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Fire Destroys the Home of Country Star Trace Adkins

6/4/2011 5:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Tennessee home of country music star Trace Adkins was destroyed by a fire this afternoon, but everyone in the home got out safe. 

A babysitter was home with the children at the time of the fire. Adkins' wife Rhonda told WSMV the family had a fire plan in place. 

Rhonda was not home at the time and Trace is traveling to Alaska. 

Brian Goss, the Asst. Fire Chief for the Brentwood Fire & Rescue Dept., tells TMZ the fire started in the garage and spread up the walls and to the attic -- but the cause was not yet known. 

There was one injury that was somewhat related to the fire. A neighbor rushed over to help save the family dog -- and the dog bit him. The neighbor was taken to the hospital and is expected to recover just fine.


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is yo a complete a$$ or what. Talk about a psycho!!

1235 days ago


I hate all of these rude comments I am one of his daughters best friends and no this was not an insurance fraud or anything on purpose involving money and this is tragic even for a rich family they still lost memories and sentimental goods In that fire trace is a good polite man that cares more than you will ever know for his family please put yourself in their shoes.

1235 days ago


Trace Adkins is a Country Star,he was on road providing for his family,his wife had too do normal thing help she probally was out doing what she was suppose too do,while kids were with nanny and dog,Give me a break they lost their home,their lively hood too bash someone while their down is a insult,Sorry Adkins Family.

1235 days ago


I am so very happy everyone got out but the devastion in their lives is unimaginable. My thought's and prayer's for Trace and his family.
God Bless

1235 days ago


kghgh - they are a complete a-holes who post their advertisements on EVERY thread. This includes any notices of destruction i.e. this fire and natural disasters. They are complete s*** AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAQUE

1235 days ago


He has money to buy another house so who cares..and the neighbor justs wants to cash in on a dog bite

Doug Pound, you are a cold, heartless SOB. No money in the world can replace all the precious family mementos that I'm sure were in that house.

1235 days ago


Yes, his wife shot him, when he was drunk and attacking her, and she tried to telephone for help. He knocked the phone out of her hand, and she grabbed the gun, and Trace went for the gun telling her he'd knock it out of her hand too.

Yo, he's still a better man than you are. That happened SEVENTEEN YEARS ago, and it wasn't even with the current wife. Trace has admitted to having a problem with alcohol and has cleaned up his act. I believe in giving people second chances. How would you like it if something you did 18 years ago, and you were sorry about, was held against you for the rest of your (admittedly sorry) life?

1235 days ago


I find it hard to "feel the pain" of someone who has so much more than so many others. This is nothing but an inconvenience for him.
And another ******* heard from. Trace built most of this house himself, so that has to hurt. Even if he hadn't - what does it matter that he "had so much more" than other people? He's still a human being that has lost his home, and all the family possessions and mementos in it. You're just another sick SOB whose envy has made you heartless.

1235 days ago

stacci duncan    

I am grateful that no one was hurt. All you haters are just jealous A**.

1235 days ago


Ok, to bunny...who said they are a "animal lover" but said the dog deserves to die because it bit someone tryin' to save it. You are a complete idiot. Maybe this neighbor was a stranger. Maybe this dog was in so much fear with what was goin' on. Maybe the dog didn't want to abandon his/her territory. This dog was just protecting the home. Don't blame the dog. Dogs are very intelligent animals. Maybe the dog didn't know if everyone was out of the house. Dogs have been known to give up their lives to save their owners. How dare you say you're a "animal lover"! Cause with what you said, you clearly are not! And the last I heard on Nashville news, the dog is ok.

And people sayin' Trace has money so it's not a big deal. Think of all the personal stuff lost. Pictures, home movies, vintage instruments, instruments, numerous awards, etc. This stuff can't just be replaced. Money doesn't make everyone happy. The wife was on the news and said to everyone to back up their home movies and videos cause you never know when somethin' like this will happen.

My thoughts go out to the family. While the daughter on the news looked like she was ok, who knows how much she is hurting inside. She is just mature and can hold it together. More than we can say about people who post comments on this site.


1235 days ago


Nothing I like better than coming to TMZ's site and reading opinions from the most ignorant as****s on the planet! Thank you for the entertainment once again.
Meanwhile, love and prayers going out to Trace and his family. Losing your home to a fire is devastating!!

1235 days ago


Sorry to here of this accident, I can relate to lossing one's home..If I can help in any way just post....

1234 days ago


The wife shooting him is such old news. Do you think you are relaying something earth-****tering? He speaks candidly about the incident and DEFENDED his ex-wife for shooting him. He was drunk and starting to rough her up so she shot him. He didn't blame her one bit. They are still friendly.

I lost all my belongings in a storage unit fire so I know what that's's not just the physical home, it's the belongings in it, I am sure, that will hurt the most. My stuff might not have been in a nice house but it was all my trinkets, memorabilia from childhood (well, most of it). It bites. His family is in my prayers. Just because he can build or buy another home doesn't make this any less sad for him or his kids.

1234 days ago


Is earth-****tering a censored word now? Unless I accidentally put an "i" ****ter? That's weird word to censor.

1234 days ago


Glad eveyone is ok. Trace is truely one awesome dude,Don't be a hater. He is truely a family man.Glad everyone is safe. Love you all.

1234 days ago
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