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Joe Montana's Son -- College QB Busted for DUI

6/3/2011 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Montana's son Nathaniel Joseph Montana -- currently a quarterback at the University of Montana -- was arrested on suspicion of DUI early this morning ... in Missoula, Montana.


Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, 21-year-old Nathaniel was arrested shortly before 4 AM -- and released soon after on $685 bond.

We're told Nathaniel was originally stopped for speeding -- with several other people in the vehicle -- and after cops pulled him over, he flunked a field sobriety test.

Nathaniel -- who transferred from Notre Dame in February to vie for the starting QB position at U. Montana -- is due back in court this afternoon.


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and we should care why? a 19 year old kid who was a walk on at ND, then transferred to a Div 2 football school got a DUI and isnt even the STARTER! Then again TMZ also calls Kris Humphries a star when he was a career backup on the worst team in the league, altough this year he did play decently. And mentions he paid 4mm for a ring when he made 3.2MM last year, so after taxes he makes 1.6MM. Yes, that makes sense TMZ.

1201 days ago


Nothing good happens after 4AM. Live and learn kid -- you can;t live off daddy's name forever.

1201 days ago


Zero-tolerance on drinking and driving. Seriously, take the stupid people off the road, before they kill someone.

1201 days ago

#1 in your hearts    

go grizz. i live an montana mizzoula has some of the best micro brews around and their cheap. hard lesson to learn but damn near everyone has a dui up here. doesnt make it right but im not going to bash the kid for something alot of people do, but bet a ton of people are going to get on their high horse on this one. the kid cant help who his dad was an to tell u the truth why wouldnt u want joe montana as your pops. not what u know its who u know

1201 days ago


Man, that school is fast becoming the small school U of Miami. Go back and read about some of the self-entitled idiots that have been there recently and get a good laugh.

1201 days ago


I didn't know he had a son.
Next thing your gonna tell
me is he's got a daughter
arrested for drug possesion
named Hannah Montana.

1201 days ago


He's been a troublemaker for years. He actually started college at Pasadena City College as backup QB, where he had a few run-ins with LAPD (but was let off). He then transferred to Notre Dame (couldn't get in right out of high school - was deferred because of academics). He walked onto the football team and was backup to the backup QB. He then gets arrested last summer on campus for drinking - misdeamonor charges. He then transfers to U of Montana and gets popped for a DUI before he evens plays on the field (where he may still be a backup QB). I predict he doesn't amount to much...

1201 days ago


Not that what he did wasn't bad but c'mon people. Illegal aliens kill people everyday drunk driving in my city and no one does a damn thing!!!!!!

1201 days ago

PRO US    

Some people think they can drive drunk better than other people can drive sober.

1201 days ago


Nathaniel Who.....Yawn

1201 days ago


First off, Hannah Montana really? If that is suppose to be funny it really isn't. A lot of people drive and a lot of people are doing so after they have a drink or more. It is truly pathetic that a bunch of strangers can sit here and pass judgement onto someone they don't even know AND when you don't even know all the facts. Walk a mile in someone else s shoes before you pass criticism onto people you don't know and only know because of things you read online. Pathetic.

1201 days ago


I wouldn't want to walk a mile in someone's shoes that drives drunk. No thanks! Some people are smarter than that and know better than to risk their lives or that of others. I can't believe people want to pass of DUI's as if they are nothing. For this giving them a free pass, I hope it's you or your family they hit on the road NOT mine!
Everyone should have zero tolerance for this kind of crap. They should automatically lose their licence for a year and pay huge fines!!! Sick of idiots drunks on the roads!

1200 days ago


All kids need to be given a second chance....I think we would all fail if judged by some of our behavior as kids. I've been sober for 32 years and do know this kid deserves a second chance...

618 days ago
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