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'Two & A Half Men'

Charlie's OUT of the Picture

6/3/2011 9:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen can officially kiss Warner Bros. goodbye, because they've officially kissed him off by taking down the "Two and a Half Men" poster from the outer wall of the studio.


The billboard went down less than an hour ago and it was replaced by a generic logo for the show.  We're told a picture of the new cast -- with Ashton Kutcher, of course -- will follow soon.

Hey Charlie ... guess Warner Bros. wasn't bluffing.


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The show will flop. Ashton is a real jerk and can't act. Charlie was perfect for this part because that is the way he really was. Too bad, it was a good show.

1145 days ago


I would be courious if anyone is willing to work with Sheen after everything he's pulled. He would be very hard to trust. Who want's to walk on eggshells all the time because of his temper and actions. This is a 46 year old man.

1145 days ago


Out of curiosity, what mad you guys take picture of the sign YESTERDAY?

1145 days ago


Ashton is grounded and simply adores his wife. I truly believe his marriage with Demi will endure the sitcom. It will be interesting to see how the new character will be introduced and how it plays out.

Although Charlie was suited for the role, his off-stage persona was off the wall and his ego over-indulgent. He is lacking the charisma and persona on the show, with the inevitable aging process and was losing its appeal.

I welcome Ashton and hope him the best. Although he has some big shoes to fill, it will be refreshing.

1145 days ago


Charlie looks a mess. He lost half his body weight, his voice has changed, his nose has gotten bigger, his teeth, & his complextion looks jaundice.
There are too many behavior problems to list.
Sadly he lives selfishly spending a fortune on prositutes & porn stars, which should put aside for his children

1145 days ago


Charlie Sheen's Watch 36 minutes ago
Stop kidding yourself. Ashton? lol - That manboy is no replacement for Charlie.

This idiot Chuck is doing everything to keep the show alive just to get back at Charlie.

Does this idiot think the guys who watched 2 1/2 men will tune to this manboy? Get the F out of here. Must be out of his F mind.

Charlie was the show. Ashton is nothing more than a boytoy to some cougar chic. Charlie is the complete opposite. Charlie is a character who overtakes his conquered prize - the female.

This silly manboy is nothing but a toy for a cougar. You think such a submissive boytoy can replace the hunter Charlie?


Oh people will tune in without Charlie on the show alright. The network and WB were FLOODED with e-mails and letters saying insisting on Charlie being let go. You think this is just Lorre getting back at Charlie??? Really??? It's WB (not Lorre) who said they wouldn't have him back...Warner Bros (the owner of the show). If they had wanted Chuckles back...there's not a damned thing Lorre could have done about it. Warner Bros had enough of his behavior, enough of his backstabbing...he burned the bridge with those who wrote his paychecks. He and Lorre didn't get along, but Lorre had no say in reality as to whether or not Chuckles got to come back.

If you want to be one of the delusional Chuckle's followers who thinks it's all Lorre's fault you go right ahead. Put your rose-colored glasses back on, take a toke & a shot...and believe whatever you want. Truth is, Chuckle's...did this to himself and it takes A LOT for a studio to write you off and want nothing to do with you.

1145 days ago


ANY actor can play Charlie's character--ANY of them. Although I predict the network is smart enough to take a spin on the new Charlie--and change up the role - anything less would be a poor imitation. While Sheen did a great job of creating the character, it was incredibly predictable episode to episode--it was always about nailing some chick and lying to them--something he knows alot about firsthand. Change is ALWAYS good.

1145 days ago


If you want to be one of the delusional Chuckle's followers who thinks it's all Lorre's fault you go right ahead. Put your rose-colored glasses back on, take a toke & a shot...and believe whatever you want. Truth is, Chuckle's...did this to himself and it takes A LOT for a studio to write you off and want nothing to do with you.


Agree as Charlie definitely did himself in & also agree about the public perception of Ashton as an addition to the show. I wasn't aware until I did some surfing around reading various articles & in the opinion polls, people said they'll definitely be tuning in to see Ashton & are actually enthused about the prospect. I was pleasantly surprised.

I do think Charlie was funny on the show but as far as acting, it wasn't really much of a 'stretch'.

1145 days ago

two cents    

Those few that don't have confidence in Ashton have obviously never seen him in "That 70's Show". He's hilarious. He will be a perfect match. I can hardly wait.

1145 days ago


I agree the show was on it's way out anyway.

It may last 2 seasons out of sheer spite for Charlie but the real money will still be earned with Charlie in syndication.

If Lorre has any balls he would stop any shows running with Charlie in them. However, he does not therefore they will continue to run.

Once again, just cancel the show. Spin-off into something else with the cast minus Mrs. Ashton Moore.

1145 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

ASHTON KUTCHER WILL PUT THE FINAL NAIL IN THE SHOW - so stupid to put this overacting immature jackass in the place of Charlie...Bye Bye Men. I hope that Angus and Jon will find other successful sitcoms to showcase their brilliance - I have enjoyed the entire cast as well - thanks for the laughs to you all - there just isn't all that much that makes you laugh out loud anymore - Two & A Half Men (Sheen style) did just that every single time they tried.

1145 days ago


Nothing goes over Charlie Sheen..
Cant even think about another Guy -..-

I´ll look, but i wont believe,
cheerio from Germany
(sorry 4 wrong gramatics xD)

1145 days ago


Oh well, the show had a good run, and it had to end sometime. Sorry to see it come to it's sad demise. Like a horse that breaks it's leg, somebody just shoot it and put it out of it's misery instead of letting it go on.
Someone a long time ago told Aston Kutcher that he could act. They lied.Please make him stop before it's too late.

1145 days ago

laura pichierri    

I LOVE CHARLIE !!!!!!!!!!!!

1145 days ago



1145 days ago
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