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Blake Lively

Clothed in Venice

6/3/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Blake Lively had angst all over her face Thursday ... as she cruised the canals in Venice, Italy with Leonard DiCaprio -- the first time she was photographed since those nude photos hit the Internet.


It appears Blake was using an iPhone 4 on the boat ... an upgrade from the old iPhone featured in the naked pics ... especially when it comes to the camera feature.



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juli hoover    

EW! Leo is such a puke. Look at his skinny little white arms.

1203 days ago

Master Po    

Hay max can you please let us know about your jet setter life style where thrones of people wait to hear what you say?

I wont be waiting since we both know the truth.

1203 days ago


That is 100 percent her, she looks pretty damn good. Her breasts are a bit fake looking but that azzzzz is tight and those legs are nice. I would hit that..

1203 days ago


what a downgrade from bar rafaeli. even leo's face looks more feminine than blake's.

1203 days ago


it's LEONARDO w/ an O at the end....

1203 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

Weird couple. But he won't end up with her just like he didn't end up with Gisele or Bar or the other models. He likes the tall blondes though, that's for sure. Wouldn't it be great if he ended up with a petite brunette though? (And not just because I am one LOL!!)

Seriously, though, Leo is particularly shallow and I'm wondering if he truly would prefer to end up with a man but that's another story. I find that men who go from woman to woman don't really prefer women at all.

Regardless, Blake irritates me. She totally sleeps her way to roles, prefers men who are attached (all for her ego) and, worst of all, is a COMPLETE HYPOCRITE about it with her wholesome image. As for who leaked the pics:

1) FIRST GUESS: I think Bar Rafaeli is behind the leaked pics. She's Israeli and those Israelis don't eff around. She could have gotten one of her Israeli hacker friends to get them and post them since Leo & Blake are "officially bf/gf" now. AND she conveniently showed up in a bikini a few weeks ago...probably to show "hey, I'm hotter than Blake AND I'm clothed and more classy"

2) OR, Jen Garner got them from Ben's cell phone if Blake sent them to Affleck (since they were prob taken during "The Town"). Affleck was recently seen with a black eye.

Whoever did it - good on you!!!!!! Blake won't last long with Leo. Let's hope she doesn't get any more roles out of it though - ugh...the talent on the girl is indecipherable.

1203 days ago

who dat    

Just look at her despair. She though she was going on a romantic boat ride with leo. He is more interested in the guy, than her. Draw your own conclusions.

1203 days ago


When is Leo going to date someone over 25? It's starting to effect his career and makes him look like he's stalled in neutral maturity wise. It's hard to believe he would have more in common with a vapid girl (who takes nude photos of herself on her phone then leaves it lying around to be stolen) than a mature woman his own age who has some life experience.

He must be strictly into looks because Giselle is as stupid as they come. I saw her on a talk show trying to be cute and funny but she was just deadly boring.

1203 days ago

PRO US    

Now Blake knows how dangerous it can be holding a cellular phone right next to her face. The biggest story this week was how cell phones may cause cancer. Potentially very dangerous. If only, she hadn't held that phone to her face in those pictures! Now, she is suffering the consequences.

1203 days ago


I'm a Titanic kid. still hoping he ends up w/ Kate Winslet. lol. seems to have more substance than all the other girls he has been with. not a butterface like blake and giselle either.

1203 days ago

princess ali baba    

Leo what's ur deal bro?? time to grow the eff up and stop hanging with these stupid chicks. It's starting to show u as a really vacant person... dump this nobody & find someone decent.. unless ur really that shallow as a person.

1203 days ago


Blake Lively is actually a homely young woman. She'd better leverage her height and long hair as long as she can.

If this is how she looks in her prime, we shudder to think how she'll look at 40.

1202 days ago
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