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Chris Bosh Begs Judge -- Let My Kid Go to NBA Finals

6/8/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miami Heat superstar Chris Bosh desperately wants his 2-year-old daughter to watch him play in the NBA Finals -- but his baby mama won't let her go to the games -- so he's going to court to try to force her hand.


Bosh and his ex-girlfriend, Allison Mathis, are locked in a bitter custody war -- and while they hash out a permanent solution, they are currently abiding by a temporary court-ordered arrangement in which they share custody ... and right now, their daughter is with Mathis. 

TMZ obtained an emergency motion Bosh filed with a Maryland court last week -- asking the judge to temporarily alter their agreement so "[Bosh's daughter] is able to share in what, to date, is the pinnacle of Bosh's professional career, and possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity."

In the docs, Bosh also includes an email he sent to Mathis last month in the hopes of striking a deal outside the courtroom.


In the letter, Chris states, "I am embarking on a new chapter of my life by making it into the finals for the first time in my professional career and it's very important to me to have the people closest and dear to my heart to be able to share these moments with me."

Bosh continues, "If we can make this happen please respond asap and I will set up the arrangements for pick up/drop off without you even having to lift a finger."

According to the legal docs, Bosh never heard back from Mathis. So far, the judge has yet to rule on the matter ... but a source close to Allison tells us she does not want to change the arrangement. 

But there's a silver lining in this story for Bosh -- according to the original arrangement, he's due to get custody of the kid back on June 11 ... one day before Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

And since the Heat lost to the Dallas Mavericks Tuesday night -- evening the series at 2 games a piece -- it seems Bosh will get to play in front of his daughter after all.

UPDATE: Mathis' mother tells TMZ, "She never objected to those dates for the playoffs or any such thing."


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No Avatar


Wow, Get an aunt or something to take her. How is she going to miss out on that? Just for the pictures and videos, its better than not being there at all. Watching DAD play @ the NBA Championship FINALS 2 GAMES AWAY FROM BEING A CHAMPION OF THE WORLD > sitting at home cuz she's 2.

1232 days ago


I thoroughly detest Miami and am rooting for Dallas to win but I have to side with CB on this one. It wouldn't even matter if the little girl only watched a couple of plays and then wanted to leave. As for her not remembering, plenty of photographs would be taken and those would be memories she can share with her father. Chris is trying to include his daughter in his life, he should be commended for that and Allison should cooperate. He offered to arrange it so that she would not have to do anything and it would not cost her anything. Whether the split between Chris and Allison was amicable or not, if she gets spiteful with the daughter she is the one that little girl will end up hating.

1232 days ago


If I was this little girl and I grew up to find out what a bitch my mom was, I'd hate her guts! She's spiteful, not thinking about the best interest of her daughter, she's only thinking of herself. Probably already seeing dollar signs by getting knocked up, probably doesn't even care about the daughter...nerve of some women!

1232 days ago


Allison needs to grow up, and stop using their daughter as a pawn. Ok. Your relationship is over. Get over it!! You should be proud that this man wants to be involved with his kid's life.. I hate when women do this. It makes all of us look bad! Poor kid!!

1232 days ago


Wow... He wants the kid there because this is what he worked for his whole life. He can say this was pinnacle of my career and I made it and you where there. Even if she doesn't remember she'll know that he wanted to share the best times of his life with her. Sorry for those of you who where after thoughts to your parents....sucks to be you!

1232 days ago


Dude, pick your battles better. A two year old won't remember attending the game when she grows up and will probably be miserable after about five minutes of the arena noise.

1232 days ago


The game is not the best place for a 2 year old child. Seriously, if he doesn't realize that then he doesn't need to be around his child. Why would you petition for a 2 year old to watch you play at an NBA game with drunks and people cursing? That's stupid!

1232 days ago


Are some of you all ******* delusional? People complain about "DEAD BEAT DADS" and then when A MAN is trying to step up and be a GOOD FATHER he's in the wrong?! Get a grip. The man wants to see his babygirl and his selfish, spiteful ass ex-girlfriend won't let him. I WISH ALL MEN who never get to see their child were like Chris Bosh, atleast he's trying -- and wants to be in his child's life. Who cares if she's two and won't understand basketball, plenty of NBA stars have their child in the crowd watching them play, why can't Chris have that too? Hope everything works out for him.

1232 days ago


...Baby-mamas should all be tided to a stake and burned alive. It should not so much be considered murder, yet more likened to the Orkin exterminator, exterminating a home infestation of rodents....Artofwar

1232 days ago


My son was 18 months old when I graduated from law school. Did he whine in my mom's lap? Yes. Did someone have to take him outside once or twice? Yes. Is he in all of the pictures of one of the biggest days of my life? Yes. And now, at 8 years old, does he enjoy looking at those pics and asking questions about that day that he SHARED with me? Yes. Even though he doesn't even remember it! LET THE BABY GO!!!

1232 days ago

I am Spartacus    

those saying "no 2 year old will sit through a game" or "the kid will never remember" are clearly missing the point. When you have kids and are accomplishing something big in your life you would want your kids right there to celebrate with you. We all saw Drew Brees famously after the Super Bowl with his son in his arms. Its a happy time for Chris and he'd like his kid to be there to make it even more special.

Theres no need for the ex wife to be such a bitch and not let the child go. She's just doing it to spite Chris.

1231 days ago


who cares if she is going to be cranky and if she doesn't remember the game. you all are missing the bigger picture. this is important to him and he wants his daughter to be a part of it. at least he's trying to be a active participant in his daughter's life. more then what most children have now a days. and to all the men and women out there that don't agree with him that shows how your parenting is. dead beats and selfish bitches.

1231 days ago


Why would he want his daughter there when he loses to the great almighty Dallas Mavericks? GO MAVS!!!!!!!

1231 days ago


What a mental midget, no offense to the little people. Really, it is all about him! A two year old should not be in a crowd with the noise, language, alcohol, drunks, etc! If I were the judge I would revoke his custody rights for being stupid!

1231 days ago


I understand him wanting to share this event with his child but this is NOT an emergency, it is a waste of the courts time. His visitation begins on the 11th and really she does not have to drop what she is doing for him just as he did not or does not for her. When she wanted to make a change in the agreement he said NO this is what we agreed and we should follow it.

Maybe if wasn't trying to control so much of her life, not just VH1, he should not expect her to bend over backwards for what HE wants. When he left her without support financial or medical when she was pregnant, then she had to basically get him to court to be a part of his daughter life not to mention setting up or trying to setup meetings with the child he really should not expect much from her.

If was wanted to be a man about it he should've owned up to his responsibilities but he constantly denied he was the father until she was 8 mths old then Alison TOOK her to see him. Chris needs to sit down some freaking where, if you thought the event in Alison's life was not important to change the dates why are you so freaking surprised now.

Don't expect to treat people like crap and expect them to treat you like you hung the moon.

1231 days ago
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