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Britney Spears

Not Competent to Take Oath

6/3/2011 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears' lawyers are trying to block her deposition in a perfume lawsuit, because they say she's not legally competent to give sworn testimony.


Brand Sense Partners is suing Brit for $10 million, claiming she had a deal with the company but pulled a double-cross by trying to cut them out of a lucrative project with Elizabeth Arden.

Brand Sense wants to take Britney's deposition, but Brit's lawyers have so far refused, on grounds Brit is under a conservatorship and can't be forced to testify without the approval of the conservatorship's attorneys.

No word on whether the attorneys for the conservatorship will sign off on the depo, but Brand is tired of waiting and is now asking the judge in the perfume case to order Britney to sit for the deposition.


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Wait a minute...if she's not legally competent to take an oath, how in Hell is she in a position to have custody of her children, which I think requires a little more. So, how does she get to have that both ways?

1236 days ago

your own luck    

If she can tour, she can be deposed.

1236 days ago


That's some convenient crazy ya got there.

1236 days ago


Puhleeze! Not legally competent to me means drooling.

1236 days ago


She is not competent lol but she is comptent enough to be making music......hmmmm makes you think

1236 days ago


I'm starting to think that the conservatorship is still in place only to exempt her from lawsuits.

1236 days ago


I don't understand this "not competent" thing with her. She hasn't been competent in 5 years. Is she viewed as legally retarded by the U.S Government? She's almost/is 30 and her parents still seem to hold dominion over her. I know she's done some dumb **** in the past, but look at walking disasters like Lindsay Lohan. How is she still competent?

1236 days ago

Jim in Cali    

This whole Britney/conservatorship thing stinks to the high heaven. To me this is all about lawyers and her father to keep making money off of her and I'm not surprised Harvey (a lawyer) is alright with this conservatorship to continue.

I'll be honest, I'm shocked Gloria isn't on this case. A woman is being used to enrich a bunch of old men. seems like a perfect case for her.

1236 days ago


Gotta love Lawyers!

1236 days ago


this is such a scapegoat. She needs to face the fact that she did something wrong. If she was so "incompetent" how did she come up with a plan to scheme these people? it's just a bunch of crap and a way to escape owning up to her erratic and irresponsible behavior during 2006 and 2007. Makes me sick.

1236 days ago


What the others aren't getting, is that she CAN'T talk about what happened during the deal without getting consent from the conservatorship. Not that she's not mentally unfit to testify. It's a legal thing, not a mental health thing...

1236 days ago

Jim in Cali    

@Adelle She didn't come up with that plan to deceive. Her father did. Britney signed the deal in 2004 with them and once under conservatorship her father tried to get rid of Brand Sense in 2010.

1236 days ago


You guys are reading this all wrong. They didn't say she isn't compentant enough to make a testimony or oath. Its that she is still under the conservatorship. So Legally she Can't do anything like that without the permission of her Father/his attorneys. She can go out on tour and take care of her kids just fine. The Tour her dad obviously said was ok. And her kids she was found to be able to take care of them. So what the Brand people need to do is get the Conservatorship attorneys to ok her to testify. However like someone else pointed out. The deal didn't shift until AFTER her dad had control of her legal affairs so she probably had no idea what was going on, and if she did she wasn't legally responsible for it. HE was.

1236 days ago

john talone    

Who's cares she is over the hill.Just think about,if she gets on the stand what is she going to acted like.

1236 days ago


Welp, she's able to drive, tour, have kids.. err.. I think she's able to face the issue and deal head on the rest of us have to.

1236 days ago
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