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Zac Efron


the Fat Tip

6/7/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Zac Efron threw around cash like a BALLER at a San Diego hotel last Friday -- dropping $700 in booze and then leaving a 40% tip.


Efron hit the Float Bar at the Hard Rock Hotel with a group of friends ... and ordered up one bottle of Kettle One vodka ($350), one bottle of Patron Silver ($350) and a 6-pack of Red Bull ($30).

Sources at the hotel tell TMZ, Efron covered the $140 service charge on his bill ... then dropped an additional $150 just for the hell of it. Grand total -- $1,093.50.

In total ... that's about a 40% handout -- and we're told Zac played it cool the whole time he was there.

Must have been all the Red Bull vodkas.


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Hershey Bar    

Kudos to him. Class act!

1180 days ago


kathy, it's not 8 Ketel Ones, 8 Patron Silvers - It's 1 B Ketel, B for bottle. (350:8=43.75 never!)

1180 days ago


What a waste of money. The markup at this place is nearly 1000% AND they tack on $140 just to open 2 bottles? I'd be tempted to tip nothing with those prices and the bogus fee. But, then again, I'd never go to a waste of money place like that.

1180 days ago

Toasty J    

The idea that ANYONE would pay $350 for a $60... bottle of booze baffles me.
When did this idiotic trend start?
Nice of him to tip well, though.

1180 days ago


Dude probably didn't know gratuity was already included...

1180 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Its b for bottle not 8. He didn't order 16 bottles of booze and 6 6-packs of Red Bulls. He bought 1 bottle of each and a 6 pack of Red Bulls. The 1 on the left is the quantity he ordered.

1180 days ago

I am Spartacus    

i don't care how rich you are thats flat out pissing your money away to be paying that much on a bottle of booze. Too bad so many people give in and do it so these places continue to jack up prices. Good thing i will never go to a place that has the balls to change $350 for a bottle of Patron Silver.

I can almost buy 8 bottles of Patron Silver for $350 thats the sad thing. If i were Zac i'd be upset with the Hard Rock for having an employee that goes and sells your receipt to the tabloids. You pay that kind of money you expect your privacy to be respected but they turn around and sell you out. You might look nice giving a tip but you look more like an idiot for getting ripped off and used.

1180 days ago


I agree with Kathy. I think he bought 1 case of 8 bottles for each liquor. The six pack is labeled as 1 as well. That would explain the high bottle service price.

1180 days ago


Am I the only one who sees 8 bottles of both liquors on the reciept? I think he bought a case of each liquor.

1180 days ago


i'd have more respect for him if he donated the money to charity, instead of to the hard rock and their ridiculous upcharges. stupid celebrities think it will last forever.

1180 days ago


Geez, people, it's not an "8", it's a "B" for bottle. As in one bottle of ... And he was hosting a party...did he know how much he was going to be charged? Who knows? But I strongly suspect that he can take a thousand dollar hit without flinching.

1180 days ago


Wait, why are people attacking his liquor choice? Ketel One(decent maker) & Patron(one of the most popular tequila brands in the World)are now Ghetto bling bling only reserved for low lifes?
Dude, you are talking about someone in his early 20s! He is not going to buy an expensive bottle of Merlot at a night club. Skyy Vodka, Grey Goose, Belvedere, Bacardi, and Jack Daniels must also be ghetto bling bling brands as well.

1180 days ago


Who the hell cares? He has money FINE!! He want spend it in booze FINE ! 1 bottle or 8 bottles? We don't give a damn! The dude was hosting a wedding, so....

"If i were Zac i'd be upset with the Hard Rock for having an employee that goes and sells your receipt to the tabloids" dixit I am spartacus.

Well,I can't be more agree.

1180 days ago


He was a best man for a wedding here in San Diego. The wedding party was at the bar that night. Give him a break! I think that's great that he picked up the tab. Great job Zac!!

1180 days ago


Call me cheap or just plain smart, but just go to the liquor store. He got ripped off.

1180 days ago
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