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'Two & A Half Men'

Charlie's OUT of the Picture

6/3/2011 9:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen can officially kiss Warner Bros. goodbye, because they've officially kissed him off by taking down the "Two and a Half Men" poster from the outer wall of the studio.


The billboard went down less than an hour ago and it was replaced by a generic logo for the show.  We're told a picture of the new cast -- with Ashton Kutcher, of course -- will follow soon.

Hey Charlie ... guess Warner Bros. wasn't bluffing.


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I give the show three months before it's canceled. Not because of Ashton Kutcher, but because it was Charlie Sheen's vehicle. CBS, Warner Bros and Chuck Lorri should have bit the bullet on this one, since when the love of money stopped a production company from tolerating it's wayward star? Loosing!

1183 days ago


Sheen has become the poster boy for "Stupid!" if you don't believe me go check out Radar online and him partying with his girlfriend in her pink hair and Misfit friends - he looks positively blitzed!
The Show will do fine - Ashton will come in as a new character in the plotline and the rest of the cast will work their lines - the "hasbeen" Charlie Harper will be written out - No big deal!
All you "wannabe" Sheen fans go have another toke and Boo-Hoo in your beer! "Losing!!!"

1183 days ago


I have never watched this show because I never liked Charlie Sheen, but I will now. AK is funnier than Charlie and I loved him in That's 70s Show. And to all the minions of Sheen who keep on harping the show IS Charlie, oh yeah? Chuck Lore being THE creator of the show IS the show! If it was a bad writing it would surely had bombed just like what happened to other programs that tanked because of poor writing. Whether it was Sheen or any other actor who played Charlie Harper's role, this show would have really made it big.

Perhaps Charlie Sheen has learned his lesson this time. He's now officially a HASBEEN. Really LOSING!

1183 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

Isn't that what Charlie Sheen wanted? He picked fights with the whole crew then changed his mind about it and claimed there were "talks" for him to go back. They never begged him and they moved on. Now Charlie is up to doing...nothing?

1183 days ago


I think the shows gonna suck without Charlie.....

1183 days ago


Goodbye and good riddance Charlie. You have no one to blame but yourself.

I wish Ashton success in his new role. Since he is NOT replacing Charlie's character but will be doing something completely different I am more than curious to view the show in the fall.

If the revamped show is a success fine, if it's not that's ok too. As long as they didn't bring Charlie back I'm fine.

1183 days ago


Bottom line...Sheen killed be it!

1183 days ago


I should have added, a friend of mine ENTRAPPED me into Sheen's show last month. What a waste. Most walked out including myself. I can get the same FOR FREE in a local institution for the mentally ill. Mercy, what a crazy, crazy, rambling of garbage.

1183 days ago


I want the s***bag in front of me and held responsible for his actions. No more hiding behind Charlie Sheen. Catch my drift ?

1183 days ago



1183 days ago


I was a big fan of the show with Charlie, but Ashton as his replacement. No thanks, no interest with that douche doing the show. he's not even funny

1183 days ago


The show was great and made our full house laugh. Its odd so many people seem to think they know him. I have done alot of research on lorre and what a wacko. Charle finally had his fill of the oddball, and started talking back to lorre in the only language lorre understands. I find it ammusing so many people believe this ploy charlie pulled off. I also believe they should just cancel the show. It had a great run. Im sure charlie sheen will be just fine. Still one of the great actors of our time. Love the people who have watched for yrs and now say it wasnt that good. But the ratings always sky rocketed. Good luck charlie sheen. The latest photo shows him looking good and healty. Keep up the good work charlie, as your winning.

1183 days ago


funny last week I went and took a picture of that billboard ive been wondering when they were goning to take it down.

1183 days ago


Good grief, how dumb ARE you, TMZ?? And lame?? Of course the pic was going to change. It's been known for weeks that this idiot Kutcher got a year contract. I'm surprised they didn't take it off sooner.
Seriously, try harder.

1183 days ago



I saw the pics and he looks just fine. Not better and not worse from the way he looked earlier. Drama much? Everytime he is gonna be laughing and having good time at a party with his friends, he is gonna be accused of being high or drunk. Get some proof before throwing accusations (that is more to Radar people).

1183 days ago
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