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Ultimate Warrior to Hulk Hogan -- I STILL Hate You!

6/3/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Ultimate Warrior is PICKING A BRAND NEW FIGHT with Hulk Hogan -- and honestly ... we can't seem to figure out why.

Warrior just uploaded a couple of new bizarre, ranting videos to YouTube ... trashing Hogan -- aka Terry Bollea -- for allegedly being rude to Warrior fans on various social networking sites recently ... we think.

One of the videos features Warrior in his gym -- all fired up -- telling Hogan he was hoping Hulk would welcome Warrior back into his life with a hug or "one of those womanly handshakes" ... but he seems upset that Hulk continues to ignore him.

For the record, Hulk and Warrior haven't faced off in the ring since 1998 ... and Hogan won.  Bitter?

0603_macho_man_launch_miniBut Warrior still has heart -- in fact, last we heard from him, he was all choked up over Macho Man's death.

UPDATE: Hulk responded on Twitter -- saying, "Don't worry about the warrior he had his chance and couldn't perform right anyways. Trying to get his one last shot."

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Warrior rules!

1239 days ago



1239 days ago

Andre R.    

As a longtime Warrior fan, I am supporting him in his dislike of Hogan and calling him out on his bulls*** all the way!

I also wonder if he had just been working out when he posted that. Also, what was he listening to? As a "conservative nutjob", what kind of music would he like?

Warrior is absolutely right about the playing field now being level, i.e. Hogan's loss of creative control and having to do what they tell him in TNA. For the majority of his career he did whatever the hell he felt like doing, almost never jobbed to any other worker, and always made the others guys feel like crap after he effectively destroyed their careers (Vader and Goldberg come to mind). It seems as if the Orange Goblin is not too happy about his current position in the world of "sports entertainment" as he is no longer the center of attention all the time. And Warrior knows just how much this pisses him off and is merely stating the obvious. In his own unique way, of course!

Warrior, whenever it comes to bashing that washed-up big bald son-of-a-bitch, I'm with you!

1239 days ago


rolls eyes yawns what ever

1239 days ago


If you watch the DVD "The Destruction Of The Ultimate Warrior"It will explain why he behaves like he does.It's pretty bad when you get a video made up about yourself because of the bad things that you did.

1239 days ago

Oh Please    

Yes, wrestling is fake. Jesus Christ. Why do people feel the need to point that out every time a wrestling-related post is featured anywhere? Your beloved reality shows are ALSO fake. But I take these wrestlers more seriously than Tila ****ing Tequila.

1239 days ago


He does look different, but still CRAZY hot. ;)

1239 days ago


To anyone confused about this and wondering why Warrior posted these videos calling out Hogan, watch the recent sit down interview Hogan had on HDNet. I forgot the interviewer's name but he calls himself "The Voice". Hogan made some claims about Warrior about their WM 6 match and I thought Hogan's claims were ridiculous. Hogan is one of the biggest liars and bull****ters to ever walk the Earth. Now Warrior is by no means a saint and some of his political views are just donw right ridiculous, but personally I believe him when he talks about the industry. One thing to keep in mind, you all remember the Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior DVD? For starters its a bunch of one sided bull**** and the timing of when it came out is very ironic because Warrior did a shoot interview with Ringside collectibles in 2005, the Self Destruction DVD came out a year or 2 later. So basically the WWE was trying to retaliate.

1239 days ago


This is hilarious; most wrestling fans these days would prefer to see another 25.5 seconds of Chris Benoit in the ring than an hour of either of these two. All this is to me is a pathetic display of ****waving from an overmuscled broomstick incapable of carrying a passable match. Randy Savage carried the company and led the undercard while Hogan and Warrior were stinking up the main events during their day, and it's Savage's name that will be remembered long after the Warrior has returned to dust.

1239 days ago


There's always gay porn as a career path. They like macho men.

1238 days ago

brock lesnar    

the dirt is this. warrior was a male escort and hogan hired him a few times. thats all. no big deal. they just "talked" and rubbed oil all over each other.

1238 days ago


Yes, wrestling is fake and the matches are predetermined. But they are predetermined by the wrestlers. So maybe he is mad that he had to lose.....????? Who knows

1238 days ago


Christ, he was so friggin hot back in the 80s. Now he's just a washed up nutjob. Sad really...

1238 days ago


That laugh in the last seconds in the video has 'wrestling return' written all over it!

He was wearing all that gay-ass pink spandex in his wrestling days and now he's bashing gays in his speaking tour? I'm confused

1238 days ago



1238 days ago
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