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'X Factor' to Cheryl Cole: For Money, Not Love

6/5/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources at "X Factor" tell TMZ ... FOX and Fremantle (the producers of the show) are trying to get Cheryl Cole back on the program, a week after giving her her walking papers ... but it's more about the bottom line than about loving Cheryl.

Our sources say when producers told Cheryl she wasnt right for the U.S. version of "X Factor," they tried to put her on the UK version of the show. Cheryl's managers wanted £2.5 million and producers thought it was too much, so the deal went south.

We're told Cheryl was due to get paid around $1.5 million for the U.S. show -- about what Paula Abdul and LA Reid are making -- but she has not decided whether to accept and come back.

The whole situation becomes even messier when you take into account Nicole Scherzinger -- who was originally hired as a host, but was moved to being a judge when Cheryl was axed. Her position on the show now seems to be up in the air.

Our sources say Cheryl's deal with the U.S version is "pay or play" -- meaning she gets paid whether she does the show or not. We're told execs at FOX -- and especially at Fremantle -- dont want to lose the money ... so it's better to have her on the show than not.


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When Cheryl Cole speaks the English Language, she might as well be spouting Chinese.It's the accent and her inate ability to sound un-intelligible. Pretty cannot make up for what comes out of that mouth. Trust me.

1204 days ago



In theory i can understand the American accent just fine..its just that on some of the shows ie Gerry Springer and i think its Maury(?) when some of the black women are shouting at each other its like 500 words a minute and i really have no idea what there saying :(

1204 days ago


Mary Bailey

In fact Cheryl was pretty famous at the point she assaulted that woman. She had participated in a reality show by then and was in a pretty succesful group here.

1204 days ago


@ Drew

SyCo is responsible for over half of Sony Music UK profits from 2006 to 2008. The same years Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke released albums. I doubt SyCo can make the same claim today.

Interscope has probably had more successful artists than SyCo. Lady Gaga is just one of them and so is Keri Hilson.

Record labels want longevity because the music industry has changed. The internet changed the music industry. Record Labels are not making what they used to from record sales so apart from taking a huge cut in record sales, they also get money from royalties, merchandise and tours. This requires longevity because the artist needs to build up a fan base. Rihanna's "Rated R" album did not do that well but her record label still gave her a shot and she released "Loud" which did very well. Despite Ciara not doing so well on her second album, she still got a third album. The music business has changed. It's not the 90s anymore.

The fact still remains, SyCo decides whether an album comes out or not. SyCo has got Executive Producers who decide the direction of the album and SyCo seems to be failing badly.

They are fantastic at creating these shows like X-Factor, BGT, AGT...etc but they fail terribly in the music business.

1204 days ago


Excuse me, but may I know who she is? its sorta pathetic to have create such publicity stunt if it really happens like it says... and in this picture she doesn't look that charming, more like another random whoxe....

1204 days ago


Cheryl Cole is Untalented No Voice No Style Media Hungry 'Lady' America Does Not Need Another One! We Hate Cheryl Who? So many other British Talented Artists that should have taken the Job, Adele, George Michael, Kylie Minogue! Not watching XFactor! Yet again full of untalented individuals that are all about sensationalism and no substance!

1204 days ago

File that lawsuit, I am Lindsay Lohan!    

Publicity stunt no doubt!!

1204 days ago


I just don't think that the X-Factor will be a success. You don't start a show out with hate and firing a judge before it has gone on the air and expect it to do well.

1203 days ago


@Catwoman no sweetheart ur the uneducated and stupid one, yes there are people who are racist who sleep with or be with other races and I know this because Ive seen it so whats your point? Some white people listen to black people music like Hip-Hop and R&B and listen to black artists and they are the most racist people out there. Also just because she wasnt convicted of being racist doesnt mean she didnt say those things to that woman, are you that naive to think that because someone isnt convicted for a crime they are totally innocent? and am the "stupid" "uneducated" one? ok then. OJ Simpson wasnt convicted of murdering his ex wife and friend but everyone knew it was him. I laugh how some people get so defensive when they dont agree with what someone has commented, if you dont like my comments ignore them simple, this is a gossip site and everyone is allowed to write there opinion.

1203 days ago


I wish some people make good use of thier brains. I didn't have to read the TMZ report before i'd concluded that Cheryl was only invited to come back to the show because the producers didn't want to pay her the same amount that was supposed to be for the first season just for 4 days work, because they didn't want to get sued for breach of contract. I am not suprised that according to TMZ this reaports were true, unlike the so called british website, DAILYMAIL who are claiming that Simon had a hand in it, just to raise more publicity for Cheryl, who already has being getting more attention in the states, when the audition started. Unlike the bunch of idiots who'd beleive the stupid reports the dailymail writes. Simon although never being a fan of him, wouldn't stoop that low to get publicity. I still can't stop laughing about those idiots who still do a good job by making comments about Cheryl being a rasist?, she punched a woman who happened to be black. GET A GRIP PEOPLE.

1203 days ago


If they have to pay her regardless why are they considering putting her on the show if they know she's going to make it worse? No one in America knows her so no one will miss her and her accent just does your head in after a while. I say pay her and tell her to keep it moving.

1203 days ago

File that lawsuit, I am Lindsay Lohan!    

She is a publicity seeking whore who would sell her mother for a cover on a magazine. Yeah, even though she was not convicted of a hate crime does not mean she isn't a racist. She married the bi racial guy AFTER she was being labeled a racist, it was never a real damage, it was just publicity to clean up her image. The dude kept sleeping around like he was a single dude. OJ Simpson was cleared of murder, do you think that since the court system cleared him that he was innocent? Anyways, hope the show is a bust, I don't like Simon anyways, I think he is just rude and a whore.
Talking about whore, how come Simon isn't called a whore when he has admitted to sleeping with over 2,000 STD infested women? Anyways, nighty night!!

1203 days ago

Cheryl Cole    

"who already has being getting more attention in the states"


Would that media attention in the states be from idiots like Perez Hilton, along with sites like tmz? Cause she sure hasnt gotten a ton of media attention on news channels that I have seen. Ive seen her talked about 3 times on KTLA. Once when they were about to sign her, Once one morning when Sam was talking about the first day tapings and Megan Henderson said "& theres that other judge, the British one right" Sam said "yes", Then again when she got sacked.

Ill watch some New York news come Wednesday & Thursday. Along with the news from Seattle when they do their tapings later this month. To see actually how much she gets talked about. (If shes back on the show)

You cant even find anything American on youtube about her besides i think one or 2 clips from Fox Chicago & KTLA. Everything else about her is that One single interview that everyone & his dog uploaded from the first day tapings.

1203 days ago


This is just a publicity stunt. Simon is a genius making up stories that get publicity to his shows. Plus, it's a wonderful way to make Cheryl Cole more famous in US

1203 days ago

Linda V    

I want her to be on the show...That's the only reason why I'm watching! I can't stand Nicole Scherzinger FIRE HER!

1203 days ago
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