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Ex-Idol Finalist -- I'm STRUGGLING to Get Paid

6/3/2011 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Unless you're Carrie Underwood, life after "American Idol" can be a bitch ... especially for singers like Kimberly Locke -- who claims she got jacked around by some scumbag concert promoter for years.


According to Locke, she's had to fight tooth and nail to get paid for performing in a 2008 "American Stars in Concert" tour -- featuring several AI alums -- even AFTER a court ordered producer Scott Stander to hand over the dough.

Locke -- who finished 3rd on Idol in 2002 -- tells AI Now, "I worked very hard on that tour, and I was disappointed that Stander failed to pay me. This was not only unprofessional, but very insulting and completely unacceptable."


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First BIIIAAATCCCHES!!!!!!!!!!!

1184 days ago


Welcome to showbiz.

Here's how it works.

No pay, no PLAY.

1184 days ago


No, here is how it works. You are going to pay...In every way....and no play. They really have no choice :-) Not really, and you know it :-) God in Heaven, I praise your NAME!!! Jesus Christ, Thank you!

1184 days ago


And God knows your heart. Not much there I must say. Nothing. And yes, it's all a race issue, never was, and some people knew it. Go to where you belong, you filthy piece of garbage.

1184 days ago


So the others on the tour got paid and Kimberly didn't? How much money was owed? It's terrible she has to go through so much BS. Good luck Kimberly.

1184 days ago

Just wondering     

Unless you are Carrie Underwood ? Last time I checked Jennifer Hudson wasn't Carrie Underwood . Did you forget about her ...? oh ok

1184 days ago


Perhaps if she had some talent this would not happen.

Does anyone care about her?

1184 days ago


Damn. That's terrible that she isn't getting paid. She's so beautiful too, and with a great voice. One of my favorite Idol contestants ever!


1184 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

They build these people up and make them think they are actually real celebrities, but in fact most Americans couldn't care less about them. Besides, a majority of them couldn't and can't sing, including this Kimberly Flocke girl. I think American Idol has seen it better days. I barely watch it anymore. Usually I DVR it and skip through all the cheesy junk.

1184 days ago


Scott Stander has a reputation of being a tool. It's sad that he's still booking. Kimberley has her own TV coming out on ABC that she's hosting. Don't mess with her, I'm sure she's got a powerhouse group behind her.

1184 days ago


Oh man...daughter is going to NYC very soon to sign a contract to write & perform music for TV and film and her not getting a decent financial shake ( as well as worrying about her general well-being, given the predominance of drugs-and-sex-for-stardom out there), is what I worry about. She's just turning 21 so I have only so much influence now...

1184 days ago


Do what the other performers do, get an agent, manager. They will make sure the funds are deposited before you even leave the house for a concert otherwise they are out of luck. Do you think any singer goes on stage without the funds in the bank.....not going to happen...get a manager...

1184 days ago


Yes, she has. You haven't. MOOOOOOOONEEEEEEEEY....YAP, YAP, YAP, SLURP...Go run a concentration camp you screwed up air-heads.

1184 days ago


God-Is-Busy 23 minutes ago
Yes, she has. You haven't. MOOOOOOOONEEEEEEEEY....YAP, YAP, YAP, SLURP...Go run a concentration camp you screwed up air-heads


shut the hell up

1184 days ago


Kimberly Locke can flat out sing!

1184 days ago
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