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Reggie Miller -- Conquering Hawaiian Crater

6/5/2011 1:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Reggie Miller's new relationship had some ups and downs in Hawaii recently -- where the NBA legend and his maybe-girlfriend hiked a 10,000-year-old volcanic crater, measuring over 1,200 feet in height.

The trail leading up the Koko Crater -- located on the island of Oahu -- was originally a railway used by the military, but it's long since been abandoned ... and now attracts hordes of nature-loving tourists every year.

The Knick Killer likes to take things one step at a time.

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Sociopaths are Sad    

@Johnny: So here's your explanation why I have posted this three times. I didn't. I actually only posted it twice and I don't know how the third one posted again.

Why did I post twice? Because I made a typo of "black men pursing (sic) me" which I fixed to be "black men pursuing me". I don't usually fix typos but I figured that one could be misleading & misunderstood. You, YOURSELF, posted twice so let's not be hypocritical, shall we? (You have a lot to learn about hypocrisy).

As for anger and meanness - LOL. not at all - just pointing out a FACT. Those ABWs are pathetic. I have exceptionally pale skin and they have always hated on me & bullied me because of that...calling me "skinny white girl". As if I can help that any more than they can help the way they look.

As for my being Jewish (you must follow my posts!!) and the stereotypical generalizations about Jewish people...newsflash: I agree with a lot of them (thought NOT ALL) and, on an honest day, most Jewish people I know do as well (though they will never admit it around non-Jews).

That's right, we know our shortcomings, and (at least I...and hopefully other enlightened Jews) do try to fix them. Which is why the Jewish people, though hated and maligned (and some even attempted to exterminate us) bounce back and FLOURISH because we self-reflect and try to improve. And work hard. And don't live in inner cities. Though a lot of Jews I know seem to have lost their way - shame. But I digress.

So, again, YOU have a lot to learn about being presumptuous and hypocritical.

1205 days ago


@Sociopaths are Sad -
"You, YOURSELF, posted twice so let's not be hypocritical, shall we? (You have a lot to learn about hypocrisy)"

Hardly, I simply asked why you posted three times. I don't think that in and of itself implies hypocrisy on my part. I see, after you elaborated, you did it not do it to badger but to mitigate against the limitations of the editing functionality provided to users on this site and to provide editorial clarity on your post. Now that you've explained, it makes perfect sense to me and I have no criticism of your decision to re-post (or of my decision earlier to do the same). However, it's a one time incident in my case as opposed to a chronic pattern of (correctable) behavior like yours. That's just an observation. Also, when I looked earlier it was not twice but three times you posted the same post on this thread. ;)

I wrote TMZ earlier today about this (the editing functionality issue) and hopefully will hear back something soon. It would be nice to be able to edit posts to make minor corrections otherwise, I have to go offline and type it up, edit and paste and I'd like more simplicity and thrift than that.

On the "anger and meanness" in your posts:
Your comment of judgement in your language you chose (use of words like "pathetic") is what I mean by "anger and meanness" as it is a judgment, and very ad hominem. I think you can articulate yourself while staying on point and not subjectify it that way with a vent of negative spleen. ;) Same point, but an issue of style. If you note, I didn't disagree with all you wrote but with the angry, harsh, spiteful tone of your writing. But maybe you don't know it comes off that way. Also, your personal experience with some sub-population of a specific group shouldn't fan out to a generalization about all blacks or be used to draw anything more than your own emotional anecdote but you are taking something very subjective and expanding it too much to be overly inclusive.

I'd love for you to explain where you have data showing I am presumptious or hypocritical. Too much emotion clouds the issue, dial it back if you truly mean to be able to have civil discourse (not too sure given the mean and vindictive tone of your writing although I am sure you will deny that too).

Yes, every group should strive to better themselves. I think that's a longer discussion so I'm going to leave that alone for now but I respect and appreciate your comments.

Yes, I have read some of your posts and agree substantially with some subset of what you have to say but not the tone and the rules of civil discourse that you discard with your vernacular. ;)

Thank you for your reply.

1205 days ago


thats reggie miller not reggie bush..!!

1205 days ago


@Sociopaths are sad. Stop generalizing. I don't know any ABW; most of my friends are married and are well off. A lot of black women do decide to stick to their own unfortunately. Men talk to any female to see if they can get a rise from them; black men try them All. The easier the better so don't give yourself any props. I hear them call women beautiful that may only rate a 2 to see if they can get some. So I give you a BIG WHATEVER!!!!

1205 days ago


@Sociopaths are Sad

Lol.. you seem very determined to get your message out. That should have taken one or two sentences. All that you typed just makes you seem jealous and bitter. If you can't stand us so much, why bother going through all that to type a comment about us? I have to say I'm flattered. If Black women were that little of a threat to you, you wouldn't have felt it was necessary to come on here and convince everyone.

As for other races of men not being attracted to Black women, that seems more like a desire of yours than a fact. Tell that to the White women back in slavery times who laid in their beds alone as their White husband chose to rape his Black slaves instead of make love to her. The same jealousy those White women had towards the Black female slaves who were keeping their husbands from home at night, is the same type of jealousy you've expressed in this thread @Sociopaths are Sad.

I'm a tall, skinny, dark skinned Black girl with kinky hair and exotic features.. and let me tell you @Sociopaths are Sad, lol, I get hit on a lot, and 8 times out of 10 the guy is WHITE. What do you have to say about that? And it's not like a live in a small remote town. I live in NYC.

1205 days ago

Bill Leslie    

"new relationship"? Then who's the white lady in the picture and why didn't you photo the lovely nubian princess? White lady? What a joke.

1205 days ago

ms. Coo    

wow... a lot of hatred on this site! but speaking as a black female, i am NOT attracted to white men or any other race but black. i love their build, their pride. even their flaws. and they are the best lovers. and with all the sterotypes projected upon our black men, being well endowed mostly fits. and this is really why all the "beckys,yokos,and chickas" are desiring our men.this is true because they're even taking the broke ones.LOL

1205 days ago



1205 days ago

Your Momma    

She looks like a man, actually her face looks like his. Better put some make-up on.

1204 days ago


I can speak for black men. Most black men pursue white women for sex becase they are easier. I read somewhere that statistically white women have the most sexual partners on average than any other race or sex. Thus, why not go after something easier as most people don't want to work hard for something to get it. In my experiences I have not had to work as hard to bed a white woman than I have to in bedding a black woman. most black men no that. If you bed enough white women. Chances are you are going to find one that you may want to date. That my friend is the law of mathamatics. I've had more white women throw themselves at me than black women. Black women are looking for that perfect gentleman and usually end up getting burned more often than not due to high expectations. As a result, they can be more difficult to figure out. Life is short and time is too short. Bring on the white women!!! Sisters learn from your white sisters. ;-)

1204 days ago


Of course he's with a white chick. Why would he want a black chick, screaming at him the whole time?

1204 days ago


recently saw Reggie in indiana and this wasnt the girl he was with. looks like this isnt the only blonde he dates. girl in indy was much hotter.

1036 days ago
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