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'X Factor' to Cheryl Cole: For Money, Not Love

6/5/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources at "X Factor" tell TMZ ... FOX and Fremantle (the producers of the show) are trying to get Cheryl Cole back on the program, a week after giving her her walking papers ... but it's more about the bottom line than about loving Cheryl.

Our sources say when producers told Cheryl she wasnt right for the U.S. version of "X Factor," they tried to put her on the UK version of the show. Cheryl's managers wanted £2.5 million and producers thought it was too much, so the deal went south.

We're told Cheryl was due to get paid around $1.5 million for the U.S. show -- about what Paula Abdul and LA Reid are making -- but she has not decided whether to accept and come back.

The whole situation becomes even messier when you take into account Nicole Scherzinger -- who was originally hired as a host, but was moved to being a judge when Cheryl was axed. Her position on the show now seems to be up in the air.

Our sources say Cheryl's deal with the U.S version is "pay or play" -- meaning she gets paid whether she does the show or not. We're told execs at FOX -- and especially at Fremantle -- dont want to lose the money ... so it's better to have her on the show than not.


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Huge publicity stunt written all over this debacle. I'm not going to watch this mess of a show. Simon Cowell, Fox and everyone else involved. They are not going to win over potential viewers with these types of games. Infact I think you may have lot a few. Cheryl is either foolish or shameful. Foolish, to go back to US X Factor after the way she was supposedly fired. Shameful, because she was in on the whole stunt and played her fans. I hope that the show bombs, so Simon will go back to the UK for good, taking with him Cheryl, and we don't have to hear him and his annoying "That was totally rubbish" comments.

1182 days ago


I would love to see Cheryl as a judge on U.S.XFactor. Cheryl is completely CHARMING and TALENTED and completely GORGEOUS. CHERYL IS A W E S O M E

1182 days ago


Who is this woman?

1182 days ago


I know for a fact she never flew back to the UK after her 'alleged' sacking. She has been in LA all the time and all the pieces are beginning to fall into a very smart publicity jigsaw

1182 days ago


How is America gonna react when they it finds out Cole has got a criminal conviction for whacking a black woman in the face causing injury at the same time shouting racial remarks? Now she wants millions to adore her. Not me!

1182 days ago


This is a stupid story as they will lose far more money keeping her on the show. Middle America will not watch a show when they are unable to understand what's being said.

1182 days ago

Don't Know What You Got Till Its Gone    

Sorry she's gone, but at least she won't wind up dating a douche nozzle, loser WME/CAA agent...Trawick, Whitesell, Toth et al.

1182 days ago


Sarah - Wow, you have really shown yourself up as uneducated & stupid! Go back & read your ramblings. Personally I couldn't care less whether she's on the show or not, I won't be watching because of Paula Abdul. You say someone can be a racist & yet date someone who is black or half cast?? What??!! You also say just because she wasn't convicted doesn't mean she didn't say it? Last time I checked it's innocent until PROVEN guilty? You make no sense! Seriously, go back to school! Like her or dislike her for valid reasons stop pulling out the racist card it's old & boring

1182 days ago


I hope this WAS a publicity stunt. Cheryl and Simon are extremely tight, and I'd like to think this isn't a genuine fallout between the two. Plus, I like Cheryl. I don't like all her decisions, but I'd like to see her make it here in America.

I really thought this judging panel for XFactor was a real winner. The entire list. I hope they keep it intact.

And honestly folks, X-Factor actually IS worth watching. I quit watching AI years ago, but I would never miss X-Factor. I look forward to it starting.

1182 days ago


@buck Shes not mixed its heavy makeup and fake tan

1182 days ago


can anyone really understand what paula says
at least cheryl is pretty to look at
who cares you cant understand her

1182 days ago

george fudge!    

Forget about X-Factor Cheryl, become a Bond girl instead.

1182 days ago


Much ado about nothing!!

1182 days ago


Who gives a toss, it's all abit tiresome now. Ceryl Cole/Tweedie IMO is talentless and has got where she is today on the backs of others. One question though, how do you think Nichole will take this news? afterall being given the job then having it taken it away again to someone like Cole!!!!

1182 days ago


Catwomen, finally someone on here with a brain. I was going to address that moron Sarah but you saved me the trouble. Thanks.

1182 days ago
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