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Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries

Negotiating Prenup

6/4/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian and her fiancé Kris Humphries are hedging their bets -- they're hammering out a prenup before they tie the knot ... TMZ has learned. 

Sources close to the couple tell us … both Kim and her NBA star hubby-to-be are telling friends, “It’s the smart thing to do."  And, by the way, they're right.

We’re told the move isn’t one-sided.  Both Kim and Kris have tons of loot.  Kim is worth a reported $35 mil.

As for Kris ... he's not only making $3.2 mil a year with the Nets, his family also owns a couple of burger joints in Minnesota. Kris' net worth is estimated at $8 million.

We’re told Kim’s late father, famed O.J. Simpson attorney Robert Kardashian, told her about the importance of contracts … and Kim feels her dad would have wanted her to take financial precautions.

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Why does his name also start with a "K"? What this planned?

1237 days ago


God, I'm so sick of seeing this fake ass bimbo on the television, she only got famous, first from paris, then from her ****ty ass sex tape, then of course got her own show, because her mom was rich in the first place... her mom makes up stupid fake **** to gain more publicity on her daughters, its really getting old... like really..you see khloe and lamar all upset on the floor "crying" about her weight.. you obviously see her giggling, cause its fake, and she knows its ridiculous. sick of them, hope their **** ends soon. god damn.

1237 days ago


*************I hope it works out for her*********************

1237 days ago


wow i had no idea she was marrying such an ugly dude. daaaaaaaaaamn.

lol i'll keep my obscurity and my hotties, tyvm.

1237 days ago


Seriously, who gives a **** about these two? No one really cares. lol these two are not important can we please pay more attention to paris hilton. now she's important. and just naturally beautiful. not fake like kim kardashian with her cottage cheese ass and meaty thighs lol. kim kardashian is huge.

1237 days ago


Definitely do the Pre-Nup. This relationship will not last. Got to protect yourself.

1237 days ago

real deal    

Hey look, it's Mr. and Mrs. Frankenface.


1237 days ago

Yep I said that    

ALl that money and she's still a cheap no class strumpet

1237 days ago


I am still trying to figure out, honestly, what she does for a living and how is she worth 32 million!,,,ONLY IN THE GOOD OLD
USA !!!!!!

There are very, very well mannered, hard working people in this world, working hard to cure illnesses or other man releated problems. They dont get paid very much, do complain and keep plugging away...What does she do??????


1237 days ago

T K    

I find it bizzare that Paris Hilton believes that her sextape nearly destroyed her. I remember when it came out. We as common folk said well look at that she is fun and crazy and alot like some of us are or can be. And "not" a nose in the air, too good for anyone, squeaky clean type. And in turn, not just acting on her first reality show. It actually grounded her in our eyes. The consensus was a positive for her. And THAT helped boost her popularity. She has it all wrong. And thats the other reason this next series will go down quicker than you can imagine. She is trying to change an image that we were enjoying. And in a way, rooting for her to stay the way you are and still make it. You can still be a decent human being and make a sex video, party around, its not that out of wack. What many people say in the break room is not the same as what they say when we have to act like the moral value has disintegrated because of this, and that. Give it a break. Why do you think gossip is so popular? We look for the flaws, to remind us that we all have them and that its not going to kill someone. Nuff said.

1237 days ago

I Love Taylor    

A. she likes black dudes so this is ridiculous

B. This is retarded. I give it less than a year.

C. Does he get to piss all over her like Ray J.

D. How can he **** her knowing that she was pissed all over by dudes

E. She is going to be Kim Humpries hahaha. That is a a sure sign this is a tremendous waste of money and time. They should be ashamed.

1237 days ago

Trooper Tom    

This skanky ho is amusing, she struts around in her busy day getting her hair or nails done, turns up any where for a photo op, turns up at all kinds of award shows that she has nothing to do with thinking she is a star LMAO! I wonder if it ever crosses her mind when she walks into a room how many people have seen her getting every hole in her body screwed and then p*ssed on? probably not as vain, vapid and self centered as she is, its probably her one and only staring role.

1237 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

here an excerpt:

'and if you brought it in, in a black trash bag, you have to take it back out in a black trash bag.' kk.

1237 days ago


Supposedly he comes from a nice Midwestern down to earth family. I find it hard to believe that his family would accept such a piece of skanky trash into their family, let alone her being the future mother of their grandchildren...porn tape, pissed and pooped on, sex toy to rappers, athletes and anyone with a huge bank roll, and a trashy family of her own to boot...

1237 days ago


Saddest part of this is that shes worth 35 million. WOW the price of trash as gone way up!!!!!!!!

1237 days ago
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