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Former 'Ice Road Trucker' Arrested for Beating Wife

6/3/2011 7:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the drivers who starred on the History Channel show "Ice Road Truckers" last season was arrested early this morning in Florida for allegedly beating up his wife ... in front of her 9-year-old son.


According to the police report obtained by TMZ, 28-year-old Gregory Boadwine was having an argument with his wife when he "elbowed the victim in the arm."

Cops say the woman shoved Greg back ... but he retaliated by grabbing her by the throat and shoving her into a door in the kitchen.

The report says Greg's wife then slapped him on the left side of the face.

The fight finally came to an end when Greg's wife's 9-year-old son screamed at the couple to "Stop fighting" ... and the couple obliged.

Greg was arrested for domestic battery around 12:30 AM and hauled to a nearby station -- where he was booked. Boadwine is still in custody and expected to face a judge later this afternoon.



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There appears to be violence on her part also, so why wasn't she arrested? Granted most domestic violence is meted out on women by men, but it seems to be one sided. It's OK for a woman to hit her husband and it not be deemed domestic violence?

1148 days ago


More proof that the legal system favors women.

1148 days ago


To everyone that says she needed to be arrested too...she only slapped him after he had her by the throat..understandable...don't you think?? Sad to say but I have been in that exact situation and my first instinct was to slap him to snap him out of it!

1148 days ago


That's hardly battery. I don't care if your male or female, if you're in an argument with somebody and you slap them you're daring them to hit you back. I say she got what she deserved. He should press charges on her, also.

I thought people wanted equal rights. If so, then why is it wrong for a man to beat a woman? But a woman can beat a man and it's fine?

1148 days ago


It sounds like it's time to part ways and get to divorce court.

1148 days ago


Why wasnt she arrested for smacking him on the face???????

1148 days ago


Best parents, ever!

1148 days ago


Where did he get that frankenstein shaped head.

1148 days ago


Come on we all know women get away with anything it makes me sick

1148 days ago


he elbowed her, she shoved him... he shoved her, she slapped him... sound like they were fighting with each other, not him beating her... why did he get arrested and not her as well? fair is fair people... either both or none at all...

1148 days ago


Okay first of all ... TMZ needs to get their story stright ! All ya'll talk all the crap ya'll want it didnt happen like that ... it's nice how ya'll already have judgements and ya'll are just going by what this lyin site says ... he didnt hit her and she never once said that he did it's going to get twisted around dont ya'll have anything better to do than sit there and talk **** about someone ya'l dont even know ? AND yes i know her family and this **** is all twisted up so stop talking ****

1148 days ago


Unknown if no one hit anyone why was he put in handcuffs

1148 days ago


Jeesus chriminy sounds like both of them should have been taken to jail. And seriously if you have an angry husband who you obviously know has a bad temper how many times are you going to hit him WIFE???? She is as Wack as him obviously.
As they teach my grandson in pre-school "Walk Away"

1148 days ago


because where we live if someone calls the cops ( && she didnt nor did he ) someone has to go ! this is a bunch of bull**** they are taking this way out of hand ... maybe they should focus on something a little more important or better yet if you are going to post something atleast dont lie about the ****

1148 days ago


HELLO I am Greg's sister in sister is his wife.... HE DID NOT BEAT HIS WIFE. First of all she didnt call the cops on him the occurence happened 2 days ago, it was a shove from her and a shove from him....THATS ALL. Her ex husband heard about it and decided to call and fabricate the story. She did not make a report or press charges the state by LAW had to pick him because there was a child in the home even though he did not witness it. C'mon TMZ do yall not have anything better than a one time season reality person that yall want to get gossip on. I mean really its freaking Ice Road Truckers and it was for one season and its on the Discovery Channel.

1148 days ago
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