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Leslie Nielsen -- One Final Fart Joke

6/2/2011 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here lies the late, great Leslie Nielsen in Evergreen Cemetery in Fort Lauderdale, FL ... where the "Airplane" star was immortalized on his gravestone with the exact fart-inspired epitaph he requested years before his death.



Thanks to our friends at for the pic.


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Surely you aren't serious...

1238 days ago


Great epitaph. Wish we still had him around.

1238 days ago

Rob K.    

That's just so Nielson. What a funny guy. A legend of comedy. R.I.P.

1238 days ago

Jack DaCarup    


1238 days ago


He didn't just bring laughter, he brought tears. In Naked Gun he told Presilia Presley that if she wasn't going to be in his life, then she may as well pull that trigger, then told her he loved her. I guess I'm just a romantic sap.

1238 days ago

John Christoher    

Glory to GOD, and greetings to you. I like the In-sightfull depth to the witty notion that 'call me the breeze' has given for us to consider, that is; the very real possibility of layering with-In the epitaph. A serious reader/listener, and perhaps especially much more so a legitimate practicioner, of Scriptural prophesy should real-eyes the gracious wisdom that is present to being aware of such perspective there-In. I have on occassion, potentially 'crossed' the line when challenging & writing/teaching/debating some issues of Scripture - especially when 'apps' are modernly utilized in discerning questions of secondary doctrinal & tertiary political concerns. Those concerns can be slippery grounds for anybody to stand on. True Spiritual leadership is not for those that are excessively cowardized by stiffnecked and/or pridefull bondage to religous customs, and neither is it for those with un-Church-ed popularized public opinions that are much more questionable/arbitrary than many peoples' limited awareness (at times) permits. Yet there have been moments of feeling Spiritually convicted/restrained from Word of Isaiah 43:2 & my said/written challenges - sometimes harsh challenges to either side of extremes. Still, I also much more frequently feel the same priority of Spiritual calling to continue encouraging faith In GOD... You could quote me as defensively replying to certain reasonable responses against me by saying, "Better to be a fart of GOD rather than the devil's masterpiece!" May the more traditionally reserved of my brethren please excuse any superficial appearance of irreverence? Believe me, I mean no direspect - particularly to GOD Almighty..., & His Christ The Messiah, my Lord, Teacher, Healer, & Savior. So "Let 'er rip" Leslie, and by the everlasting mercy & grace of GOD... available to faithfull believers - do so "Rest In Peace", In Christ Love... +

1238 days ago


Doesn't anyone care about typography anymore? That isn't an apostrophe it is a symbol which means feet. Two of them and it means inches. And those aren't quote marks either. Look at the commas, that typeface should have quotes and apostrophes with the same swoop. Classy guy though. Great final joke. He deserves better typography.

1238 days ago


LOL...Thanks For Your Great Work Shurley...Um...Leslie RIP.

1238 days ago


Great man liked him very much...

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1238 days ago


Class act in every sense of the word. I miss this man...
" ever seen a grown man naked " and " nice beaver " are two of the funniest lines in movie history.

1238 days ago

el magnifico    

A truly unique actor. RIP Frank Drebin !

1238 days ago

Tom G.    

No scandals, no breaking the law, just a gifted man. Who are the "legends" now? RIP sir, you were and are a legend!

1238 days ago

De Juan     

He was one of the best

1238 days ago


Guy was a class act to the end. Leave it to Leslie to go to his final resting place with a quip to keep us laughing. I for one will miss him

1238 days ago


Re: Leslie Nielsen - sorry Phil, just because you saw him at a time he was acting the part of an "ass" doesn't mean that defines his entire existence. You have no idea of what preceded that behavior. We've all have acted like jerks at times, but we'd be the first to say "that moment doesn't define who I am". Give him a break - he's gone and can't defend himself. Show a little respect - he's made millions of people laugh and lightened their day - the world needs more people like him.

1238 days ago
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