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'Jersey Shore' Cast

In the Dark on Season 5 Plans

6/5/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources close to the "Jersey Shore" cast tell TMZ ... the cast does NOT know they are scheduled to shoot the next season of the show ASAP -- and it could mean HUGE problems for the future of the show.

According to our sources, the cast hasn't been told the plan is to shoot season five right after they are done shooting four -- even though MTV announced it yesterday. We're told 495 Productions will break the news either today or tomorrow.

Our sources say the cast was originally told the next season of the show would shoot in August. As a result, we're told the cast members booked club appearances for July -- and those are HUGE money makers.

According to our sources, the cast will leave Italy in late June and go straight to Seaside Heights -- which is a problem ... since no one packed enough clothing.

We're told the cast would rather take a break and NOT go straight into shooting. If MTV and 495 don't budge ... our sources say the cast could ban together like they did last year and stage a revolt.


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I have an idea for the next season! They should all crowd into a small windowless room where they are staying, seal all the cracks around the door, and any vents with clear plastic sheeting with duct tape, or towels. Set up a small portable charcoal camping grill and all the suppplies and tools you will need to get the charcoals burning white hot. Sit down, relax and take nice deep breaths and you will be on east street!

1198 days ago


I cant believe people actually watch this show. I tried a few times to watch it, but it was just the most pathetic thing I've seen in awhile..I'd rather have bamboo shoots in my nails before I look at these douche bags

1198 days ago

Khate sucks    

WOW This crap is in it's 4th season??? I've never watched one show and NEVER will! It's crap and Snookie looks deformed. Poor thing...she's a mess!

1198 days ago


I know the girl on the right is sitting sideways, but it kind of looks like she's spread eagle.

1198 days ago


god these girls are FUG i can't stress that enough, never in my life has the saying 'lipstick on a pig is still a pig' made so much sense. what a pack of misfit oinkers.

1198 days ago


She is spread eagle. The arm of the couch just so happens to cover her crotch. Wow, wasn't that posed and set up for the photo shoot.

1198 days ago

Big Jim Slade    

H.K.= Who Cares.

1198 days ago

Throwback kid    

They didn't pack enough clothes to go back to Jersey? Is that a joke? They wear the same stupid t shirts every show along with jeans and sneakers that a high school kid would wear.

1198 days ago

Throwback kid    

They didn't pack enough clothes to go back to Jersey? Is that a joke? They wear the same stupid t shirts every show along with jeans and sneakers that a high school kid would wear.

1198 days ago

Throwback kid    

The first thing they should do when they get back to Jersey is have Ronnie tested! I can't believe MTV hasn't done this already. It is clear he has a rage problem from all the steroids he takes, also he cries alot, does anyone else think it is odd that a grown man cries because Sammie is mad at him? He seems unable to control his emotions. My guess is he may be mildly retarded and should be on some type of antidepressant.

1198 days ago


The reason they are on tv and MTV (which completely sux) is running this garbage is because people are watching it. Easiest way to get it off the air is to stop tuning in. No audience = no show. Simple as that. But the mindless sheeple in the world are still tuning in because they like these douches or MTV (basically they are 1 in the same).

Remember when MTV was actually a good station and showed videos? They should change the name to STV for Sh*tty TV.

1198 days ago


I haven't watched this show since season 1 but I have been reading where a lot of people are tired of them.

So let them revolt...MTV can bring in some fresh faces and carry on where they left off with the old group.

1198 days ago


They did not pack enough clothes????? Are there not stores in Jersey??????? I thought laundry phased into their little spiel so they could do any laundry for their clothes????? They better jump on this while they are still relevant.

1198 days ago


I think they're all gross & nasty

1198 days ago


Well if the show is so horrible then what does this say about those who watch the show? Obviously somebody IS watching the damn thing otherwise why would they bring it back time after time? As per MTV this is one of their highest rated quite a few people must be following the show on a regular basis. The problem isn't the sbow but people and their freaking hypocrisy! Some come here and profess their outrage and anger at the show and its cast and then probably these same individuals go on and watch it!

1198 days ago
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