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Zac Efron


the Fat Tip

6/7/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Zac Efron threw around cash like a BALLER at a San Diego hotel last Friday -- dropping $700 in booze and then leaving a 40% tip.


Efron hit the Float Bar at the Hard Rock Hotel with a group of friends ... and ordered up one bottle of Kettle One vodka ($350), one bottle of Patron Silver ($350) and a 6-pack of Red Bull ($30).

Sources at the hotel tell TMZ, Efron covered the $140 service charge on his bill ... then dropped an additional $150 just for the hell of it. Grand total -- $1,093.50.

In total ... that's about a 40% handout -- and we're told Zac played it cool the whole time he was there.

Must have been all the Red Bull vodkas.


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Who cares? Why doesn't the waitress/waiter show his credit card number and driver's license while she's at it. Just putting the guys freaking RCEIPT out there so TMZ can try to make it look like news.

1232 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Zac has always been a class act, while doing the High School Musicals and I am not surprised at all. Many peeps can learn to appreciate people from him. I know he didn't go on the Twitter Trend and I am hoping he still hasn't!

1232 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Hi Cochise,
The thing that makes it newsworthy (for a gossip site) it there are soooo many people in this business that are unbelievably cheap! Well-known people from Hollywood's earlier years all the way till now. One very Big A-Lister never tips no matter how hard the waiters work. His explanation is that they are lucky to have the privilege of serving him. Yeah, right!

1232 days ago


I'm sure it doesn't look good on the HardRock that waitstaff steal customers credit card receipts and sell them to the media.

1232 days ago


I think the only thing news worthy in this story is that the hotel charged $30 for a 6 pack of Red Bull. Holy s***.. what a scam.

1232 days ago


Well good for him. Finally someone in hollywood who tips well. IT seems like Zac Efron has always been a class act.

1232 days ago


Also, he was there for his managers wedding and he was the best man. Therefore that most likely is why he piced up the tap.

1232 days ago


1 bottle of Ketel One vodka for $350?!?!?!

Who the hell would pay that for a bottle of vodka? Even if I had 50 million in the bank I would still never pay that for a bottle of vodka.

That's insane!

1232 days ago


350 bucks for a bottle of ketel one? Ouch---talk about mark up

1232 days ago

jimmy d    

That is absolutely insane. It seems he bought two bottles that each cost less than $40.00 a piece + plus 6 red bulls ($12) = less than a hundred bucks in TOTAL. He spent 10 times as much (or more). That is crazy; especially for someone who isn't a bankable star long-term. Will Smith? OK. He may not even notice the expense considering he makes so much, but this guy?

1232 days ago


@jimmy d Your kidding right? How do YOU know he's not bankable long-term? Last I checked he kinda was and was one of the most bankable people in young hollywood and was also one of the highest paid.

1232 days ago


Whoever supplied TMZ with that receipt should be fired. What the hell kind of business allows this?

1232 days ago


he was probably too drunk to realize that he was already paying a bottle service fee

1232 days ago


dang. that's $200 more than my monthly expenses budget.

live it up dude.

1232 days ago

Love Star Wars    

Anyway, that outfit is all wrong.

1232 days ago
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