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President Obama -- This Chili Dog Tastes Ironic

6/5/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The day after his wife unveiled a new USDA guide for healthy eating, President Barack Obama stopped at Rudy's Hot Dog in Toledo, OH and scarfed down two chili dogs ... with fries.


Do as my wife says, not as I do ...


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Obama is one of the smartest and most articulate presidents we have ever had. Honestly, I think a lot of these comments are because some people are mad he is part black. Seriously, did you ever hear people make such rude comments about Bush or Clinton eating fast food? No one is making you eat healthy according to the new food plate, and you are still free to eat bags of candy and become diabetic. However, as someone who has a few diabetics in my family, I am learning to regulate my sugar intake. When you have children, you need to be responsible and eat healthy. The rudeness sent Michelle Obama's way is disgraceful, and the people who dole it out are cowardly.

1237 days ago

chris adams     

He will be the President of the United States for the next 4 years and he is one of the brightest and smartest presidents that have been in office in a decade (Bush). So most of you people need to get over it, he’s unbeatable at this point. I think the Republicans are evil people and not good for this country. I really fear for the poor and middle class if the Republicans regain power which they will not. They really don’t like people of color, poor people or the middle class for that matter. The party is very raciest.

1237 days ago


I think I am going to eat a Chili Dog tomorrow.

1237 days ago


People are racist because they are going after him for eating a hog dog? That is racist?
Hey, everyone jumped all over Bill Clinton for his two-fisted McDonald's burgers. Hilary was slammed for her cankles. Bush was skewered in the press repeatedly. In fact, they hung a doll
of him on a noose on the whitehouse lawn during a demonstration. Funny, no one screamed racism at that point.
This race card thing is getting old.

As far as the old and poor of this country. Instead of the Dems raising our taxes to pour money into programs that are federally mis-managed,why not cut some of these useless programs and light a fire under some of the losers of the world to get a job? No one wants to take services from the handicapped or elderly. But there are many, many people who make welfare a way of life. That needs to stop. Give people money and they will not look for a job. Human nature.

As for Obama, it does not matter how intelligent he is blah, blah, blah..... he clearly is not a leader and is clearly supporting special intereste groups. Precisely what he denied he would do during the election. He is no better than any of the past preseidents and is doing all the same dirty politics that the rest of them do etc. Why do people insist on putting him on a podium and worshipping him?

I think people claim racism everytime he is critisized because they do not want to address the facts. His actions speak for themselves.He record speaks for itself etc. Quite blaming the Republicans, the neighbors,m the world etc. He is a mere mortal with a real ego problem. If the dems wanted to make a difference, they should have backed Hilary instead of Obama. The only smart thing he has done is put her in the position she is now.

1236 days ago


To all the haters I do not care about Obama but the hotdogs aT Rudys are banging. dont hate until you have ate.

1236 days ago

amy white    

Rudy Hot Dogs are the bomb.

1236 days ago


Wow, he has a couple dogs at a local establishment to show a bit of compassion for small local businesses instead having a burger and fries at a McDonald's or Burger King, feeding the money hungry corporations that are destroying the national economy to get get a few extra millions in their own pockets. Yet you think not of these thing and only that he's done it because he's a horrible person. Way to look deeper into things, you're all a bunch of shallow, simple minded mass of idiots that are the plague of our nation. I'm not saying he's a good president, but by this one act, he shouldn't be judged. Shame on all of you that have passed judgment with out looking deeper into the situation. And for those who said, "Why didn't he get a Salad?" Would you order grilled cheese at a sushi bar?

1236 days ago


I am not an Obama fan but PLEASE! The man is eating a hot dog, not committing a crime! Someone said he's a muslim eating pork? Really??? He says he's a Christian, what does it take for uninformed idiots to shut up and get informed!!! I didn't vote for him and will not this time but dang!!! HE IS EATING A HOT DOG!! Why not waste some of thi*****red you have on something that child abuse, animal abuse, elderly abuse......anything other than OUR President(he is OURS whether you voted for him or not)eating a hot dog!

1235 days ago


he's the mother***ing president. who gives a crap.

1235 days ago


Hey what is wrong in him eating what he wants to,you losers should get a life and stop talking nonsense.One term or not we will soon see.Bush is the worst prez that ever be on the face of the planet earth,but you republican racist will never accept cos it runs in your blood.

1233 days ago
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