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Bo vs. Shania

Who'd You Rather?

6/4/2011 4:35 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Former "10" star Bo Derek, 54, and country diva Shania Twain, 45, were all smiles at the same event in Hollywood on Thursday.

Question is ...


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BB in CA    

This seems kind of mean spirited since there is such an age difference. Both women are beautiful.

1205 days ago


This is such a tacky "feature"; Who'd You Rather?
What benefit do the results of the poll produce exactly?

1205 days ago


I agree. Pit a 45 year old against a 55 year old is not fair and the WHO WOULD YOU RATHER is becoming a might disgusting. I've only seen recent interviews on both women and don't know either one of them but they both are true beauties and actually seem like really decent women. Shania took the poll obviously but Bo is still one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, and a natural beauty to boot.

1205 days ago


GEEEZZE Bo Derek is just 54???? My grandma is 72 and doesnt look that old. Her skin looks like a saint benard. She aged horribly, I honestly though she was 65. I was shocked to see she was only 54. BTY women over 40 should NOT have hair past thier shoulder. It just makes them look plain silly. Since Shania still looks good she can get away with it for a few more years

1205 days ago


Nit fair to Bo, who is a very lady but matched up against someone 20 years younger. Almost seems like they did it on purpose to humiliate Bo. The conspiracy nut in me says it's because Bo is a well known political conservative.

1205 days ago


no contest! Shania!
I would tap the dust off that *****!!

1205 days ago


TMZ is so ignorant.. why ask this question between women 2-3 decades apart. Both are beautiful for their age, and both were/are insanely hot in their prime (of which Shania obviously is still enjoying).

Keep it classy TMZ filthy rag.

1204 days ago


Will- I can't believe you really said that- about women's hair lenghth that is- age is not the factor- thinning hair is- if a woman over 40 has a lustrous mane why should she cut it because you think it's silly? Stick with the facts- the question is biased.
Both women are gorgeous and both would appear equally so at equal ages- there's no contest here!

1204 days ago


Shania will you marry me?

Before my wife finds out I asked you?

She said she'd leave me if Johnny Depp asked her to marry so I only think it's fair I do the same.

1204 days ago


what I love about both of these women is

*their natural beauty
*their lack of plastic surgery and botox
*their desire to live their lives as normally as they can considering their careers
*their love of nature and animals
*their strength, centerdness and self-respect
*their ability to stay true to who they really are
*their lack of conceit

I could go a lot of ways they are very similar and if they ever met would probably end up being friends

both remarkable women

1204 days ago


I wouldn't say no to either one!

1204 days ago


It's not Bo, it's boooo. Even in her "prime" she wasn't that hot. Lack of plastic surgery and botox? Sure.

1204 days ago


battle of the crow's feet here. both women look fine w/longer hair. when women are older, the shorter the hair the more manly they look. jane seymour has had long hair forever and it looks great on her.

1204 days ago


Umm, Bo Derek is dead...Thats kind of a sex question.
Would you rather do a washed up country star, or a dead former actress?

1204 days ago


Shania is wholesome, genuine, bubbly and incredibly talented from day 1. From all I've seen, you couldn't wish for a nicer personality. Add her fresh incredible beauty as a great bonus.
Not knocking Bo, but she gained her fame from running on a beach in slow motion. Whoooooop! No comparison.

1204 days ago
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