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Congressman's Woman

Big Weiner Supporter

6/7/2011 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the women who engaged in torrid sexual conversations with Congressman Anthony Weiner is fiercely committed to his political views, and feels he's being singled out unfairly for criticism.

Anthony Weiner

40-year-old Lisa Weiss -- a Nevada blackjack dealer who went back and forth with Weiner on Facebook for more than a year -- tells TMZ she first began messaging him in August, 2010, after hearing an impassioned, microphone-slamming speech he gave on health care.

Weiss sought Weiner out, messaging him, "You are the coolest dem on the planet!"  She added, "Keep fighting for the sane people in this country!"

Weiner wrote back, "Thank you Lisa.  Glad you have my back.  You keeping an eye on the wackadoodle Angle for us."  Sharron Angle is a guns rights advocate who ran for Congress in Nevada.

Weiss tells us she's a liberal democrat who believes in Weiner's policies and spent a lot of time messaging him about his views.  She believes it's unfair to target Weiner:  "Bill Clilnton was the best President we ever had and look what he did.  Kennedy banged everything in sight."

As for using Congressional resources to carry on their sexual conversations, Weiss says the only time she talked to Weiner from his office was one night at around midnight, when he talked with her on the phone for 30 minutes and it was "strictly about politics."  She says she was actually surprised the conversation didn't get sexual."

Weiss, who says she wants to apologize to Weiner's wife, does admit the conversations got raunchy.  One notable mention:  In February, after watching Weiner on Bill Maher's show, Weiss wrote, "Didn't think I could love you more until I saw you on Bill Maher tonight."

Weiner responded:  "Maybe Maher will let me do you on his desk.  Since u like me there."

And we had to mention the cheesiest line of all.  Weiss said in one message, "didn't want you to call homeland security on me." Weiner responded, "No, we have a special secret agency that deals with hot women."


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LMAO at their funny exchanges!! This guy has a great sense of humor.

1237 days ago


Weiner azz! (BTW - isn't that another name for a jock strap?)

She's in it for the fifteen minutes of fame. Now she has a marketable level of celebrity rub-off to sell.

So just like we have elevated sluts like Pari******on, Kim Kardashian and Pamela Anderson to gutter goddess status, so shall the Weiner women be idolized by a sick, garbage-fed, short-attention span public that values immorality and bad behavior.

1237 days ago


I voted for Clinton, again, just to piss off "Stella".... we have the right to vote for whoever we want, typical clinton supporter, insulting everyone that happens to disagree with them, next she'll call people racist for voting for Clinton as the biggest s***bag of the politicians...maybe she has some "messages" in her closet. haha

1237 days ago

File that lawsuit, I am Lindsay Lohan!    

The poll should've included John Edward and the Sperminator.

1237 days ago


Clinton is worse than JFK because Clinton lied to his wife and involved her in a coverup to save his career. Jackie apparently knew about some of JFK's antics as a Kennedy family tradition. She never had to comment and explain her husband's behavior to the press. Clinton also used coercion on some of his women, but JFK seems to have had all volunteers. Clinton also lied and covered up, deceiving public and press. JFK never had to lie. Clinton was impeached. Different era, but Clinton should have been less reckless. Weiner is ridiculous mainly because his "sex" is so unmanly and juvenile: masturbating to naughty photos and online talk. Teddy K. was as bad as Clinton, since his antics led to a death and eventually his divorce.

1237 days ago


AP is reporting that Breitbart has x-rated photos of Weiner's weiner that he's keeping as insurance.

1237 days ago


The name of the skeezer whose first name is the capital of France and second name is a famous hotel chain was censored!
Not the word "slut"...just her name (which means the same thing, in my book).

Why? Lawyers?

1237 days ago


This broad is a typical delusional liberal. I'm sure she still blames everything wrong with our country on GWB. She said,"Bill Clinton was the best president we ever had". This chick is nuts!! Bill Clinton is why the economy is in the ****ter.

Clinton is the one that said "every American should own a home" and then made it possible. Clinton overextended this country and it's way of living to people that couldn't handle it. Clinton screwed this country worse than maybe any other president and the looney is calling him the best president ever?
I swear I can't wait for the next election!!!!!!!

1237 days ago


@ Marlena, ???? I am NO Clinton supporter.....I vote as an independent...I am educated and make informed decisions based on facts....and the facts here are that Kennedy was the biggest pig on the're not pissing me off sunshine. You do, however, need to grow up a bit. You also have hostile tendencies.

1237 days ago


This pales in comparison to what the Kennedy's did. Ted let a woman drown in his own car! Passed out drunk while his nephew raped a girl! This is peanuts.

1237 days ago


The guy is a boner, oops! I meant bonehead! Looks like the Weiner man's gotten himself into a real pickle!

1237 days ago

Lick Heim    

How much more WEINER can we take?

We should ask an expert.

Perhaps a porn star.

1237 days ago


Clinton was the best President we ever had. What is she smoking? Even the die hard liberals don't believe that crap. Now Hillary was a pretty good President, too bad the liberals wouldn't support her in 08. Now we have Hussein Obama for another 18 months and no chance for Hillary to resume her interrupted Presidency. :( No I am not a liberal Democrat (used to be a Democrat when they had some since, but that was a long time ago)

1237 days ago


You forgot a box where all three idiots were included. Those pervert Kennedys, then poor Mr. Clinton (who I have always liked, did not vote for him of course), and then this...uh...ready? WEINER HEAD! SOMEBODY STOP ME!!!!

1237 days ago


If this has turned into a comparison of bad/deviate behavior on the part of Democrats....then it's going to be a very long blog!!!

Being liberals, the Dems believe that since THEY aren't pushing morality and family values, like the sanctimonious in the Republican party, then their behavior is relative and nothing they do should be judged nor should they be held accountable.

BTW - The Kennedys were (are) self-aristocricized political thugs without morals. (I was in 2nd grade when John was shot, so I've had a life's gutfull of these self-righteous parasites.)

Oh, and expressing your feelings about a public figure is not hypocracy. Read a dictionary once in a while....I think there's an app for that!

1237 days ago
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