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Rep. Weiner

YES, the Penis Bulge is Mine

6/6/2011 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NY Congressman Anthony Weiner just confessed ... he IS the owner of the penis in the infamous  underwear pic and accidentally posted it on Twitter while trying to send it to another woman -- and he WON'T be resigning.

Rep Weiner

Weiner addressed the media in Manhattan this afternoon to take responsibility for the picture -- telling reporters, "The picture was of me, and I sent it" ... and he planned to send it to another woman.

The congressman says he will not resign from office because of the scandal -- and plans to return to his work following the conference.

As for his explanation, Weiner says he accidentally posted the pic to his Twitter account last month -- panicked when he realized what he did ... and falsely claimed he had been hacked.

"At the end of the day ... I lied because I was embarrassed."

Weiner adds, "I take full responsibility for my actions ... I have made terrible mistakes. I have not been honest with myself, my family , and my constituents."

According to Weiner, he engaged in several "inappropriate conversations" online -- and exchanged sexually explicit photos with "at least six women."

Weiner adds, "I have never met with these women, nor have had physical relationships at any time."

Weiner says he and his wife don't have plans to split over the controversy.


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CA Girl    

This is great, reading some of these posts. Not. This lying politician is one to whom we entrust our LIVES, did you consider that? He's a liar, he lied to the Public (whom he now says he must go on "representing", and he tried to DESTROY Andrew Breitbart for telling the TRUTH. Andrew Breitbart never hacked Weiner's account (admitted by Weiner), nor was there ever a "prank" (admitted by Weiner). He was just "embarrassed". He "regrets" it all, though. He regrets he was caught, and he couldn't sleaze his way out of it. If he is taking "responsibilty" for his actions/perversions/dirty pictures/breaking his vows, etc., then his resignation is rightfully part of that same "responsibility." Anybody else would be expected to resign if this happened to ANY OTHER MEMBER OF CONGRESS. But no, not Weiner. He's different. Oh yeah. I believe that. He's a sleaze and should resign from his office. I DON'T CARE how long he's been in office. It doesn't matter. He lost his credibility.

1199 days ago


@Rob Base

I agree, they probably are harder on republicans than democrats, but not to the extent of your "liberal playbook" post. I think you were embellishing it a bit.

They ARE going hard on this guy though. They aren't pulling punches on Wiener just because he's democrat. They are calling him slimy and wanting him to resign. But lets be honest, this isn't a HUGE sex scandal. These are some sexually suggestive photos and maybe even some explicit ones and possibly phone calls with strange women. Compare that to someone like John Ensign, who extorted a women for sexual favors, ruined her life and her family, and refused and still does refuse to admit any of it even though it's been do***ented and investigated. Then only resigned the day before he would have been forced to give testimony in court. People who do things like that are worthy of more coverage and attacks.

1199 days ago


He holds a powerful position in government. He must be held to a higher standard than the Average Joe on the street. That's why there is a House Ethics Committee.

People trying to minimize this or justify it are why our government is so corrupt. Not enough people demand high standards from our leaders.

1199 days ago

Rob Base    

Hey Todd did you haft to come out of your mom's basement to ask her for that zinger!

1199 days ago


Another politician behaving badly!!! I would like to see him resign!!!

1199 days ago


To Solaera & Puckett - So why do you guys think I'm a man hater or self absorbed because I'm stating my views on this subject? As I said in another post I am married, have been for years. I don't hate men at all. Men (in most cases) like sex more than women. If they don't get what they want at home, they will go find it. If you're taking care of him you don't have to worry about it but if not.... I know for a fact my man is all man and if I don't give it to him, he will go find it. And Puckett that touches on what you said. Yes, women definitly have more options than men. Which is why they don't act on most of them. Men on the other hand don't have as many options so are more likely to act on it.

1199 days ago


@CA Girl, remind me again how Congressman Weiner holds the power of life and death over me, so much so that i've entrusted my life to him?

I mean really? Get hysterical much?

1199 days ago


I am amazed at the lack of integrity,com sense shown by these guys in both parties! They act like a bunch of middle school boys having fun"with them selves" They hold our countries secrets in those same hands they use for this and BTW!!!! It is NOT Sexy to a real woman! Only a little boy playing with himself!

1199 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

@Sonya in Tx: First of all, he is NOT a "real man who took responsibility for what he did". He LIED at first and ONLY admitted what he did because he was BUSTED. Basically he CONFESSED to what he had to confess to but still lied b/c there is no way I believe he sent his PENlS pic as a JOKE. Joke my ass.

@Keedee: I can basically guarantee that Wiener DOES NOT love his wife. They were very recently married and he continued his internet affairs he had before her. Wiener married her b/c she was a high profile woman and good to have on paper and on his arm as his wife. But he was never - and is not - into her. There is no chemistry or connection between those two. Because if there was, he would never have done what he did.But I can also guarantee that both you and Weiner's pathetic wife will continue believing what you want to believe.

To recap: Weiner doesn't love his wife. He never did. He married her because a man that age needs to be married to a "presentable" partner.

The first clue? How he would go on and about how incredible she is...that she is so perfect she is barely human.

Take note: ANYONE who goes on and on about how incredible their spouse sexy....what a great love or sex life they means 100% the opposite. ALWAYS. No exception. You have a lot to learn about human nature.

The second clue? With his super busy schedule, you'd think he'd want to send dirty pics and sweet nothings to his wife...not STRANGERS on an internet....but he didn't. Because he is just not into her...though I am sure he likes her as a person. I mean...these women are just RANDOM women...he isn't even picky....ANYONE is better to get nasty with than his wife. How can you not see it? Oy. SMH.

That's what happens when people who HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON get married.

1199 days ago


The reason you're being characterized as a man hater is exactly because of downright factually incorrect statements like this:
"Men (in most cases) like sex more than women. If they don't get what they want at home, they will go find it. If you're taking care of him you don't have to worry about it but if not...."

You characterize men as wild sexual pigs, and women as higher sophisticated and moral filled beings. Women like sex just as much as men. Men are capable of keeping their **** in their pants on moral principals just as much as you are. It's a shame and I am sorry that your husband is some beast that lacks moral dignity in the face of sexual urges, but don't tare down men in general just because of your husband's shortcomings.

1199 days ago

Rob Base    

Hey Puckett i didn't backpedal. I was reminding him in a polite way that in my original post I said the media would cover the story for the frist day because they haft to .

Hey WCK60...4, One of my other rules i stated was that the media will use other Republican scandals to try to justify this act. Sounds like you are doing ther work for them.

1199 days ago


Half the world population has a penis, the other half has a vagina - Why sending pictures of yours whatever it is to someone online is a thrill is a mystery - You likely have body odor or bad hygiene so actually touching that thing could be a big turn-off - Eeeewwwwwww! You stink!

What is the big obsession with spreading your genitals around in cyber space anyway?

Congressman Weiner - I could care less about your titilating pictures - what your consituents care about is your lies!

1199 days ago


@Rob Base

I'm not justifying it at all. I already said earlier he should resign. What he did was not what we should tolerate from public officials.

but the seriousness of what he did was just not as bad as others. That's a FACT. And more serious scandals deserve more serious coverage. It's not downplaying or justifying, it's just a fact.

1199 days ago


It looks to me like the bulge is mostly his hand holding his junk...still impressive though..LOL

1199 days ago


If mine was that small I wouldn't be sending any pictures to anyone.

1199 days ago
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