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Designer Roberto Cavalli

In a Pinch

6/3/2011 11:45 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Roberto Cavalli proved he's a very hands on fashion designer while on vacation with his hot younger girlfriend in Sardinia on Thursday

The 70-year-old has that magic touch.


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Too many people here saying "eww" "saggy" while simultaneously being too stupid to realize how hypocritical they actually are. You can't say it's gross to be with someone old and wrinkly while saying it's bad for him to value the looks that youth provides. Why should he be with someone old and "ewwy" like himself, right?

The true superficiality lies within those making these comments. We know not whether these two actually love each other for deeper reasons than you are all assuming.

And really, regardless of why young and old are together - be it looks, fortune, companionship, chemistry, common interests, status, etc,.. you know not. You can only speculate based on poorly educated opinion. And, sadly, you'll attach a negativity to anything you come up with. "eww" "gross" "she's just with him for money"

The bottom line is: who really cares what brings people together as long as they are happy? You have only one life to live, so live it and try to enjoy it. Don't sit around here hating on those you envy and living vicariously through those you admire.

1236 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

@travcm: the thing is though, I bet neither of those two are happy. Especially not her. I know because:

1) I have known couples like that
2) I have been in a relationship like that

It's just really unhealthy. Seriously. And it RARELY ever works out.

@Amarilla: I know EXACTLY where you are coming from. My friends used to always tell me "Eww, why are you with him? You should find someone young and cute like yourself" (and the guy was only 8 years older). It got so bad I simply didn't invite him to parties anymore...I couldn't stand hearing the comments - I felt bad for him.

With another guy I dated who was 15 years older (he lied to me about his age)...I had servers at restaurants and even his own friends (who he would show me off to) giving me sympathetic & questioning glances. And after I left him, he stalked me until I had to threaten calling the cops. It's just SAD on both fronts.

People need to play in their own leagues. Myself included.

1236 days ago


Cute play on words, Rogue Warrier ;)

1236 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

Eww that is nasty..but that's what she has to take from grandpa in order to spend all his millions..or billions.

1236 days ago


Prostitution...alive and well

1236 days ago


Theres the age difference where you think
"eh :) look at that sly bastard go, good for him"

and then theres the

"WTF, does she really have so little self respect and is so openly and without any shame selling herself for gifts and cash".

1236 days ago


Now, now!
There is no shame in sleeping with a 70-year-old for money. Just like there is no honor in sleeping with 20-year-old because you are horny.
For all you moralists out there:
Take your high moral standards' and apply them to something useful to society.

1236 days ago


I don't understand why so many people are getting upset here... yeah the old dude is wrinkly and loaded, and she is a money whore. Let the old fool spend his money on young ***** before he checks out, and if she rides hard enough that might be sooner than later.

1236 days ago


dating / marriage is just a clever prostitution arrangement

1236 days ago


Jesus the things some people will do for money and a chance in the limelight. Yech!!!!

1236 days ago


Ewww sick!! I bet she drugs herself up before she has to get on top of him to do the business. I'm sure he just lays there like the playmates said about Hef. PUKE!

1236 days ago



1236 days ago


what a shame that a beautiful young girl like that would let an old pervert like this touch her! once again if you have money you can get away with almost anything. her mother must really be proud........

1236 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

is she ripe enough yet????! ewwwwwww!!

1236 days ago


Maybe he was just helping her with that serious wedgie??

1236 days ago
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