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TMZ Live -- Flavor Flav: Rihanna Has Right to Kill

6/3/2011 11:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Flavor Flav stopped by and boldly told Harvey -- Rihanna's murder video is dead on ... Plus, he scoffs at Arnold Schwarzenegger for playin' the ugly card...

All the answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live.


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(0:00) A lot going on today -- the Kelsey Grammer custody war, Charlie Sheen's character on "Men" could get killed off ... and Flavor Flav is in the house!
(5:30) Kelsey wants to split his kids up -- we have proof ... and everyone is outraged!
(12:10) Kelsey's people haven't explained WHY he wants to split the kids up ... we're still waiting.
(15:45) Charlie Sheen's image FINALLY removed from the Warner Bros. lot ... six months late.
(17:12) Will Chuck Lorre kill off Charlie on "Men"? We have a few theories.
(20:10) Flavor Flav has arrived!!! And he's BARELY taller than Harvey. 
(21:30) Flav explains how he fell into the fried chicken business.
(24:20) Flav says he LOST HIS VIRGINITY AT SIX. We'll let him explain this one.
(29:10) YOU GOTTA SEE THIS! Harvey and Flav rock out to Harv's version of "My Way!" Seriously ... THE WHOLE SONG. The staff's reactions are priceless.
(35:50) Shocking ... Flav's view on Rihanna's music video: rapists deserve to get murdered.
(45:20) The Arnold situation ... Flav is SHOCKED Arn's mistress wasn't a looker.


No Avatar


flav o flav on Lawyer Friday. I am a shamed for you TMZ and Harvey.

1206 days ago

the Seeker    

Flava Flav knows what time it is !!!
Word up

1206 days ago


what happen with the iowa chicken shack

1206 days ago

Mr, Know it All    

This is the worse TMZ Live I have ever seen. I can't believe you have that degenerate FF on and then Harvey singing to top it off. Please God, strike them both down with a lightning Bolt.

1206 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

Flav, you da LAST dude on earth that need to be talking about a chick's looks...

1206 days ago


Is this guy retarded or something???

1206 days ago


Y is he on the whole show of lawyer Friday?????????

1206 days ago


2 million $$$ ring is cheap to someone that makes million of $$$ a year. He is not like the blue collar union worker.


In solidarity!

1206 days ago


Gonna go try to scrub my brain for a while to try to get the memory of hearing Flavor Flav describe losing his virginity to a 6 year old out of my head...Why?? Just why??

1206 days ago

who dat    

This live was absolutely pathetic. A total waste of time. You owe the viewers an apology.

1206 days ago


Please schedule your celebrities Mon-Thu.

We want to get our questions answered, specially the legal ones; it's what makes TMZ unique.

I'll take Beckerman over Flav anyday of the week!

1206 days ago


I'm gonna go try to scrub my brain to erase the memory of hearing Flavor Flav describe losing his virginity to a 6 year old. Why? Just WHY??

1206 days ago


Sorry, didn't mean to post that twice. I got an error message the first time

1206 days ago


Just saw this and first time posting about tmz live. Awfully entertaining interview. Entertaining and was hoping it would go on a little while longer. There should have been another interviewer that could have interacted the way he is used to along with Harv, because he did a great job playing along but some questions were out on left field from what he is used to. Last show I watched I had to cut off because the peni$ jokes got old after the first half hour

1206 days ago


I was looking forward to TMZ live today and then I saw the screen shot of Flava Flav and then read the various comments about his 6 year old self and another 6 year old?? I'll pass today :) Love you guys any other time though, hope there is lawyer Friday next week!!

1206 days ago
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