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Charlie Harper's

Exit From 'Men' --

Dee Plane!!!

6/3/2011 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Harper -- Charlie Sheen's character on "Two and a Half Men" -- will probably get a "French kiss off" from creator Chuck Lorre.  Worry not ... we'll explain.

During the last original episode that aired February 14, Harper and his stalker/neighbor Rose were headed for the airport to catch a flight to Paris.

Sources connected with the production tell TMZ ... it's likely Lorre will use the flight to rid the show of Charlie Harper once and for all.   And get this -- the flight was never intended to be a cliffhanger -- it just happened that was the last episode shot before Charlie Sheen melted down.

Of course, the obvious scenario is a plane crash.  But our sources say that's not going to happen because producers are not going to make the other passengers sacrificial lambs -- even though they don't really exist.

As for what Lorre is planning ... we're told it's not in cement, but Charlie Harper could bid adieu to Malibu and say bonjour to Paris.


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Puckett's comment struck me as funny. Shoot, I probably work with the guy. I do work with a guy with the last name Puckett and he'd probably call my idea asinine too. LoL. He just says whatever comes to his mind at the moment and I never took it personally.

1200 days ago


Really not planned Chuck...I do believe you weree the A-hole that held up the show not Charlie if you all remember the show was on hiatus inthe first place. No scripts. And by the sound of it you still don't have any scripts. Sorry CBS you've been had. If I had pre-bought my syndication of this show I would be demanding my money back for failure to deliver not what I signed up for...

1200 days ago


Two and a half men will never be as good as it was with Charlie Sheen. Im kind of disappointed in Charlie. But; what can i do.. :/

1200 days ago


They can easily bring back Rose's character. They can just say Charlie ended up with some chick in Paris, and Rose was left on her own taking a flight back to Los Angeles.

Simple as that!

1200 days ago


Looks like Chuckles will hammer out a new deal for a sit com based in Paris.

1200 days ago


I dont think Charlie will ever be back on the show...if the show doesnt make it , I would imagine they will just cancel..I really didnt care for the Charlie character I am hoping that the new cast can take it in another direction and be really funny.

1199 days ago


I have the perfect way to write Ashton Kutcher in...He comes in as Charlie Harpers son that nobody knew he had!! As stepbrothers, just imagine how much trouble him and his stepbrother Jake could get into....Charlies simple to write out. Just as in real life he could die of an OD, Liver failure, AIDS, etc. The plane crash thing would be better as the other three could really actually happen. Let me know if you need any help Chuck Lorre. This show should kill it.

1199 days ago


There are so many ways to bring Ashton in it's a challenge to chose the one the writers will finally decide on -
ie: Ashton is Rose's crazy brother "Hashton" Filbert III - who now becomes Jakes crazy cousin cause Rose and Charlie married in Paris, just before Charlie ran off with a Lido dancer.
Ash is Herb's brothers son - Herb's brother and wife got killed in a traffic accident and Herb and Alan's wife can't deal with him and Jake in the house - hence he goes to live with Alan while Charlie is away in Paris.
Charlie & Alan's mother marries again and the new husband has a crazy son - Cornelius "Hashton" etc. who now becomes another roommate to Jake and Alan while Charlie joins the Lido in Paris.

HUH!!!! Not being a writer I can come up with 3 possible scenerios - so don't worry - the "real writers" will come up with something funny for sure!

1199 days ago


Charlie hits his head during the turbulent flight.. boom..amnesia. Wanders the airports indefinitely as a Hare Krishna selling flowers and pursuing inner peace.

Rose loses interest and starts stalking the younger fresher piece of meat, Charlies half brother Ashton.

1199 days ago

Hey Now    

I think that many of you are cruel for taking pleasure in Charlie's demise. He's obviously very sick. The amount of compassion you show others is really what life is about. He didn't kill anybody! He's done a lot wrong (like many others) but he needs prayer and compassion. And Ashton Kutcher is a fool for coming into a situation like this. Common sense would tell most people to stay clear of this kind of precarious situation.

1199 days ago


@HeyNow - I appreciate your sentiments - We are speaking about the demise of a "character" in a sitcom - not Charlie himself - so don't get your knickers in a knot! The real life Charlie does have some challenges to face and the sooner he decides to face them the better for his future - As for Ashton - this is a great opportunity for him and IMO he is wise to jump at it - He's young and this give him more credits to his name -

1199 days ago


To HeyNow..
No, the real FOOL was Charlie for throwing away a mil/episode because hed rather be a druggie low life pimp. With all the blessings, money, fame he had he couldve done something great..maybe actually contributed to society.. but, no..hes a selfish egomaniacal, probably mentally ill person who is on his way to rock bottom.
Best case scenario at this point...he gets clean, becomes the poster child for mental health ..helps others... and goes on to regain his career and win an oscar. Hollywood loves a good comeback.
You can do it, Charlie. Dump the Goddesses and find yourself.

1199 days ago

Hey Now    

angeleyes - No I was talking about Charlie Sheen not his character

and I wasn't directing that at you specifically so sorry for the confusion

I was talking about the overall sentiment towards Charlie S. And yes he threw away a lot but maybe that was supposed to show him that money in itself has no real meaning. A lot of us who don't have money maybe think it will mean so much when look at all these people who get it and flush it all down the toilet. He's made mega mistakes but it doesn't mean that we should all sit back, laugh, and enjoy him falling so hard. That's all I meant. It feels like laughing at someone who is very sick and dying.

So you guys can carry on

1199 days ago


I'd like to see the plane get "Lost" in a deserted island.

the possibilities are endless.

Looking forward to the new cast, new show.

1199 days ago


"And get this -- the flight was never intended to be a cliffhanger -- it just happened that was the last episode shot before Charlie Sheen melted down."


1199 days ago
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