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TMZ Live -- Will Facebook Make You Cheat?

6/6/2011 2:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Is social media to blame for Congressman Weiner's escapades? Plus, Harvey and Charles go at it over Reese Witherspoon's attack on sex tapes -- is she a hypocrite?

All the answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(2:10) Congressman Anthony Weiner came clean today -- admitting he sent dirty pics to multiple women! We cut LIVE to his press conference. Awkwarrrrrd.
(5:20) Mike gives a blow-by-blow of Weiner's announcement.
(8:10) Max says Facebook is the enemy if you're in a relationship -- because it's a "meat market."
(9:10) Nina thinks Max is DEAD WRONG ... then somehow compares Facebook to a homeless person throwing something at you. Let the argument begin!!!
(21:30) Reese Witherspoon rips into the Kim Kardashians and Paris Hiltons of the world  ... but does the fact that she's done nude scenes make her a hypocrite?
(23:10) Harvey says the only difference between having ACTUAL sex ... and PRETENDING to have sex for a film ... is "penetration."
(26:20) BREAKING NEWS! USC was just stripped of their 2004 football title! Evan explains.
(39:45) Cheryl Cole officially out at "X Factor" -- Charles thinks it could all be a publicity stunt.
(42:50) President Obama chows down on chili dogs -- right after Michelle makes a push for healthier lifestyles. Once again, Harvey and Charles don't agree.
(47:40) Max says Barack has more important things to worry about than being a health food role model ... Harvey couldn't disagree more.


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Rogue Warrior    

The MTV type girls will be the demise of this great country. Trash breeds greater amounts of trash which breeds even more yet.........................

1205 days ago

right straight    

Is that a pigeon's chest?

1205 days ago


Re Pres. Obama,I'm just thinking that it's blown out of proportion, it's not like he only eats chili dog 24/7?? Healthy eating is also about having a balance diet, indulging some chili dogs, etc every once in awhile is not bad at all.

1205 days ago


Tyler is so cute, he needs more camera time.

1205 days ago

Mr, Know it All    

This show was almost as bad as last Friday's show... which was the worst TMZ Live EVER!!! Whatever happened to the old TMZ Live that was funny and entertaining?

Jesus Christ Harvey, you look like you are about to fall out of your chair... but your mouth keeps on moving spouting ridiculous arguments.

Please keep Charles on, he is the rock of the show and bring in Beckerman. Those two would make a great show! Even Mike... which I don't particularly like would be a huge improvement.

The show is in the toilet, do something about it before it is too late.

1205 days ago

That's Right    

Max you're wrong about facebook. It's only a problem if you are having problems in your relationship. The temptation to flirt and cheat increase when you're not happy in your relationship. If you are happy then you will remove the folks who send inapproprate messages from their page. But I do believe married couples should share their facebook so there are no hidden messages or secrets, I have my husbands passwords for everything! If he strays so easy because of some tramp on facebook then he was never mine.

1205 days ago

That's Right    

Harvey I love ya but learn how to agree to disagree. You're off the mark about Obama, let that man enjoy his hot dog! So what the first lady discussed a new healthy eating plan, I believe it would have been a big deal if Obama was over weight and in bad health while eating his chili hot dog.......Obviously he was hungry and he has a nice body and his wife would not mind and more then likely would tell him to enjoy his meal. Damn folks can we leave Obama alone for a minute he can't even eat without negative judgment!

Harvey you're also wrong about Reese W. acting on film and screwing for a video camera are not the same, just admit you watch porn but don't say it's okay for young girls to whore themselves by leaking their porn out just to become famous.....I still love ya but sweetie you're WRONG

1205 days ago

Red Coyle    

Harvey you're off your rocker. Weren't you lambasting Rhianna last week for being a poor role model? Here's Reese Witherspoon telling young girls they can be successful without making a sex tape and you call her a hypocrite? Reese has not built her career exploiting herself as a sex object. If she had, you might have a case. The only difference between simulated sex in a movie and the real thing is penetration? Can we say the same about murder? Will you argue that anyone who pretends to shoot and kill someone on film -regardless of context or dramatic function- is hypocritical for condemning real murder? Because after all, the only difference between the performer and the criminal is the absence of bullet penetration? Now, there is nothing criminal or worthy of condemnation about private, consensual sex, but I trust you can follow the analogy.

1205 days ago


Facebook make it easier to cheat?Have you checked out Myspace.A lot of people think that is what myspace is for.I closed my account because of this.

1205 days ago

vanessa beaulieu    

OMG people i'm a canadian, and i feel bad for Obama. yes i get that Michelle gave a speech yesterday about healthy eating habits but maybe he had a rough day. give the guy a break. he's doing what any other man would've done.

1205 days ago


I think it all depends on you. She could have messaged him hitting on him and flirting but there is a block button or just ignore them. I mean I'm married we both have Facebook we use it to keep in touch with family and friends that have moved since graduating. If you allow it then thats on you, you cant blame it on facebook/twitter as an excuse. You did it Facebook/twitter didnt magically take a pic of your business and put it on there you did

1205 days ago


I'm just going to qui*****ching TMZ. Sick of blonde surfer dude. He thinks all the obnoxious things that he says are so clever. Now, the newly visible & verbal Black guy-Mike is it? He's just trying to be a Black version of obnoxious surfer dude. Shavonne is such a little girl who coos over every little vignette about little kids/babies. She talks and acts like a baby, herself. Makes me want to throw up. The last straw was the comment from that other fat idiot, saying that he would run his dog into the water to save himself, then laughing at how clever he thought his comment was. (Not to animal lovers.) Then, childi******tle girl, Shavonne, cackling at the top of her lungs about that insulting comment. Harvey is a dork, but tolerable, most times. He's more likeable, once he turned vegetarian. Sick of the asses who try to take obnoxious meat-eating swings at Harvey's vegetarianism. It insults a lot of viewers.Charles is the only one that has any class on that show. He is like the "straight man" to most of the childish, insulting, obnoxious, vulgar morons on the show. It is a turn-off. They need to clean up their acts. I'm outta here!!!!

1204 days ago
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