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Richie Sambora

Out of Rehab,

Joining the Tour

6/5/2011 7:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Richie Sambora is out of rehab and has just landed in New York City, but he's not staying long -- he's rejoining the Bon Jovi tour.

Sambora told our photog at JFK he was feeling good -- which was evidenced by the fact he signed dozens upon dozens of autographs for fans.

He arrived from Los Angeles, but planned on heading right back out -- he's meeting up with Jon and the boys for the European leg of the tour. They are scheduled to play in Croatia on Wednesday.

Sambora checked himself into rehab in late April after, we're told, he fell of the wagon.


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I really wish Richie would have taken more time off. I don't understand how you can really get better in a month. I think he is forced by Jon because they are starting EUROPE and some places in the US. That been said, Richie was off for the "NOT SO IMPORTANT" places like, OTTAWA, ONTARIO CANADA and all the other "little venues" that probably didn't matter to $$Jon$$, SHOULD HAVE BEEN POSTPONED FOR THE MONEY WE PAID TO SEE RICHIE SAMBORA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Well, Richie is back for the "BIG HAUL" and I really hope that temptation doesn't overtake him! We love you in Ottawa, Canada Richie and I soooooo wanted to see you, just once in my lifetime!!!!! Take care & ALWAYS be strong! Luv u ♥

1238 days ago


So glad to see Richie back gonna see Bon Jovi live on sunday cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1238 days ago


I love Richie. I saw Bon Jovi last month, was a great concert, but I missed my Richie there! I think that with the help of the band, he is going to be just fine. He is the one who went in, no one told him to. that says something about himself. You know I am really close to my Dad I have never drank or did any kind of drugs, but if something happend to my Dad, it would be hard for me to deal with it. Richie went through a lot in a small amout of time. I understand. God Bless Richie and Bon Jovi.

1238 days ago


Lots of alcohol/drug addicted musicians have said this; they can handle touring, when they come home things get difficult. Nothing to do, but drink and shhot up. All alone. When you're on tour, you've got your buddies watching over you and you can't be f**ked out of your mind, when you've got a job to do. This is going to be good for Rich.

1238 days ago


HELLLLZ YEAH! Good for you Richie! :D

1238 days ago


oh for god's sake! if THE GREAT Richie Sambora wants to get back out there and do what he does best good luck lad!Your fans look forward to seeing you and your bandmates will help you as they always have done. :)

1238 days ago


Get a life CL. If youre talking about $$$$ so much, look at it this way: your Richie is clearly a saint who doesnt care about $$$$, to the point that he doesnt understand contractual obligations and decides to derail his life with booze while his HUGE-paying job (the kind most people would kill for) requires huge responsibilities. That kind of behavior doesnt deserve "gods blessings", or fans "support" or the postponement of an enormous endeavor for one messed-up *******.

1238 days ago



1238 days ago


Good on you RICHIE SAMBORA! Sobriety is not an easy road, thank goodness your friends; Jon, Dave, Tico, Bobby and Hugh got your back. BonJovi may be named after the man but the band is all of the above including RICHIE! Everyone has their demons and while some are brave enough to get the help they need, others just talk out the other side! Yes I love this man, I do Love Richie Sambora!

1238 days ago


All my best wishes for Richie every day in every way. I saw JBJ's "solo tour" in March with Phil X and it was just adequate music without the heart & soul that Richie adds to the performances. I am appalled by "Q's" comments stating that Jon has been "totally sober his whole life" and that he should dump his "problem child." Perhaps Q has failed to read JBJ's recent interviews revealing that he has been drinking "too much lately." Q certainly missed the November 2007 Men's Health Best of Health Magazine when JBJ admitted that "a day don't go by when I don't want a bottle of wine. Or don't drink a bottle of wine. And not share."(pg 147) Other enlightening items discussed are using (and selling)PCP among other drugs to the extent of a "whole summer of hallucinations" and that he "ran through a screen door"(pg 108) And BELIEVE ME this is just the beginning of the revelations of this article! This does not sound like a totally sober or problem free individual. We all need to be aware that all celebrities are human beings before they are famous, BUT don't make Jon out to be a saint & Richie out to be a sinner, before knowing that they BOTH have weakness. Richie just has the character & bravery to try to better himself!

1238 days ago


How weird it is that I saw him in my dream two nights ago and I see these wonderfull news today! Thx TMZ!
I am expecting to see him in Athens, Greece on July 20th - I got my ticket on the first day of sale back in November, and have been a fan of him (and him only) since 1990... I 've never seen him live and that concert is gonna be the conglomeration of 20 plus years of keeping the faith.
Be Well Mr. Bluesman!
I can't wait!

1237 days ago


It is hysterical how people say Bon Jovi is a ****ty band. They have been rocking and making great music for 28yrs. They still sell out every venue to appear in and are still attracting fans of all ages. They will stand the test of time and have proven their worth as musicians. These dime a dozen talentless show boaters could only hope to make the contribution to music that Bon Jovi has. I really do not need to defend them because the sheer fact that have prevailed for so long says it all!!!!!!

1223 days ago


Sweety ♥ It's so good to see you're okay :)

1195 days ago


Richie realmente es guapisimo esa pinta de malo y desaliñado es la mejor Lo amo!!!

1155 days ago


We've run into Richie at a few different hotels now, he's been quite gracious, pictures, holding the elevator door for us, always a good guy. Hey I'd be in rehab too if I had that tour schedule. Richie, thanks and hope you're feeling better, see you again!

1151 days ago
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