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Mel Gibson Goes Italian With Oksana-Looking Woman

6/2/2011 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson is back in circulation.  Exhibit A:  Dining out with a pretty woman last night at Culina restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills.

We've asked around ... and no one seems to know who she is and whether it's about business or pleasure ... or just friendship. 

Here's the thing.  She looks dangerously like one Oksana Grigorieva.

Hey Mel ... sometimes looks can be deceiving in a good way.


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Droll article on ROL, which first boasts of ruining Gibson's career, then invites comments on whether or not he can make a comeback.

1218 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

Good for Mel, but I bet he'd get a lot fewer dates if he announced to the world that he had a vasectomy. He should just get it done and not tell anyone. As long as he's able to father children there will be women willing to take a chance on him for their own payday. The ever uglier Oksana will have a much harder time finding a guy with a positive net worth after all the nasty crap she pulled on Mel.

1218 days ago


Mel, Mel, Mel, Mel, MEL! Stay away from the Europeans - Go Canadian or something... geeze,... haven't you been burnt enough?

1218 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Hopefully, Ivan!

1218 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Zimbio has a bunch of photos
from the last night's screening
of "The Beaver" at Harmony Gold

1218 days ago

Bullet-Proof - QUEEN Homophobic Drunk's Handmaiden    

@Sam, still funny. I don't think she is pretty at all but you know some people who aren't that beautiful looking, have attributes that make them beautiful. So looks aren't everything.

The Paparazzi will blow everything out of proportion in order to sell their photographs and make a buck. So I have to agree with you that they were probably out on business, etc.

lol@them having a child and married before the end of this thread. You are probably right.

1218 days ago


The main difference is she's probably not a Russian extortionist blackmail gold-digging whore who ruins the lives of men who don't pay what she wants

1218 days ago


I fully expect to see some new photos (within 3 days) of Ox changing Lucia's diaper in a Target parking lot, wearing rags, a bandana, shabby espadrilles and wiping the sweat from her brow. She'll have a tin cup and a cardboard sign that reads "Mel Gibson is a deadbeat Dad -- need diapers and money for lawyers."

1218 days ago


LOL canadasux

1218 days ago


Tammy 35 minutes ago

@lilac - Mel has no DUI record. He satisfied the conditions of his probation and that was expunged.

So, if you satisfied the conditions of your PROBATION, and your record was EXPUNGED, then that means it NEVER happened?

When did you stop thinking in real terms, and not delusions?

1218 days ago


These old guys sure do have mega large egos. Why else would they always gravitate to the young chickies, much younger chickies? And they can't see past their tight little bods with the huge hooters and other 'stuff'. If they did look a little deeper they would find those two words quoted And clinching the deal with a poor innocent child. Nauseating. Ugh.

1218 days ago


Well, knowing nothing about this woman all I can say is...the only common characteristics they have is brown hair. To me they don't look "strikingly similar". So he likes brown-haired women, Robin was brown-haired as well...does that make this woman striklingly similar to her too???

1218 days ago


Now that´s got to hurt!oksana!You had him and you lost him.Who did you hurt?

1218 days ago

Fidel's niece    

So now every woman with dark hair,
dark eyes and pale skin is
"Oksana look-a-like"???

and EVERY woman in LA,
with blond hair and big boobs
must be "Marilyn Monroe look-alike"


1218 days ago


Meanie less than a minute ago

Mel, Mel, Mel, Mel, MEL! Stay away from the Europeans - Go Canadian or something... geeze,... haven't you been burnt enough?



In all fairness, all Europeans aren't Euro-trash!!! Many have actually come to the United States to make a name for themselves based solely upon their own abilities. I would never assume that Ole Greedy is the "NORM". I've met some fairly impressive people from Europe who actually are well educated, classy and friendly!!!

1218 days ago
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