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Britney Spears

Not Competent to Take Oath

6/3/2011 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears' lawyers are trying to block her deposition in a perfume lawsuit, because they say she's not legally competent to give sworn testimony.


Brand Sense Partners is suing Brit for $10 million, claiming she had a deal with the company but pulled a double-cross by trying to cut them out of a lucrative project with Elizabeth Arden.

Brand Sense wants to take Britney's deposition, but Brit's lawyers have so far refused, on grounds Brit is under a conservatorship and can't be forced to testify without the approval of the conservatorship's attorneys.

No word on whether the attorneys for the conservatorship will sign off on the depo, but Brand is tired of waiting and is now asking the judge in the perfume case to order Britney to sit for the deposition.


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It is sickening how much of law revolves around stupid technicalities and letters on paper not common sense. Just because she is still under conservatorship and whatnot doesnt mean she is not capable. It just means it was not turned around yet. She is clearly doing fine, writing, working, continuing her life/career. And just because legally shes still being managed fully by others now she cannot testify. What a pile of BS. Completely unfair to the people she scr*wed over. Like she doesnt have enough money. Such BS, it really pis*es me the f*ck off. LAW/decisions should always be partially based on common sense.

1239 days ago


Maybe she won't be able to testify until the judge feels she is sane enough to take care of herself without her father telling her what to do. It doesn't sound like she is going to be off the conservatorship for a long time.

1239 days ago


Here is the deal. You rubbished people's names and reputation, never upfront, alway being sly about it. You never filed a report, never went to the police, because, never anything happened, and this would have cleared the situation up pretty clearly. You hit on people for years because you thought you could do so. Never upfront. You jeered along, and yet we were friends. And you did it for the GOOD LIFE!!! When someone was weak again, it even got worse. Over the period of 5 years. Sick ? Yes. Very. So there is no brushing over this. no little joke on the side...It is to bitter to ignore. If only you knew.

1239 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Business is all about angles, and this is a perfect example of playing one to one's advantage. If you don't, and can't understand it, sit and spin!


1239 days ago

Good riddance!    

So what? If she's supposedly too much of a blathering idiot to stand in her own defense, step over her and sue the crap out of the people with the money they want, her conservators. All getting her to testify will probably do is give the defense more credibility and make her look like a victim. Move along to her caretakers or drop the suit.

1239 days ago


Blonde Manilli Vanilli, yet fans can't wait to pay her for it.

1239 days ago


The "blathering" idiot is on her way. You are going to pay...A life for a life and a soul for a soul. Take your business elsewhere....You know where.

1239 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

britney pobly couldn't hear them anyways. she probly had cheetoes plugs in her ears!!!

1239 days ago


You are goiing to have cheetos coming out of every orifice of your body when I am thru with u,

1239 days ago


Can I ask why Milli Vinilli (sp?) got in trouble for lip syncing but no one cares when ****ney does it? Also, this b !tch must suffer from something serious if she cannot even take the stand in her own defense. Maybe all those stories from her old bodyguard were true about her being a loon.

1239 days ago


The conservatorship is a joke.Britney is as competent as her father and his lawyers.If the conservatorship ends they loose money and her dad would actually have to get a job.

1239 days ago


And yet another non competent person achieves fame and fortune.
Declared not competent to testify, but competent to make millions.

1239 days ago

Aussie Slapper    

She is drugged out of her small little brain because she does it herself snort snort, puff puff. This is just a way to fix up all her screw ups with out it costing to much money ie daddies kick back from the sloppy gravy train.

1239 days ago


i like...her everyone has there dark ages in their life but come on give her a brake...shes only human!

1239 days ago


For your Info, my father worked his butt off to get where he is know. You would know nothing of it, you are just a parasite. Lazy, dumb, uninterested, untalented. With a big ego. But nothing to show for it. And not ready to invest anything real other than scuff your throat with some "treat", like some dumplings ? Chump, chump, I loves my food...that's all what you are really about. PATHETIC!!!!

1239 days ago
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