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Congressman's Woman

Big Weiner Supporter

6/7/2011 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the women who engaged in torrid sexual conversations with Congressman Anthony Weiner is fiercely committed to his political views, and feels he's being singled out unfairly for criticism.

Anthony Weiner

40-year-old Lisa Weiss -- a Nevada blackjack dealer who went back and forth with Weiner on Facebook for more than a year -- tells TMZ she first began messaging him in August, 2010, after hearing an impassioned, microphone-slamming speech he gave on health care.

Weiss sought Weiner out, messaging him, "You are the coolest dem on the planet!"  She added, "Keep fighting for the sane people in this country!"

Weiner wrote back, "Thank you Lisa.  Glad you have my back.  You keeping an eye on the wackadoodle Angle for us."  Sharron Angle is a guns rights advocate who ran for Congress in Nevada.

Weiss tells us she's a liberal democrat who believes in Weiner's policies and spent a lot of time messaging him about his views.  She believes it's unfair to target Weiner:  "Bill Clilnton was the best President we ever had and look what he did.  Kennedy banged everything in sight."

As for using Congressional resources to carry on their sexual conversations, Weiss says the only time she talked to Weiner from his office was one night at around midnight, when he talked with her on the phone for 30 minutes and it was "strictly about politics."  She says she was actually surprised the conversation didn't get sexual."

Weiss, who says she wants to apologize to Weiner's wife, does admit the conversations got raunchy.  One notable mention:  In February, after watching Weiner on Bill Maher's show, Weiss wrote, "Didn't think I could love you more until I saw you on Bill Maher tonight."

Weiner responded:  "Maybe Maher will let me do you on his desk.  Since u like me there."

And we had to mention the cheesiest line of all.  Weiss said in one message, "didn't want you to call homeland security on me." Weiner responded, "No, we have a special secret agency that deals with hot women."


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Shaun O'Rourke    

I think he should throw all these bitches under the bus and expose all their naked pictures as well. If your going to go down for something as simple as online sexing and photo sharing then take those bitches down with you!!!!

1203 days ago


Wow, dumb and dumber finally found each other.

Since they don't have kids, I sure hope his wife doesn't stay in this mess...

1203 days ago


@ Shaun: "I think he should throw all these bitches under the bus and expose all their naked pictures as well. If your going to go down for something as simple as online sexing and photo sharing then take those bitches down with you!!!!

But those betchas aren't public figures. they just got their 15 min of their photos wouldn't be a big deal...I guess

1203 days ago

Mary Ann    

I'm surprised at the vote outcome for worse conduct.
Kennedy should have been first instead of Clinton. While Clinton "played around" Kennedy let a woman drown!

1203 days ago


Arrogance will get you every time...

1203 days ago


What a nasty wh0r3!!!! She didn't consider Weiner's wife until AFTER they were already caught, and this tramp thinks others are messed up. She deserves every bit of scorn she has coming her way. Two bit hussie.

1203 days ago


Both Republicans and Democrats do stupid stuff like this. The difference is a Republican would have resigned by now because their leadership would force their hand. This little weasel might as well give it up. ****y little arrogant liberal.

1203 days ago


The worst is John Edwards...why is he not even a choice. He is the most disappointing to me because I would have voted for him. He not only let his wife down, his children down, his campaign staff down-he could have made a positive impact for this country and for the American people.

1203 days ago


Weiner.....just the texting would have been okay but to learn you sent photo of your **** was unexceptable, prob the worst error of judgment ever made by any one in government.

1203 days ago


What normal woman would want to have EVEN CYBER sex with such a creep as Weiner. It shows how many demented people-- of both sexes -- there are out there. Disgusting.

1203 days ago


there is a new kind: moralists on TMZ . what next? internet chatters vote for a law to ban the internet?


and what that Weiner did after all? not like all those girls didn't know that he was married.. now what? all against the guy because he's famous? and what about the ladies? if you wanna be a bigot moralist do it all the way, no?

bigots, moralists and hypocrites

1203 days ago


oh i get it now, she's a crazy liberal twit

1203 days ago


Weiss desribed herself as an "agnostic liberal who is scared of palin"

1203 days ago


All I can say is it couldnt have happened to a better guy!!! What a loud mouth liberal JERK!!!

1203 days ago


If sexting & swapping suggestive photos are the worst things on this guys record, then yeah he should keep his seat. Sorry, but I'm much more concerned about the politicians responsible for illegal wars & trying to destroy Medicare..

He/she without any personal sexual misconducts, may cast the first Weiner.

1202 days ago
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