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Pitches Fit After Getting Skewered by Babwa

6/4/2011 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton couldn't handle some tough questions from Barbara Walters on "The View" this week -- and threw a tantrum backstage after it was all said and done.

Walters went after Paris for bitching about having to do 200 hours of community service. And Babs scoffed at Paris' claim she wanted to help women by doing charity work. Walters wondered aloud why Paris didn't show any of her charity work on her show: "Why not present that side of yourself, if indeed it exists?"

After the segment, Paris and her dad, Rick, berated producers backstage over the tone of the interview, so says the NY Post. A rep for the show confirmed the incident, but Paris was mum.

Paris had reason to feel blue. The ratings for "The World According to Paris" -- not so hot.


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At what point will Paris stop running to her parents in tears whenever things don't go her way and be her own woman?

Her cutesy image, knock knees, pancake t*ts and elongated beak are beyond tiresome. She's got nothing to say, she stands for nothing and is entirely ordinary. I wish she would do the world a favor and OD on blow.

1202 days ago


She pulled the same thing on Opie and Anthony. She felt they "berated" her, when all they did was ask questions everyone else does and they didn't like her attitude. Can she just go away please?

1202 days ago


Isn't she supposed to be in Rwanda??. I thought she said that she was going there to "help".
This GIRL is 30, she needs to grow the heck up and stop whining and crying to her parents. When you are in your early 20's you are supposed to make mistakes and people expect you to say and do dumb things. But she is not in her early 20's anymore. It is old and tiring and boring. People are getting real tired of her schtick real fast. She needs to take lessons from her old buddy Nicole Ritchie. She grew up, matured, stopped partying and whoring and became a mother and a actual businesswoman. That is what you do when you hit 30.
But she has a lot to overcome. Like her family for one. I believe that her great uncle, who her sister was named after, was a playboy/drunk who married Elizabeth Taylor and abused her until she fled from him and got an annulment. It is in her DNA to act that way. That is why I have never liked the Hilton's nor stayed in any of their hotels. They just perpetuate the stereotype of the useless rich trash that do nothing, contribute nothing and say nothing positive, encouraging or meaningful. There are wealthy people who are not that way, I am aware of that. But if you are brought up thinking that your s*** don't stink, then to you it doesn't.
She also has not earned the right to be called a woman. She acts like a 13 year old trapped in a 30 year old's body.
Going shopping and hawking perfume is not exactly a job. Try wiping old people's butts for a living like I do.Or better yet, get up at the butt crack of dawn,work a part time job while raising 2 small kids and with a disabled husband to boot like my sister does. Now THAT'S work.

1201 days ago


Go away you vapid no-talent parasite.

1201 days ago


Paris is surrounded by "YES" people, when someone tells her straight up what she doesnt want to hear, she throws a fit. Listen to Babs, Ms. Hilton, she is only saying what the rest of us are thinking to ourselves. You present yourself as a silly useless dumb blonde piece of fluff, yet you express a desire to be taken seriously. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Which is it? I personally think your fluffy charachterization is more "you" than not. Maybe it is wise to stick to that.

1201 days ago


if you watch the porn, she cant even give a good *******

1201 days ago


Paris Hilton is a complete WASTE of dna, I wish she would fall off the face of the earth. She offers absolutely nothing towards humanity. SHE IS WORTHLESS!!!!!

1201 days ago


Yes, answering questions about the decisions you've already made in life must be super hard for her. Aww poor girl.

1201 days ago


I am not a fan, but I decided to give her show a shot. If she is doing this show to show who she really is, I was not impressed. The only person that was semi-likable was the boyfriend, Cy. Everyone else was so self-involved, downright mean, and think they are better than everyone. I just love the scene where we are supposed to feel sorry for Paris because, as she said, I can't help it if people are so obsessed with me, as she was holding back fake tears. Puh-lease. That was an hour of my life I wasted.

1201 days ago


lol, paris a total knob.

1201 days ago


I have to shake my head at stargazer and the others trying to defend paris...they know as well as the rest of us that paris is an untalented, unintelligent piece of crap, they can't can't come up with a good reason to support her childish ways so they resort to bringing up things that have nothing do with anything in order to deflect how moronic paris is.

1201 days ago

Miss Reni    

Paris should have asked Barbara about her affair with a MARRIED black politician back in the day! Nosy ass old lady!

1201 days ago

That's Right    

PARIS.......THE TRUTH HURTS, she's thirty now and still acting twenty. You would think after the negatives in her life she would use her blessings to grow into a better person. She's still slutty and stupid. Porn video, jail and abusive relationships haven't taught this chick a thing. The only reason she is famous is because of a video tape, why would folks expect anything more from her, she was a skank then and still a skank........Dear Paris It's time to grow up sweetie and mommy dearest sat there without defending you. I saw the tape and she's not good in bed either.

1201 days ago

Khate sucks    

LOL Way to go Barb! I can't stand her phoney talentless ass! One good thing is that she only partially uses the girly voice now! May be she was angry!

1201 days ago


Piss ant Paris needs a nose job. She and Shawn Penn need to get an appointment with their local plastic surgeons.

1201 days ago
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