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'X Factor' to Cheryl Cole: For Money, Not Love

6/5/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources at "X Factor" tell TMZ ... FOX and Fremantle (the producers of the show) are trying to get Cheryl Cole back on the program, a week after giving her her walking papers ... but it's more about the bottom line than about loving Cheryl.

Our sources say when producers told Cheryl she wasnt right for the U.S. version of "X Factor," they tried to put her on the UK version of the show. Cheryl's managers wanted £2.5 million and producers thought it was too much, so the deal went south.

We're told Cheryl was due to get paid around $1.5 million for the U.S. show -- about what Paula Abdul and LA Reid are making -- but she has not decided whether to accept and come back.

The whole situation becomes even messier when you take into account Nicole Scherzinger -- who was originally hired as a host, but was moved to being a judge when Cheryl was axed. Her position on the show now seems to be up in the air.

Our sources say Cheryl's deal with the U.S version is "pay or play" -- meaning she gets paid whether she does the show or not. We're told execs at FOX -- and especially at Fremantle -- dont want to lose the money ... so it's better to have her on the show than not.


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The East Orange comment was for my friend moon dust, we both live in the same state. Cheryl is not from a wealthy family, and as I've said before I believe she would have acted the same way regardless of the color of the attendant. FYI I'm sure bathroom attendant here get paid like crap and count on tips. I believe that while she was drunk and wrong for the way she acted I do NOT believe she is a racist. That is all I've been trying to say.

1214 days ago


@drew. ok. as the charge of racism was dismissed, i agree with you. as you say, tweedy is from a council estate. more reason for her to appreciate how hard it is for people to earn a crust. she made a mistake but as this banter confirms .... you can put off paying your debts only so long. eventually you'll have to pay the piper. let the payment commence.

1214 days ago


Anon, I'm not sure what you consider successful ie how many record sales but what about Susan Boyle from Britain's got talent, Andrew Johnston, Il Divo or Westlife ? These acts were all signed by Simon. The number of acts that sign and never release even one album is very high. To be around to release 2 or 3 albums is even rarer.

1214 days ago


@ Drew

We just have to agree to disagree because I'm tired and I'm going to bed. Good night.

1214 days ago



Did you know Syco is responsible for over half the profits at Sony UK ? Did you know they only employ 15 - 20 people ? Look at all the acts that used to be at Interscope but left. Signing with a record label is usually not long term anymore especially when dealing with groups, very few groups last very long and almost always that has nothing to do with the label.

1214 days ago


i dont give a rats ass if shes popular somewhere else...
but go away now.
you act like your entitled to some kind of international fame.

1214 days ago


I do not think she has not accept a come back, after all these media embarrassment? come on!

1214 days ago


Can I point something out hear. Quite a few people in here need to get there facts

Cheryl was cleared in a court of anything racially motivated in the attack. She was charged with assault and did community service and was fined. A judge said it was not racial

This happened when she was 19, she is now 27.

Get over it, we have in the UK

1214 days ago

Max Smart    

This sounds inane. I don't by that the producers care about her money - the wasted $1.5 million - they have been throwing money around on that show like there's no tomorrow. The $5m prize is obscene. It's too much - it's almost like bribery. It wouldn't cost Britney Spears $5mill to make an album, let alone some nobody. She would look pretty lame if she went back, into an environment where she's not wanted. She'd be a laughing stock. I hope this show tanks. I'm sick of hearing about it. I'm sick of Cowell's arrogance. I want him to fail.

1214 days ago


X Fact - USA won't understand her accent. I'm Irish and I don't understand what she says on UK X Factor! Didn't I read somewhere that that is an offence to broadcast competitions when viewers can't understand everything said on the show??

1214 days ago


I want her back on the UK one personally, but if she's on the US one I'll totally be watching.
I think this is a publicity stunt though, its done in terribly bad taste though.
I hope she's on though, Chezza and Simon's banter pretty much make the show

1214 days ago


Chick is rockin hot. Scoped her music on YouTube, classy **** ESP WillIAm duet. Darnell and Freemantle got into her from the off I hope she stone cold buries their ass.

1214 days ago


Cheryl is not a racist, get your facts staight people! She was cleared in court of these allegations and was married to a black footballer. I had reservations when she joined UK X Factor but she was a huge hit and not only does she have great chemistry with Simon, she is also the only person we've ever seen keep him in check. You don't need to be a great singer to judge, you need to be able to spot talent and that's it. Personally, if they were to get rid of anyone, it should be Paula. She rambles on and on and comes across like shes on something! She was cr*p on AI.

1214 days ago


With UK newspapers reporting that a talent show involving Simon Cowell maybe fixed, I would think that this show would be more cautious in their blunders. Cheryl will be a positive influence if she decides to overlook the giant snub she was given. I hope she takes the high road on this, heaven knows Fox didn't.

1214 days ago


Cheryl Cole is an untalented media fame hungry woman, she plays the scandal game, she has no talent, no style and no voice! She became famous in Britain due to the sex stories of her footballer husband! America Does NOT need Cheryl Cole! We want talented Brits like Adele, Amy Winehouse, George Michael and Kylie Minogue! Fox executives should Not Re-emply Cheryl 'Who?' and play Simon Cowell's scandal Games!

1214 days ago
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