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Dodger Assault Suspect Loses Bid for Freedom

6/3/2011 3:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Giovanni Ramirez -- the guy who is suspected of beating a San Francisco Giants' fan to a pulp outside Dodger Stadium -- just lost a big round in his fight to get out of prison.


Ramirez was thrown back in the pokey on May 22 for allegedly violating his parole by being a felon in possession of a firearm or ammo.

Today Ramirez had a hearing before the parole commissioner, who ruled there was not only ample evidence to keep him behind bars, but that he should accept an 11-month sentence for having a gun.  Ramirez rejected the offer, so now he'll stay in prison until he gets a full hearing.

Interestingly, the commissioner had information about the Dodger Stadium attack but dismissed that part of the case.  At first blush, it looks like the commissioner may have felt there wasn't enough evidence to pin the beating on Ramirez.  But we're told authorities presented virtually no evidence about the beating of Giants' fan Bryan Stow because the firearms violation was clear.

Ramirez claims he wasn't at Dodger Stadium on the day of the attack.

Authorities are determining whether to prosecute Ramirez for the Dodger Stadium attack.

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The "attitude" on his face screams GUILTY. I hardly doubt he was "babysitting" the day of the beating. His "alibi" is laughable at best.

1236 days ago


@Q: Flash Mobs? Really? You sound bitter and old; it's hard when you realize the world no longer has a place for you. Isn't it?

1236 days ago


Bryan Stow got dropped for opening his mouth. I doubt they have enough evidence to charge Ramirez with the beating. He's going to prison for a parole violation NOT beating down the vegetable. HAHA!

1236 days ago

Mighty Mike    


Apparently he has a tattoo of a "1" on one arm and a "3" on the other. That would be a strong indication that you are indeed on the right track!

Guilty of this crime though? It's starting to look more and more sketchy. At first I thought they had a ton of evidence in order to warrant a SWAT raid, now it's starting to look embarassing. They need to find the right guy, and I'm confident they will.

1236 days ago

The Last American    

I am glad to see ( the opinions posted here ) that the Salem witch hunts of 1692 are alive and well in 2011. They of course take on a more sophisticated and technologic advanced appearance and title " Racial Profiling " by the peers of this the United (only when its PC to be) States of America. I am sure in my mind you all still think Rodney King also deserved to be brutality beaten just cause right ? I am not saying Giovanny Ramirez is guilty or not guilty due to the fact I was not there so I believe we still or used to say innocent until proven guilty but my fellow Americans that have posted their highly educated beyond a shadow of doubt professional conclusion from race, tattoos and past history prove the level of intelligence of the masses have taken the same direction of our economy. I think we could turn both around by replacing our civil rights with rock, paper and scissors a fixed and cheap process to justice.

1236 days ago


Notice how he holds his head back, the better for us to appreciate his neck art.

1236 days ago

American Pie    

Why not just gas the punk...he looks like he has nothing to offer society anyway...just gas him, and that would be one less piece of useless trash in the world...

1236 days ago

Tim S.    

@The Last American

Your point is invalid due to you not having a clue of the gravity of POS like this guy running amok in our city.

1236 days ago

Mighty Mike    


classy. You must be from LA., all day.

1236 days ago


The LAPD pigs are pathetic. They needed someone to blame quick and Ramirez was obviously the perfect candidate. You people are judging this guy because of his appearance and past. If he didn't beat down Stow, he should not be charged for it. He passed both polygraph tests, Idiot chief Beck looks like the moron he is now, The real perpetrator is LONG gone now, what a waste of time and money. How about the incompetent LAPD focuses on REAL crimes like murder and rape cases.

1236 days ago


This is hunch but, on May 21 while attending the San Juan Capristrano "Battle of the Mariachis' festivel, among several thousand folks in attendance, out this this Latina Hoochee Mama
accompanying a 10 or 11 yr boy. Wearing black shades which she never removes and wearing a red turtleneck on a hot day, she never smiled, and had Hoots of size 44G on a skinny bod (aka left early about 2 pm-3pm before the festival ended at 4:30pm. She was sitting next to a 50'ish lady friend wearing a blue dodger cap and blue sweater. It seemed like she did want to be recognized or spotted. Hey any Latino would have enjoyed this
10 Mariachi band performance ... I would say look at nearbye bank video cameras and ask Ticketmaster who handled ticket sales.

1236 days ago


ELLAYALLDAY 5 minutes ago
@ Chris

I'm not a "cholo" dude, but i would probably drop you like one would. You keyboard warriors crack me up, feels safe talking trash on the internet right? Your stereo typical jokes are garbage. My point is that Bryan Stow and his cowardly cousin's most likely provoked the fight, if not witnessed, they must have been acting hard inside the stadium. Once they hit the parking lot, Stow turned PINK and was abandoned by his cousins. He got popped with a nice one to the dome and that's that. Ramirez shouldn't be charged for that if he didn't do it. That's not justice because the real "attacker's" will still be out there, beating down cowardly san fran-fairy fans...lol
Ahahahaha! Laughable. "popped with a nice one to the dome" because Bryan may have SAID something? If that's OK in your world, I feel really sorry for you. NO ONE has the right to "pop someone" just because that person SAID something. This type of behavior is stereotypical of gang-bangers - they dont like when someone says something so they resort to what they know - VIOLENCE.

If the world operated in the way you see "fit" we'd all be in trouble if not dead. And it's great to see someone like yourself being OK with the fact that this slug violated his parole.

And as far as "dropping me like one (cholo) would" - yikes Mommy I'm scared! I doubt you have enough strength to control your bowels let alone "drop someone".

1236 days ago

chris john     

Regarding the 'latina getaway chick and 10 yr boy'...this is far off hunch.. but at time
any lead is a good lead. well, on May 21rst San Juan Capistrano mission held a 'Battle
of the mariachis" which attracted about 8000 attendees who were 80% latino. Of those, this
one Latino chick and her 10 or 11 yr old son, stood out. Since the girl (late 20's or early
30's) had long black hair (rib cage length), wore Jackie Onassis type shades, and a red
turtle-neck sweater blouse, like she was trying to her hide her tatoos and her 'bod' which
consisted of Jennifer Love Hewitt ultra Skinnyness and HUge 43G Hoots (obviously Fake Saline
or Silicone type). Well, later during the lunch intermission and Tacos, Enchilada food tents
i noticed that she never smiled and never removed the Big Shades, and looked like she had
been slapped or abused on her eye area ..eventhough the Shades were hiding alot. She sat
next to a 50 something Female friend who was wearing a Dodger Blue Cap and Blue sweater on
a nice 'hot day'. well, the shapey (no hips just Hoots) young lady left the event with her
10 yr/11 yr companion ('son?') around 2:30 pm ...which was earlier than the official ending
of the Festivel at 4 pm / 4:30pm or so. I was setting about 5 rows behind her and her friend
and she never removed the shades.....as if she did not want to be recognized. So I would check
nearby Street Cameras , Bank cameras for any cars around around the Ortega Hwy 'on-ramp' around
this time as well as Ticket Master who handled Credit Card ticket sales... unless, tix were bought
on the day of the event. However, this 'babe' who works as a Escort or Stripper Dancer somewhere...
is obviously the 'type' that Gang Bangers like to have and 'flaunt' as Girlfriends or Gangster Molls.

1236 days ago


yea, no, keep him in there.

1236 days ago


I think it is very disrespectful to the family of the victim, the the story says he was "beaten to a pulp". That makes it sound like some school yard brawl. This was an unprovoked attack where an innocent man was nearly beaten to death. Don't put the comedy writers on more serious stories next time.

1236 days ago
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