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OctoMom -- BIKINI CAR WASH to Save House!!!

6/3/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wanna see Octomom in a bikini again? Got a dirty car? If you answered "YES" to either question ... it's time to make some lifestyle changes ... but until you do, Nadya Suleman is having a BIKINI CAR WASH!

It's the Octomom's latest attempt to fix her house problems -- we're told Nadya plans to hold a bikini car wash fundraiser on June 18  in L.A. at the Melrose Strip Auto Detailing in Hollywood... and she's inviting some well-known D-listers to help her out.

Among the bikini-clad ladies -- Charlie Sheen's porn star Capri Anderson ... and a whole mess of randoms like Reggie Bush's alleged mistress January Gessert, and Mel Gibson's alleged mistress Violet Kowal.

Car washes are $20 ... $30 if you drive an SUV -- and for a little extra, Octomom might just wax and polish your undercarriage.



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Looking at that list of names...are you sure this is not a charity DOG SHOW?

1203 days ago


I would pay her just to keep it all on.

She's never going to make the kind of money she needs doing that. I don't know who or what convinced her that her naked flesh was marketable, except maybe in a sideshow.

1203 days ago


I'd hit it, but I'm not sure there aren't more kids currently waiting in line.

1203 days ago


Harvey why are you doing this to us?

1203 days ago


Oh...TeamNadya is going to have a fit! After heralding that "Nadya did deny getting any outside help, any donations to help support and raise her kids, she's doing it all on her own..." Guess that's not so true anymore, is it TeamNadya when Nadya has to hold a fundraiser! LOL!!!!

How about going out and getting a job Nadya, now that your kids are in daycare/school. You've no longer got any excuse!

1203 days ago


as someone pointed out,,you cant hold car washes like that in california..they do have a ummmm a water problem there...She should hook up with arnold.

1203 days ago


How about she gets 'fixed' on Pay per View?

1203 days ago


Oh how gross! Another one that needs to go away and hide!

1203 days ago


I think that the TMZ bus should go get her make a bit of money...she has 14 kids to support...any way that she can make a few $$ legally is ok with me....She may have made plenty of mistakes in the past...but lets focus on the help she is currently getting form Susie Orman...and applaud the fact that she is tying to do the right things. And hope and pray that she can take care of her family... Focus on the kids instead of the mistakes of the Mom....

Just saying...we should concentrate on what we can do to help those in our own communities and where we can help others.

1203 days ago


Harvey, you are such a great humanitarian. Are you going to help other single mothers
that need help through no fault of their own? How about some poor moms that are tornado victims?Are you going to start doing a story every time she has a BEG A THON again?
People are sick of her begging and sick of her.
Is she DESTITUTE again? Does she need tuition money for the private schools her kids attend?
She can afford a PR agency to arrange all these fundraisers, but not a house payment?
I have a novel idea, perhaps she can get a job like other people.
The kids are all at school, she can go to the gym. What's her excuse?

1203 days ago


Gross! My Eyes! Damn you TMZ!

1203 days ago

Snow White    

Gag- here we go again with the begfests. I'm so sick of TMZ being her partner in crime. She's fugly, she refuses to get a real job and now she's hanging out with porn stars.

It's only a matter of time before she's doing real porn.

1203 days ago


Hopefully news stations won't start having bikini car washes!

1203 days ago


I just threw up in my mouth...gag...the thought...

1203 days ago


yeah- the money earned there should really cut into the HUGE debt she has. REALLY??????????

1203 days ago
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