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Sean Kingston Crash -- Oh, The Hu-Manatee!

6/5/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sean Kingston ain't in the clear yet after crashing a high-speed jet ski into a Miami bridge -- TMZ has learned the singer could still face legal repercussions ... for disturbing the local manatees.


Law enforcement sources tell us ... the area where Kingston crashed last weekend is a manatee zone -- and according to Florida state law, boats and watercrafts are prohibited from producing a wake in manatee-populated areas.

Based on the jet ski damage ... Kingston probably produced a wake before his accident -- but law enforcement is still investigating to figure out exactly what happened prior to the crash.

If Kingston IS found in violation of the manatee law -- he faces a maximum fine of $32,500.


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Nature Freak    

Stop hating on Manatee's people!

1204 days ago

Nature Freak    

It's true, I live in Florida and women love the endangered sea cows. They are cute I admit.

1204 days ago


Muppet: A jet ski going fast can kill a manatee. Just like if that F*er Kingston was in the water and a jet ski came at his head at full throttle, it will kill him just the same.

Unfortunately Kingston is still alive, but I'm sure he's no longer welcome in Miami. They're going to make him the poster boy for ******* behavior on the waterways. Really nothing should be in that water other than non-motorized boats.

1204 days ago

Dr. P    

There shouldn't be watercraft allowed in manatee zones - wake or no wake!

1204 days ago


When Manatees Attack! When you keep the man atee down so long he will react violently!

1204 days ago


The no wake law is by no means 'little known' as someone is very much alive and serious in florida in the warm waters where manatees live. And with good reason. I like Sean Kingston quite a bit...but I gotta say...he isn't a tourist...he lives in the Miami area so he should be well acquainted with the intercoastal waterway laws.

you also mentioned the 'barely damaged' jet ski...but his passenger also commented he was going very fast and indicated maybe he didn't complete a turn properly...that also indicates breaking the 'no wake' law.

then someone said he is rich he can pay the fine no big deal. If I had the money guy...I would so by you a clue. Might help you get the point.

I hope Sean has learned a lesson here...I would hate to lose such a talented artist...just as much as I would hate to lose the manatees...they are wonderful amazing creatures.

1204 days ago

Bill Leslie    

awesome - kill a baby and be celebrated by the liberals but simply disturb the precious manatee and its a $32K fine. Unbelievable.

1204 days ago


Who else is sorta hoping that a pissed off manatee clenched its flipper and punched the jet ski they were riding and thusly caused the crash. Manatees UNITE!!!

1204 days ago


another typical who thinks they are above the law

1203 days ago


Sean Kingston aint dead! $32,500 is chump change! He is worth about 7mil! Bud316 mom is a manatee,s. Dans mom does manatee's.Ty's gf is a manatee. Shelly well we know she has manatee boobs. Me i just killed a manatee! Who cares worry about his health now, do manatee's later. There not as good as your wife anyways.

1203 days ago



1203 days ago


Fine him the maximum. I don't care if he is injured; he did this to himself. At least in this instance, he shows no regard for his life or the safety of others.

Frankly, I'm sick of people ignoring laws and ordinances. It's time to give rules and laws teeth again and stick it to the people who break them.

1203 days ago


He should have yelled "Manatee overboard" before he crashed...

1203 days ago


I understand a fine but wtf is with the insane comments thats fucling stupid! Hopefully he wont he treated like m.vick and arrested for no ******* reason...

1200 days ago
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