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Shaq's Ex -- Spend Time with Your Kids!

6/4/2011 6:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not only does Shaunie O'Neal think her ex Shaq made the right call by retiring, she has a suggestion for what he should do with his newfound free time -- and it isn't playing with giant swords.


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Hoops is a freak. She will be with the highest bidder.

1199 days ago

That's Right    

Okay folks take time and listen to the interview, "let's hope he invest time with his kids". There's nothing wrong with what she said. No where in her statment did she say he does not spend time with them, what she's saying is invest more time. Since he was traveling a lot during his career it would be in the best interest for the kids for him to make up time that was lost.

All the crap posted about her last name WTF that's stupid to say she should give up her name. I'm married for 19 years now, everything is in my married name and if my marriage fail I'm keeping my married name since the past 19 years I've build a solid credit history, employment etc under my married name.

The racial comments WTF who cares these days? All the negative comments about black women are stupid, there are just as many dumb ass caucasian, hispanic asian and indian women walking around. Open your eyes.....The Kardashian's Lohan, Kendra, Hilton, Girls next door, All the Real housewives OC, Miami, New York, New Jersey, Beverly Hills, The Bachorlette's to list a few. The color of the female is not a factor, how they carry themselves as women is the problem. Obviously some turn a blind eye when other races of women act stupid and only see it when it's a black women.....wow really!! grow up!! If you don't like black women so be it but keep it real, caucasian women are just as stupid. Bitches come in all colors and GENDERS, men of today are bigger bitches WOMEN could ever be. They gossip worse then women, they lie more then women and some don't have a clue how to raise their children....as Diddy would say Stop the Bitch-assness and keep it real. A few men that are more bitches then women, Charlie Sheen, Ocho Cinco, Mel Gibson, Tiger Woods, Jesse James and don't forget Arnold S. Even Clinton and Bush made some bitch ass moves when they were president. Stop hating on the color of women and look at what our men has become "Bitches", are there any real men left?

1199 days ago


Really doesn't matter to me what she said about her ex or the kids because that's their business. However, all the women defending Shaunie in the name of black women should really pause a second. Her show is doing irreparable harm to the image of black women. I'm tired of these black celebs and pseudo-celebs being all too willing to shuffle around and say "yassuh boss!" for a few dollars. Her show is full of ignorant women with no morals or home training whatsoever. All they do is fight, spend, screw, fight, spend, screw... Hardly the example we want to set for impressionable young black girls. The funniest (and most ironic) part is that despite having the personality of a turnip and the likeability factor of a housefly, they have "no idea" why their ex's dumped them. Quit defending people like Shaunie O'Neal and Flavor-Flav. They're just fine, living large off of their exploitation of black folks everywhere.

1191 days ago

Big Dawg    

Entrepenuership is always good, but not at the expense of losing who you are in the process. Where is the dignity of some of these folks....black and white!

1191 days ago


This is exactly what we do not want anymore - a woman being berated for saying what she feels. Who/what gives anyone the right to criticize and/or insult Shaunie? If her ex was not famous, would anyone even notice her? She is not sitting down and depending on Shaq. In fact, she should be commended as @merecedes commented earlier here, "Shaunie is producing a show that's getting the ratings, so she is doing something with her life and probably makes more than you nay sayers!"

1165 days ago


Basketball wives both LA and Mamia is so crazy!!!! These woman are some of the worse!!! LA wives are not even real wives, half are not married and overweight!! Go on a diet and stop playing this game, like you all that!!! I HATE THE SHOW...

1071 days ago
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