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OctoMom -- BIKINI CAR WASH to Save House!!!

6/3/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wanna see Octomom in a bikini again? Got a dirty car? If you answered "YES" to either question ... it's time to make some lifestyle changes ... but until you do, Nadya Suleman is having a BIKINI CAR WASH!

It's the Octomom's latest attempt to fix her house problems -- we're told Nadya plans to hold a bikini car wash fundraiser on June 18  in L.A. at the Melrose Strip Auto Detailing in Hollywood... and she's inviting some well-known D-listers to help her out.

Among the bikini-clad ladies -- Charlie Sheen's porn star Capri Anderson ... and a whole mess of randoms like Reggie Bush's alleged mistress January Gessert, and Mel Gibson's alleged mistress Violet Kowal.

Car washes are $20 ... $30 if you drive an SUV -- and for a little extra, Octomom might just wax and polish your undercarriage.



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How much for the "wax on, wax off" ?

1149 days ago


I can pretty much guarantee that entire 100 bucks she earns will go straight to the yogurt store.

1149 days ago


really TMZ - why are paying for these shots?? Nobody gives a crap and, to quote a few other posts, "ewww"

1149 days ago


I hope that the State of California is watching oh and the know this idiot isn't claiming any money she makes from these little photo ops. I wish the house would foreclose already and she would have to move into public housing like everyone else on the public dole and her kids can go to regular school like normal welfare kids....she's not a celeb and it's time she faced up to it....loser!!

1149 days ago


I have a question for TMZ to ask Suleman. Where are her frozen embryos, if they still exist?
Is she paying the storage fees, or have they been destroyed? Remember that was the
reasoning for the 8. She couldn't afford the fees. She told Angela, "Use them or destroy them".
No one has asked her THAT question. Have you used the rest or destroyed them, Nadya?
She said she couldn't stand the thought of the other alternatives, so has she destroyed the

1149 days ago

Gsharon 710    

The Doctor should not be the only one to lose. I think children should be with family, but this super star wanna--be already had children when she did not have a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out of, then went as far as having a Doctor assist her in having more children?

To ensure these children's well being, someone else should raise these children in a normal home and allow Miss Baby Maker to come by every day after WORK to bond, help cook for them, bathe them, feed them, and be thankful her ass is not in jail for child neglect.

The money making scheme between the two crooks did not work and the children are paying for it physically and mentally. I feel sorry for the older children, as they will be put in charge of the younger children while this idiot shows her ass and pop in the news as often as possible.

There should be a law against this sort of thing.

People would be more helpful if they could be assured Baby Maker would spend money to support her children rather than trying to repair her baby making machine that must have suffered horribly.

What man would marry her or even want to bed her? These children may never have a Father figure. She need to move to a state where real estate is not so a country town setting.......and do what Mothers who are responsible do.

Her actions after the births has not put a pretty light on her. I do feel for the children and pray they can have some sort of normal life. The Doctor should lose his license, but should also contribute to the welfare of the children he help put into this world when she could not even support the ones she had. Even if his assistance only produced one child, that is one more child she could not responsibly care for.

1149 days ago


Maybe, just maybe, TMZ, if you reported on stars instead of Porn stars and Octomom, your readership might improve dramatically. My friend had to alert you about Lindsay's anklet going off because you guys didn't even catch that story. In fact, you haven't caught any stories at all this week. WHAT is up with that? Your reporters follow people that no one has heard of or cares about.

Newsflash: OCTOMOM AND PORN STARS aren't newsworthy!

1149 days ago

Drugsney Drinkhan    

Rather than sell that shoebox and move out west where she can get a HUGE house with a yard for the fraction of the price, this whore would rather pull more publicity stunts so some idiot can bail her out. I am so sick of this witch. CPS needs to take her kids away STAT.

1149 days ago


@radicalred ty someone with a brain

1149 days ago


Why are some of yall on here so damn mean? Yall life must really sucks to have this much hate in you following Nadya story, jumping on every forum out there just to rip this poor woman apart who has done nothing wrong to you. Half of y'all don't even live in California and probably on some form of welfare, SSI and disability yourselves and hating on this poor woman who isn't anymore and trying to do the best she can in raising and supporting her family without it. What y'all look like?

If she hate and annoy you so much, get up off you big lazy arses and go find something else better to do. I tell yah, y'all must be in a lot of pain, hating gives you nothing but pain. Less time worrying about Nadya Suleman life and more time worry about your own as to why you spend the whole day on here hating on her. Cyber Bullies! All talk and no actions!

1149 days ago


Bruno about an hour ago
I can pretty much guarantee that entire 100 bucks she earns will go straight to the yogurt store.

Shoot Bruno, it'll cost more than that to pay for the body makeup she needs to cover the scars,
stretchmarks, veins,tattoos,etc grossness.
Unless she intends to put the kids to work.

1149 days ago


Dr. Phil did 7 shows about Octomom. The money he made from her misery should be given to her to help save her house.

1149 days ago


You know what gina, I agree with that. :)

1149 days ago


She made a ton of money from the DR. Phil show and she blew through it. Because don't you know, this insane woman is a celebrity and she deserves it! Even though she's inviting those z-lister misfits, do you really think any of them will show up? Octo is the bottem of the barrel even for them.

1149 days ago


this is just so sad. im sure she wishes she'd thought out that octomom status before she decided what she did. poor kids--14 of 'em with no dad around, no money. im glad she hasnt done the porn thing. that would just be sadder.

1149 days ago
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