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Blackjack Mistress Issues Apology to Mrs. Weiner

6/8/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rep. Anthony Weiner's Vegas-based cyber mistress felt so bad about her involvement in "Weinergate" -- she typed up an apology letter and mailed it off to Mrs. Weiner ... TMZ has learned.


In the letter, obtained by TMZ, blackjack dealer Lisa Weiss tells Huma Abedin she wants to express her "deepest apologies for conversing with your husband Congressman Anthony Weiner."

Weiss adds, "I honestly meant no harm and I hope that you and Anthony can work through this."

Before signing off, Weiss noted, "I still remain a huge supporter!"

So we gotta ask ...


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joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

So another meaning for the word "Conversing"..

1231 days ago


So basically she just wrote a letter to his wife so she could sell it to the tabloids.

What a self absorbed c*nt.

1231 days ago


Next will be an open letter to the N.Y. Times -

- a personal appearance on The Howard Stern Show -

-oh and she'll throw out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium.

Her book will be out in September -

The movie set to open for XMAS.

She deals cards, dude -

What'd you expect.


1231 days ago


She should keep her big mouth shut and have no contact with the wife!

1231 days ago


She turns the dude in -

Writes the-dude's-wife a letter -

Closes with:

"I still remain a huge supporter."

Then cc's TMZ on the-wife-letter.

And I thought I had bad taste -

In women.


1231 days ago


I realize "retarded" is no longer a good word to use.

But -

I'd like to see this woman in next year's Special Olympics.


1231 days ago


I'm trying to figure out what this woman's previous jobs were -

I'm seeing her hand all the way up and in a horse's a**.

To about the elbow -

That's all I'm coming up with -


1231 days ago



"My intentions, from the jump, were good."

"In fact, for a small fee..."

"I'll send you back half-his-pictures."

"With a firm promise not to make copies - "

"Cuz like that'd be wrong."


1231 days ago


I read the whole transcript. This is a 40 some odd year old woman who continually wanted to drunk-dial the Weiner man and she works as a card dealer. Meanwhile, Weiner is married to a brilliant accomplished woman who works for the Sec of State, travels extensively, is cultured, beautiful and highly regarded by her peers. In what way does this (to borrow Ed Shulcz's word) slut think she can comfort the real Mrs. Weiner?

It's none of my business what anyone does in their private life. What does upset me is unleashing the likes of the card dealer on us and giving that opportunist the chance to be the center of attention. I'm also a woman in my 40's and I can't imagine throwing myself at someone like that -- thinking I'm so enticing by offering drunken phone sex.

I hope Weiner stays in office and gives a big old FUCH YOU to the lazy a$$ congressmen/women who are giving him the cold shoulder now. Save their sanctimonious lectures for themselves.

1231 days ago


# Angie 4 minutes ago

Well said Angie -

Thanks for using the appropriate word:


Nof has a family-filled with them.

1231 days ago


What a flake!!!

1231 days ago

who dat    

"i honestly meant no harm" What a phony. Read her messages to Weiner:

1231 days ago

Love Star Wars    

Her 15 minutes have begun .... could someone keep track of the time.

I cannot wait to see this MEDIA WH0RE TRAINEE finish her term.

Go away with your dirty puzzy.

1231 days ago


that's what girls do after they cheat. say Im sorry and then everything is fixed. but it doesn't work with guys, who knows why?????

1231 days ago


Don't get when politicians or public figures ,etc going to get it that eventually it will come out in the media with these type of women waiting for their chance to make money and get their 15 minutes. Although, it did take 14 years to for Arnold to finally fall. To me it has nothing to do with what party Weiner is. There has been dirt on both sides. It's really up to the people of New York if they wish to keep him as their Rep.,his wife and the ethics committee. Don't get it when people start pointing fingers as to which political party the person is. You either think the behavior is wrong or you don't. I personally think he is sick and disgusting and not the brightest guy to be sending these in the first place.

1231 days ago
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