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Pitches Fit After Getting Skewered by Babwa

6/4/2011 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton couldn't handle some tough questions from Barbara Walters on "The View" this week -- and threw a tantrum backstage after it was all said and done.

Walters went after Paris for bitching about having to do 200 hours of community service. And Babs scoffed at Paris' claim she wanted to help women by doing charity work. Walters wondered aloud why Paris didn't show any of her charity work on her show: "Why not present that side of yourself, if indeed it exists?"

After the segment, Paris and her dad, Rick, berated producers backstage over the tone of the interview, so says the NY Post. A rep for the show confirmed the incident, but Paris was mum.

Paris had reason to feel blue. The ratings for "The World According to Paris" -- not so hot.


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The problem with Paris is that she is not funny. She should do a show with the balloon boy's dad. She is just as talented and nauseating as he is. If people watch Paris then they have nothing better to do with their time.

1238 days ago


now the Mom is in on the act and actively enabling and minimizing. this chick is a train-wreck.

as for you team-paris stupid minions... that arrogant bitch would think she hit new lows if she was forced to feign to associate with your pathetic poor ass.

you dumb idiots don't get it. while your vicariously living through her, she's meanwhile insulting people like you. to her you're all trash, and may well be,but at least have sme dignity and not worship a person who just spit on you, STUPID!!!

Havey's jealous because he doesn't have the balls to say what Barbara Walters, a woman, said. He'd be too busy kissing and celebrity worshipping

1238 days ago

File that lawsuit, I am Lindsay Lohan!    

Ok, I don't watch ANY "reality" show at all because I don't think they are "real" but scripted, but since this story came out, I had to check it out and it wasn't bad at all. It was ok, what you would expect from the persona Paris tries to sell to people. So the "reality" show isn't bad in my opinion. But I would like to know why Brooke needs an assistant? What does she do beside going in and out of rehab?

1238 days ago


This poser is such a hypocrite - total drug fiend, sleeps around, liar, and ex-prisoner. She is a loser.

1238 days ago


Hey, why don't you post another comment nof?

I don't think you've voiced your opinion

1238 days ago


She weawwy toad huh.

1238 days ago


Why does Paris have to advertise what she does for charity? U'd talk about her one way or the other...oh by the way she does plenty.

1238 days ago


Hilton is a trust fund baby. She will never be broke. Her show tanked in the ratings and worse Kim Kardashian has been beating Paris at her own game.

Kardashian has been and is current Paris has not been and she knows it.

1238 days ago


In the minority I'm sure but I felt sorry for Paris. What is with these celebrities PR people? Are they that out of touch with reality to think that Barbara Walters would be a good choice to interview Paris? A fluff reporter would have sufficed.
The poor girl probably never even heard of BW before this.

1238 days ago


Best paris show/interview ever. Barbara can ask whatever the **** she wants. Suck it bitch. Unlike you, she EARNED her fame.
BTW-nice bathtub shot after crying about being exploited. I guess you want to be hated.

1238 days ago

Jeff Dahmer    

**** bag!

1238 days ago


Hilton had her fluff on Larry King and did nothing of what she said she was going to do. Walters simply brought that up. Valid questions.

The World According to Paris...the first show tanked in the ratings. That sums alot up.

1238 days ago

JLo on Steroids    

babs doesnt have to do charity work that is mandated by the court, because she wasnt caught with coke in her "assistants" bag. LMAO you dumb broad! Not only does she support charities and foundations she has reported stories to bring awareness.

1238 days ago


Look at the pic of Paris she is one flat chested whore.

1238 days ago


lol kathy hilton said michael jackson was the nicest man with great intellect. did she love god idol worship like the paris fans do?

1238 days ago
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