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Ex-WWE Star X-Pac -- I Was Molested as a Kid

6/7/2011 9:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former WWE wrestler X-Pac says he suffered years of sexual abuse as a child -- and he's opening up about his emotional struggle in the hopes of helping other victims cope with their pain.


X-Pac -- a.k.a. Sean Waltman -- took to his blog Monday to praise wrestling legend Mick Foley for the work he's been doing with the Rape Abuse & Incest Network ... especially because Sean himself is a "survivor of repeated sexual abuse/molestation from about age 5 to around the age of 12."

For the first time ever, Waltman revealed details about the abuse -- saying his abusers were both male and female. X-Pac adds, "The most psychologically damaging incidents came at the hands of an adult male who actually brought me to my first pro wrestling match."

Waltman says he finally told his family about the abuse when he was in his 20's -- explaining, "It’s so difficult for victims of sexual abuse to come forward. The shame & fear involved in coming forward is overwhelming."

"Feeling like it’s our fault or fearing what people will think of you prevent many from ever coming forward ... I choose to talk openly about it, hoping it may inspire others to come forward and expose these people."

X-Pac continues, "This is a huge step in dealing with the psychological damage done to the victim & can also save others from having to suffer the same fate. So I can’t thank Mick enough for his work with RAINN."

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1199 days ago


yea go away PitbullLover

1199 days ago


I am an adult male and was molested as a young boy. I also recently discovered something very suprising about this experience being "very common" with human beings. I am writing a blog, www.astraljump.com and in it I discuss a "very, very different" thought on the subject. I have discovered with much time, that maybe, just maybe, we might look at another very unusual idea about the possibilities of "why" this might have happened to us... and we must discontinue to feel like victims and have it ruin our present life and prevent us from moving forward with what awesome things we may have within ourselves to contribute to mankind. PEACE AND LOVE TO ALL

1199 days ago


I do not get it. When it happened to me before the age of 10 I told my mother the minute I got home from the next door house where it happened.

1199 days ago


the stats say 1 in 6 boys and 1 in 4 girls get sexually abused. Every single one who comes out and tells about it heals us all a little bit more so kudos to X-Pac for coming out and telling his truth. Blessings to RAINN for all they do.

1199 days ago

rig on rig out    

At Age 12
X-Pak should be able to wack his abuser with a 2x4 lumber.. I don't understand why he was cowering by the abuser.

1199 days ago


So who hasn't been it seems like?

1199 days ago


I was 5 -7 yrs old when my cousin of 13 started molesting me, We did not have inside facilities as a child the old outhouse was where I would be locked up. While my parents and his mom and dad thought we were playing hide-n-seek. I held this all in till even after i was married at the age of 18. It really breaks my heart that people can do this to children and turn it around to make it sound like your the one at fault and if you say anything you will be in a lot of trouble. It is hard to tell this kind of stuff but back then things like this well you never would dare mention. Now a days. I told my girls IF any one ever does anything that isn't right or you know mommy doesn't touch those parts that NO Matter what I want to know. Cause i have a nice gun that would blow off the parts and they wouldn't never have any more use for them!

1199 days ago


I hate this guy ,I guess all this talk about Weiner's in the news brings back old memories for him...LOL

1199 days ago


All of the disrespect aimed at celebs disclosing is one the reasons kids are afraid to tell, they might get a response as sensitive as some of the comments written here. Yes, abuse is common 1 in 4 girls, 1 in 6 boys. People like him bring attention to this injustice.

1199 days ago

George A    

I can just imagine once you have become aware how other's overcome their preditors that gives a person strenght and hope that they can do something to get themselves out of it and it give's you an egale eye type vigilance that allows you to speak out when ever you discover the abuse occuring in other's .

1199 days ago

Susan R    

@KC...You wouldn't think it was so funny if it had happened to you. I know from experience what it's like.

@J.Mo.. I totally agree. Celebs coming forward could really help kids if it weren't for insensitive, uneducated idiots making comments.

1199 days ago


He is hanging his shingle out along with about every other person who gets some attention."Get over it"Why do we not see "Gay"peole coming forth in this busines.? Good Grief do poor people not realize that a lot of people really do not care about your molestation nor do they care about your struggles.Most everybody has some issues ecept that those who perceive themselves to be perfect and that in it self is an issue because it uasually is seen as arrogance although some sare hurtying inside and reallyare harder on themselves and donot socialize because they do notfeel worhting or they do not measure up and that could be percieved as arrogance on the other hand forget it ,i forgot were i started.

1199 days ago


Seriously, do any of you that were not molested as a YOUNG child have any idea the strength and courage it takes to face this and go forward. I too was molested as a young boy from age 6 to 16 by male family memebers, it is even more traumatic for male/male molestation because if the stigma and additional shame it carries. I applaud Sean for his courage and strength, way to go.

1199 days ago


Exactly why is this news? Exactly who cares? I feel sorry for any child that it happens to, but this is a guy who plays with "make-believe." When you are playing "make-believe" all the time why does he think that anybody will "believe" him?

1199 days ago
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