6/3/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer is denying it, but TMZ has obtained black and white proof that he wants to split up his kids, taking his son to live with him in Chicago and leaving his 9-year-old daughter behind in California.


TMZ broke the story ... Camille Grammer wanted custody of the former couple's 2 kids because Kelsey wanted to split them up.  Kelsey's lawyer told us her story was "inaccurate."  But we've obtained a letter Kelsey's lawyer sent to Camille's attorney which says exactly what Camille claims.

The letter, dated April 29, 2011, says "Kelsey proposes ... Kelsey shall have primary physical custody of Jude and Camille shall have primary physical custody of Mason."  The letter says Kelsey wants to enroll 6-year-old Jude in a Chicago school.


The letter also outlines very specific terms of the custody agreement, including when each parent gets the kids on holidays.

Camille filed for primary physical custody yesterday ... and we've learned she wants custody so the kids aren't separated from each other.

As for Kelsey, his rep, Stan Rosenfield, tells TMZ, "Despite the fact that those connected with Camille Grammer seem to be hand delivering confidential documents to TMZ and other media outlets, we will continue not to make public statements about their private matters which can and apparently does beg for misinterpretation."

Rosenfield continues, "There is no valid reason to drag the Grammer children into any media spotlight."


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Not at all unusual for an agreement, sometimes it is the best thing for all. But NFW would the court do it.

1201 days ago

Caring Kate    

Thanks TMZ. At least now I know how to pray. Kelsey is not wired correctly and hopefully justice will protect these two innocent children.

1201 days ago



1201 days ago


@Bree about a minute ago

a child that age does not know what is best for them--if he said he wants to live with daddy I would be surprised but also I would think it is because he misses his father (who by the way chose to leave the family home for the opposite coast with no intention of wanting to bring his family with him- he clearly wanted out and away from his marriage as evidenced by his quick affair)

in the same vein, if a child were living with his father- far away from the mother and not seeing her, he would miss his her and probably say he wanted to live with his mommy

this is why we have family courts and judges

1201 days ago

me me me     

he is such a selfish ******* !!!

1201 days ago


People are so quick to judge! That little boy is neglected by his mother. Living with his dad and stepmom is the only way he will have a loving and nurturing home. Anyone who knows Camille has heard her say in front of that little boy that she never wanted him. He loves his daughter equally, but time and time again Camille refuses to let her visit her dad. This is so unfair. She is such a piece f work and because she leaks what she wants to the press, people feel sorry for her. Enough is enough. Kelsey and his lovely wife Kayte should absolutely have custody of these kids before its too late!

1201 days ago


I went out with a guy like this a long time ago. The x was moving to another state and wanted to take their kids. He was fine with her taking the daughter but wanted the son. He said it was because he was the better parent. Like the Grammer kids, the daughter was older. Couple things I observed.

Reason #1 he wanted the son: The youngest was easiest to mold to his point of view: The older one was harder to convince. Also, the daughter reminded him of the mother.
Reason #2 he wanted the son: He had been absent by choice for a good part of his son's life (and his daughter's). His real reason for wanting the son was that he felt guilty for this. He knew the daughter had bonded to the mother more than the younger son beacuse of his absence. The son was basically his absolution from guilt from his actions. The son was much more likely to let him have that absolution.

He just told the kids that of course he wanted both of them, but the mom would be too lonely by herself, so the daughter should stay with her. The older daughter one never bought it, but the younger son one did.

I think Kelsey wants the son for reasons like these. It's pretty easy to convince a 6 year old kid that you're a wonderful parent.

1201 days ago


When it comes to fathers this guy ranks up there with the greats in history:

Michael Lohan
The Situation's Dad
Balloon Boy Dad
...and every other selfish guy. What a loser!!!

1201 days ago


Ah, well, I can only spit it out so many different ways. I see your point. You obviously refuse to see mine. Fine. I think I'm going to go vent on how Blake Lively's a complete tard for thinking we might actually believe her, I'm sure I'll be in the majority there, and then watch I am Number Four while the kiddos nap. Peace folks.

1201 days ago


@ Bree --

Mine literally wore out their tapes (at the time) -- they have also worn out their CDs -- and most of them are adolescents!

Enjoy the quiet -- as they get older all you hear is bickering and when you try to make peace, it is all your fault and you couldn't interfere.

Again, enjoy the quiet while you can.

1201 days ago


@ middleagedcrazy

Thanks! Yeah, two girls, less than two years apart...I do not look forward to the fights, they are toddlers and have already started their bickering. But they are super close, and hope that they stay that way. :)

1201 days ago


middleagedcrazy 41 minutes ago
@ Damon --

What miscarriage?
His then misstress Kayte had a misscarraige before they were married!

1201 days ago


Those kids are way too young to be separated. I can see this happening if the kids were teenagers--and wanted it... but Jude is what 6? Way too young to lose his Mom.

Kelsey, you shouldn't have shacked up with the slutty flight attendant young enough to be your daughter. I'm sure new wifey doesn't want the kids anyway. Let Camille have full primary custody.

One wishes that things like blatant adultery (getting another chic pregnant) would be taken into account of custody agreements.

1201 days ago


Jim in Cali you are an idiot!

1201 days ago


Kelsey is garbage.

1201 days ago
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