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Sean Kingston Crash -- Oh, The Hu-Manatee!

6/5/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sean Kingston ain't in the clear yet after crashing a high-speed jet ski into a Miami bridge -- TMZ has learned the singer could still face legal repercussions ... for disturbing the local manatees.


Law enforcement sources tell us ... the area where Kingston crashed last weekend is a manatee zone -- and according to Florida state law, boats and watercrafts are prohibited from producing a wake in manatee-populated areas.

Based on the jet ski damage ... Kingston probably produced a wake before his accident -- but law enforcement is still investigating to figure out exactly what happened prior to the crash.

If Kingston IS found in violation of the manatee law -- he faces a maximum fine of $32,500.


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i am so sick of all this PC crap.
he scared the manatees
hire them some pysch help.
how about the other poor little fishies that were scared?
what a croc.

1200 days ago


@sinne so you know it because you live there... proves my point..

1200 days ago


Its funny to say he did something no one can prove. His ski isn't that damaged and only thing messed up bad is the handle bars and that could have happened on land.

Plus add on that fine is like a normal traffic ticket and the cop would have had to SEE him do it.

Then you got everyone calling him fat or playing cool and acting like he isn't famous.. sounds like you guys are jealous as hell.. Any 2nd grader who has to make fun of someone by weight is a looser. Grow up and use your brain and come up with something better than he is fat.. make you sound like your from backass Canada or UK...

1200 days ago

South Beach    

Cement bridge supports don't jump out at you, this is a classic case of someone buying or renting a waverunner and thinking (mistakenly) they automatically know how to ride it. See it all the time in FL. Idiots, all of them. He's lucky he's not dead. Her either. Lesson learned. Maybe.

1200 days ago


so glad they are protecting the manatee's..and yes he should be fined.....but I hope he is doing ok, and hasnt done serious damage to himself

1200 days ago


Manatees anyday over some nobody singer on a jetski. Manatees are endangered, the singer is not.

1200 days ago


Juvenile stupidity can be expensive.

1200 days ago

Nature Freak    

If Kingston keeps harassing manatees the production of next season's "Family Guy" may be seriously delayed or suspended.

Seth McFarlane wants to speak to you Sean.

1200 days ago


hell of a lot cutter then kingston!! shame on him he knew better.

1200 days ago


Yet another celebrity who thinks the rules are for everyone else, not them. Makes me almost as sick as thinking about the poor manatees, which will all be gone soon because of people who can't share the water with them. Greedy bastards.

1200 days ago


I hope he recovers. He broke the law so if they fine him then he has to pay but some of these comments have nothing to do with the animals or him breaking the law and you guys know it, it says a lot about you, doesn't matter if you accept it or not.

1200 days ago


You people are ignorant. I do not ONE thing about Sean Kingston except he could have lost his life that day, I am sure he learned his lesson, and now they want to fine him? It's a f*****g manatee, and nothing happened....

1200 days ago

Philly Lady    

Heck with the sea cow and their calves, a person, a human, darn near lost their life and all we seem to care about are some animals. Humans with this care more for an animal than a human life are the ones that should be fined wth.. White people.......

1200 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

This AZZHAT needs to have to pay the maximum fine. Doesnt care about his own saftey, his passengers saftey and endagering the manatee that cant move fast enough to get out of the way?

He needs to be smacked upside the head as well, IMO!

1200 days ago


Next time you want to impress a girl way out of your league, try showing her your respect for endangered animals. No one likes a douche who goes full throttle dumbass.

1200 days ago
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