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Sean Kingston -- WALKING!

6/6/2011 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

HUGE steps in Sean Kingston's recovery this morning -- literally -- because TMZ has learned the injured singer was finally walking on his own this morning!!!!!


A rep for Kingston tells us, "Sean is breathing on his own and walked for the first time this morning."

"Sean Kingston continues to be hospitalized at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. His condition has been upgraded to serious."

As TMZ previously reported, the "Beautiful Girls" singer was critically injured in a jet ski accident last weekend -- and had been attached to a breathing tube. So today's news in VERY GOOD.

Kingston's rep adds, "Sean thanks his friends, family and fans for their outpouring of prayers and well wishes.”


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Alissa Verner    

Thats Great News.

1238 days ago


If I would have been critically injured each time I screwed up and did something reckless and stupid when I was 21 I'd be dead. I'm sure I'm not alone. We've all rolled the dice and gotten lucky. Sometimes it doesn't work.

1238 days ago


All you LOSERS making comments on this man who dam near died. You all sound like racist *******s. I wish it was someone in your family or even you that this happened to and I bet the remarkes would be different. All of you LOSERS can go to HELL. You sound so ignorant and should not be making statments basically saying that what he gets. WHO DOES THAT? ONLY F***** LOSERS. I DONT KNOW THIS MAN PERSONALLY BUT THIS IS SOMEONE'S CHILD STUPID PEOPLE.

1238 days ago


The us media is the reason for all the problem in the world. This young man almost lost his life and you withe America keep bashing him. Give the kid a break. LiLo has done worst .

1238 days ago


I can tell by the comments so far that the white trash ppl are making them.yes we can tell so don't pretend your not. You all ought to be ashamed. And for @artiehelp bitch he got money and you. What the **** does Obama have to do with it. Racist dumb asses the lot of you.

1238 days ago


wow.. i actully prayed for him yesterday at church and to hear this news makes me happy :) im glad to hear he is doing better but seriously people its not like he went and purposly went and hit a bridge it was most likely by accident so all of you who wrote those mean hateful comment need to grow up.. if it happend to any of you, you wouldn't want people saying it about you! So grow up.. but once agian this is great news so glad he is better :)

1238 days ago


well thats good news,but I bet he is in pain..Its always good to get up and move around when you are gets the blood flowing

1238 days ago

Da Ugly Truth    

Why is every picture of this guy showing him looking up, like his eyes are almost rolling back into his head?

1238 days ago


Forget HIPPA laws where this guy is concerned. More like HIPPO laws.

1238 days ago



sean who?

Hell, i thought it was RERUN from WHOS MY MOMMA or whatever that show was

1238 days ago


@Shonna, @Jayjay Of course you come by with your nasty racist comments and disgusting words. Shonna, Karma is a bitch and you wishing this was someone else's family member will end up with your family being hurt, jus*****ch. Why don't you two racists go back and f*** yourselves. Sorry to everyone else but sometimes you have to take the ghetto trash out.

1238 days ago


Nice to hear he's up and moving around. Hopefully we will get his side of the story soon so we can find out if anything else happened. It will be interesting to hear what he has to say.

1238 days ago


I only registered because I am horrified at the cruel responses. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. I am glad he is doing well and hope they continue to get better. It doesn't matter how the accident happened. He is a person and was hurt. That's it. I sure hope most people in our country are not so unkind or we are in trouble and are headed in the wrong direction.

1238 days ago


@Rachel, nobody gives a dam if/when/why you registered. If you side with this recklessly driving idiot that put the life of the female passenger in harm's way, you are just as big an idiot as he is. If most people in this country are as dumb as you, we are in trouble.

1238 days ago


In all actuality it could of happened to anybody it has nothing to do with his weight or the way he looks.The girl put herself in danger as well by actually getting on the jetski.Dont sit here and bash him , when that very could well be your friend or a part of your family , take a minute and think before you post something about a person you dont even know .You only have a glimpse of him through the limelight.

1236 days ago
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