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Pitches Fit After Getting Skewered by Babwa

6/4/2011 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton couldn't handle some tough questions from Barbara Walters on "The View" this week -- and threw a tantrum backstage after it was all said and done.

Walters went after Paris for bitching about having to do 200 hours of community service. And Babs scoffed at Paris' claim she wanted to help women by doing charity work. Walters wondered aloud why Paris didn't show any of her charity work on her show: "Why not present that side of yourself, if indeed it exists?"

After the segment, Paris and her dad, Rick, berated producers backstage over the tone of the interview, so says the NY Post. A rep for the show confirmed the incident, but Paris was mum.

Paris had reason to feel blue. The ratings for "The World According to Paris" -- not so hot.


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Does Paris have a disease where she has to lie constantly?

First it was "I'm doing the show so people can see the REAL me".

Now its "not everything I say is real, I have to make jokes for ratings"


1176 days ago


Nicole Ritchie grew up, matured, became a responsible adult and mother and Paris has remained what she has always been .... spoiled, immature and shallow.

1176 days ago

Crazy Head    

I might actually start watching The View after watching this segment.

1176 days ago

Lily Daisy    

I saw the actual show and although I am not really a fan of Paris Hilton, I thought at the time that Barbara and the "gang" really did gang up on her, unmercifully! If other guests can be goof balls, frivilous and have silly shows, and be imperfect creatures, why can't Paris? It's part of her personna, together with what it sounds like is a good deal of charity work too. Next time, these "ladies" on the view should at least keep some sort of decorum if they're going to invite "guests" on.

1176 days ago


Paris keeps punking these people and they still drool.

Whoopi wants some of that magic!

1176 days ago


Paris Hilton is proof money can't buy you class.She is as dumb as a box of rocks. Im glad the woman of the view grilled her for once they are right.

1176 days ago


Poor little rich girl.

1176 days ago


Paris helps women? I must have lost that bit of information somewhere. If she wants to make a difference with helping women she needs to show that side of her, otherwise all we ever read about her is everything about HER. She needs to get in tune with a woman out of the business, not an agent or something like that but a very regular woman out here who struggles in their lives and work from there. Paris has worked hard for all she has and has a lot to be proud of but she lives in a bubble for the most part and doesn't understand the real lives of other people. There is a lot she can do for people but she needs to find the way to do it. The list is endless of things she could do but I am not seeing it.

1176 days ago


Rarely do I enjoy Barabara Walters or The View. This is one of those rare times.

1176 days ago


I agree with dd and several others. It lacks class to invite a guest on your show to help them promote their show and do nothing but carve them about irrelevant issues. Paris' show is purely for entertainment and she is feeding into what the people want to see (based on her other shows success)...she is trying to make it funny, entertaining and interesting....people don't want to see her volunteering or giving cheques to charity on that show. They want to see her do what she's known for. Comparing her show to her personal life as it pertains to charity work is like comparing apples and oranges. I'm sure she has her serious moments when she's not on camera...and isn't always acting like a flake. And I come Babs hasn't held some of these other celebrities accountable for the crap they have done or haven't done in their lives???

1176 days ago


why didnt barbra ask obama any tough questions.instead she fawned over him and his short comings

1176 days ago


The only thing better than watching her squirm in her seat was Barbara calling it out and saying "I know you're squirming". LMAO!! WTG Barb & Whoopie!!! Love it!

1176 days ago


*******Paris is old news. Kim is the new star********

1176 days ago


Oh you know all celebrities say that they want to help to make themselves look good.

1176 days ago


paris hilton: if casey anthony had grown up rich

1176 days ago
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