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Rep. Weiner

YES, the Penis Bulge is Mine

6/6/2011 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NY Congressman Anthony Weiner just confessed ... he IS the owner of the penis in the infamous  underwear pic and accidentally posted it on Twitter while trying to send it to another woman -- and he WON'T be resigning.

Rep Weiner

Weiner addressed the media in Manhattan this afternoon to take responsibility for the picture -- telling reporters, "The picture was of me, and I sent it" ... and he planned to send it to another woman.

The congressman says he will not resign from office because of the scandal -- and plans to return to his work following the conference.

As for his explanation, Weiner says he accidentally posted the pic to his Twitter account last month -- panicked when he realized what he did ... and falsely claimed he had been hacked.

"At the end of the day ... I lied because I was embarrassed."

Weiner adds, "I take full responsibility for my actions ... I have made terrible mistakes. I have not been honest with myself, my family , and my constituents."

According to Weiner, he engaged in several "inappropriate conversations" online -- and exchanged sexually explicit photos with "at least six women."

Weiner adds, "I have never met with these women, nor have had physical relationships at any time."

Weiner says he and his wife don't have plans to split over the controversy.


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Wow. Listen to old Trish up there, y'all. So fvcking needy she has constantly relied on men without abatement since high school! Sing your praises sister!

Methinks that Trish believes that all men cheat on all women...except her, of course. Because clearly she wants everyone to know how very desirable she is. Be sure to update us all when your husband kicks your old, narcissistic @ss to the curb, because when your looks go I seriously doubt your personality will be winning any consolation prizes. Boy, there is just no ego like an old ego...come to think of it you should sext Weiner! Sounds as if you'd make a great pair!

1234 days ago


@Trish, what WCK60...4 said. If it walks and quacks like a duck...

1234 days ago

CA Girl    

To Puckett: I re-read my post. I never said "life AND DEATH". Nevertheless, have you not noticed how what the Congress and Senate does affects YOUR life and MY life as well? Have you not noticed when laws are enacted that they affect our very existance sometimes? How's your wallet these days? How's your retirement? How's your gasoline cost? God help us all if you think this people DON'T affect our lives. That's what a VOTE is for, Puckett. We put these same (some sleazy) people into power to handle our national affairs. I want to know the guy in office isn't one who sends perverted photographs of himself and his private parts to unsuspecting people of both genders. Barney Frank's BOYFRIEND ran a male prostitution ring OUT OF THEIR HOME. Barney Frank said, "Hey, I never knew anything about that. It was all a big surprise to me!", and he got away with it. Now, here's another one in Weiner, only he's got something else he likes to do. You don't think these men/women affect our very lives? Are you kidding?

1234 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

@Solaera: Why so mean? I mean you are really getting low there....even I don't go that low.

I agree with you and disagree with Trish for the most part. I'm a woman who has worked in male dominated fields my whole life and have known men as friends....not just as sexual fact mostly as friends...and what Trish says is simply not true.

Sure, men and women are SEXUAL BEINGS but all have free will and impulse control, etc. In fact, I know a guy who most women consider very good looking and he has told me on a number of occasions that he finds it disgusting having one-nighters as he would be too embarrassed and grossed out to get that intimate with a woman he hardly knows. He is heterosexual and happily married. And said that sex is about emotionally connecting with someone - i.e. making love.

Not all men are the same...not even most men. People vary in their sex drive, true, and men may have a higher drive but that doesn't mean they will want to get it on with whoever whenever...that is just false.

But WHY castigate poor Trish? Why cut her down like you are? SMH.

1234 days ago


When Reuben Rolando enters a room and exposes himself...even Congressman Weiner blushes with envy.

1234 days ago

Rob Base    

WCK60...4 less than a minute ago
@Rob Base

I'm not justifying it at all. I already said earlier he should resign. What he did was not what we should tolerate from public officials.

but the seriousness of what he did was just not as bad as others. That's a FACT. And more serious scandals deserve more serious coverage. It's not downplaying or justifying, it's just a fact.

You made a good point I agree with you. I guess what I see is that if you take a scandal that is worse than this on the republican side and one as bad on the democrat side they seem to be treated in a different way in the past. I do see where alot of the more liberal hosts that interviewed him and were lied to were pretty pi**ed.

1234 days ago


Fire him.
Dump him.
Impeach him.
censure him.
Throw him out of government.
Get rid of his a$$

1234 days ago


@Rob Base

Eliot Spitzer comes to mind as a pretty slimy disgusting democratic scandal. He at least had the balls to resign as he should have.

1234 days ago


Is he Black(looking at the second pic)? hahaha

1234 days ago


Politicians should be held to a higher standard regarding their moral fiber. He should resign. I hope his wife dumps him.

1234 days ago


WCK60...4 - My husband is great. I know I probably made it sound like he cheats on me all the time but in 12 years it has once, that I know of, that he told me he did and we were going through problems. I already had this opinion when I got together with him, not because of him. I'm not in any way saying men are "beast" but you have to admit, sex is pretty important to most men. I work with a lot of women and have a lot of women friends. Do you know what they complain about the most? How all their husbands/boyfriends want is sex. I definitly don't know the whole world, but I do know and have known alot of people and I'm speaking from what I have seen/been through, not just because I wanted to say something to upset a few people. People have always confided in me, sometimes a lot more than I wish they would. I'm not basing this opinion from this one relationship, but from years of seeing and dealing with things. Women do most definitly cheat also and they are in no way better than men in any way, I did not insinuate that at all. What I said, and again on an opinion based on what I have heard women and men say over the years, is that men, in most cases as I said, like sex more than women. There's nothing wrong with sex. Saying men like it more is not an insult. I have had men hit on me that I would have NEVER thought in a million years they would have for different reasons. Some because of their ages, their jobs, their wives, the relationship they had with me and my family, and when I was younger my age. Many different times and situations that has led me to think the way I do. Sorry if you disagree but that is what I have learned through my experiences and you getting upset about me stating my opinion is not going to change it.

1234 days ago


Heard it before. He's sorry he got caught and embarrassed, not that he did it I bet. After all, had he not, he would still be doing it now and most likely eventually pulling an "Arnold" and screwing around with x number of women. These men are all the same.

1234 days ago



1234 days ago

Tammy10 minutes ago

I wonder if they'll release the pictures of what the women sent him back b/c you know they were exchanging photos? I think if you're gonna out the goose, you need to out the gander too.

He outted himself when he posted it on twitter for his 40,000 followers to see. Then he lied up until he couldn't anymore. So why should any of those women be punished for his stupidity?

The young woman that the picture was intended for told abc she has sexted with the congressman and others, she thinks it's no big deal. Apparently she's being honest, so again why should she endure further humiliation because he wasn't honest. He's the elected offical not her.

1234 days ago


His wife better keep him, that was a nice baguette.

1234 days ago
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